Tiva Theme Song Contest!

Lie_to_Me_123 posted on Mar 17, 2010 at 07:30PM
Okay, I'm bored, so I decided to do this :)

Plus, I think it would be good if they had an OFFICIAL theme song! [On this site, at least! xD]

Okay, what we do, is people list all the songs that they think would be good [list as many as you like!]

I will then do some picks in different rounds until it's dwindled down to just one and then we will have the OFFICIAL TIVA THEME SONG!

Sound good? Then get suggesting songs! xD

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1年以上前 Lie_to_Me_123 said…
These are my suggestions;

Accidentally in Love [Counting Crows]
Beautiful Love [The Afters]
Brighter Than Sunshine [Aqualung]
Chemicals React [Aly & AJ]
I Saw Sparks [Coldplay]
Art of Love [Guy Sebastian & Jordin Sparks]
You Give Me Something [James Morrison]
My Life Would Suck Without You [Kelly Clarkson]
Anywhere But Here [Safetysuit]
Sex on Fire [Kings of Leon]
She Can Get It [Kevin Rudolf]
Stolen [Dashboard Confessional]
Love's the Only Rule [Bon Jovi]
You're All I Have [Snow Patrol]
Never Knew I Needed [NeYo]
Good to You [Marianas Trench featuring Kate Voegele]

I'll probably add more when I can think of them ;)
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1年以上前 maddy12 said…
You found me - Fray
Before the worst - The script
Heartbeat - Scouting for girls
She (for liz) - Parachute]
Crush - David Archuleta.

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1年以上前 xxiwuuxx said…
I'd come for you - Nickelback

I love this song so much!
1年以上前 friendsfan101 said…
Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie

Running Away-there are like, 3 songs of this which are pretty much of the same thing.

You Belong with Me- Taylor Swift. I think it relates kind of to Jeanne/Tony/Ziva.

And Homeless Heart -Jennette McCurdy

That's all I can think of!
1年以上前 tashayar333 said…
you found me-kelly clarkson
all i wanted-paramore

the other ones i would have put were already nominated-(i'd come for you-nickelback and you found me-the fray
1年以上前 AussieTiva said…
Here are some of my suggestions:


Everything I do (I do it for You)- Bryan Adams, i think I got the track correct.

Alone- Heart

Never say Never- The Fray

Battlefield- Jordan Sparks

Some of the other songs I was going to suggest have already been nominated.
1年以上前 Ms_Montana said…
I totally love:

You changed me - Michael Warren
My hands - Leona Lewis
She (for Liz) - Parachute
1年以上前 ziva_rocks said…
Comatose by Skillet. Excellent song!!
1年以上前 tivalover333 said…
Just a Boy - Angus and Julia Stone really relates to Tony's perspective. Your Guardian Angel - The red jumpsuit apparatus. Near to You and Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. Oh and whenever "waking up in Vegas" is on the radio, i scream PARIS instead of Vegas ;)
1年以上前 nciscsinysvu said…
not sure if this was said or not just raced down to the reply thing to answer but "The Only Exception" by Paramore