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Review by LisaForde posted 1年以上前
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Thumbelina is a 1994 animated ファンタジー film featuring the voice talents of Jodi Benson,Gary Inoff, Kenneth Mars, Will Ryan, and Charo.

The movie tells the story of a woman who longs to have a child of her own. One 日 a nice witch gave her a plant and inside the plant was a minatured woman named Thubelina.Thumbelina spends time with her mother's farm animals, but is worried that there is no one around of her own size. ("Thumbelina") One night her mother tells her a story about fairies. After being put to bed, Thumbelina imagines that someday she'll be able to find someone to love. ("Soon") As she is humming to herself, Prince Cornelius of the 妖精 (Gary Imhoff) flies によって her windowsill and is 魔法にかけられて によって her. The two take a ride on Cornelius' Bumble Bee, during which they fall in love. ("Let Me Be Your Wings") During this ride, a toad named Grundel (Joe Lynch) sees Thumbelina and declares to his mother Mrs. Toad (Charo) that he loves her.

Cornelius returns Thumbelina to her windowsill and promises to come back the 次 日 to meet her mother. After he leaves, Thumbelina goes to sleep in her クルミ bed, and is kidnapped によって Mrs. Toad. When Thumbelina...