Tiva Tiva ファン Of The Month! [September] Closed

ziva_rocks posted on Mar 11, 2010 at 08:16PM
Hey guys starting a new comp to give recognition to the fans that support this spot!! And hopefully boost the spot as its been really slow lately!!

Every month you will nominate people you think have made great contributions (links, Picks, Comments, Video's, Forum Posts!) to the spot (Try and pick as many different people as possible to make the pick more exciting! No limit to the amount of people you want to pick!!). We will nominate for a week then put the chosen names into a pick so everyone gets to decide on the final result!!

The winner of the pick will get 3 props and their name on the winners list!!

Vote now for your Fan of the Month!!


MARCH FOTM: Dannii AKA Lie_To_Me_123
APRIL FOTM: Jenna AKA NCIS_Addict_87
MAY FOTM: Mikella AKA goodgirlmikey
JUNE FOTM: Dannii AKA Lie_To_Me_123
JULY FOTM: Joyce AKA ziva_rocks
AUGUST FOTM: Lauren G AKA Blue85

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