Joel and the rest of his team arrived in Jacksonville. The other eight heritage units were just arriving.

Elias: I see あなた got everyone else here.
Ernest: It's amazing what technology can do.
Victor: Joe, let me introduce あなた to the others. This here is Guy. The Penn Central unit is Anthony. Tim is Conrail, and Kelli is DL&W. Eddie is Monongahela, Ivan, Southern, Nathan, Virginian, and Chett is Illinois Terminal.
Joe: I didn't know Illinois Terminal was part of Norfolk Southern's heritage.
Chett: Before merging with Southern, Norfolk & Western purchased the Illinois Terminal in 1982.
Elias: Let's get down to business gentlemen. I assume Joel has briefed あなた all about our upcoming assignment.
Evan: Uh, most of us.
Ernest: I did the briefing for the other eight engines that I contacted via e-mail.
Elias: That makes sense. Now check your equipment. We don't know when Ferromex will make a comeback, but we must protect the Florida East Coast from their attacks.
Nathan: *Burps*
Ivan: I tried to stop him from drinking alcohol, but I didn't get to him in time.
Ernest: No matter, sometimes he does a better job fighting when intoxicated.
Kerry: *Arrives with Frank* We are very grateful for your help Heritage Units.
Elias: Anytime, if we're in the area of course.
Mike: *Chuckles*
Andrea: *Stops 次 to Kerry, and Frank* I will キッス あなた all if あなた stay alive.
Ernest: This is getting もっと見る interesting.
Guy: I'm not surprised あなた would say something like that.
Ernest: あなた mind if I have some fun with あなた now?
Andrea: That's why I'm here. Follow me.
Ernest: *Following Andrea*

As the other heritage units watched Ernest leave with Andrea, Arthur walked towards them.

Arthur: あなた guys remember me?
Anthony: Nope.
Leander: Should we?
Arthur: I was in Chicago with you, when あなた refused to let me 登録する you.
Joel: Wait a second, what are あなた doing here?
Arthur: Proving to あなた that I'm a good asset to your team.
Elias: It's up to me to decide who joins, または not.
Arthur: Well, let me 表示する あなた what I got. *Pulls out a Desert Eagle*
Evan: Whoa!
Kelli & Alex: *Deploying their M60's, and pointing them at Arthur*
Elias: At ease boys. I don't think he means any harm.
Arthur: あなた let me join, または else.
Jeremy: あなた sure about that Elias?
Robert: He's brave, I'll give him that.
Arthur: *Shoots two bullets on the ground near Elias. He then shoots the rail near Ivan's wheels, then shoots a bird above Eric. He fires his last three bullets at a tree, making a branch fall down*
George: What did that bird do to you?
Arthur: Shut up. What do あなた say? Am I in?
Elias: あなた can stay with us, but I do not consider あなた as a member just yet. あなた be patient, and I may change my mind.
Arthur: Fine. I'm gonna go buy some もっと見る ammo.

2 B Continued