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posted by rexsgirl123
Lion-O hated the Republic-Sepritist War. The Sepritist killed his people and his father.And Jagga.The sword and Cheetara,Tygra,Panthro,Snarf,Wilykit and Wilykat was all he had left. Tygra looked at him,"Hey,you okay?""No,these clones give me the creeps,"Lion-o answered.

Rex glanced at Ahsoka.She knew it too.The Thundercats were a threat.General Skywalker felt it too."General,this is a bad idea.They are a threat alone.Not to metion the sword Lion-O's got."Rex said.The gunship landed.

Rex was the first out.Rex ran to his room.The same as he'd left it.The ナイフ with deer blood sat on his dresser によって his tags.Rex sat down on his bed.The ベッド was litered with his Albino Imortal fur.Rex sighed,"Lion-O's gonna take Ahsoka from me."

Cody knocked on the door,"Hey,man,you okay?""No,"Rex wined.Cody opened the door.Rex threw a 枕 at him,"Get out!"