St. Louis, Joel and the others met three もっと見る heritage units.

Joel: *Stops in front of Robert* Robert, I'm surprised you're still here.
Robert: Eric, and Nick are also here.
Joel: I thought after we helped Lee Brent, we'd spread out, and go into different cities far from here. There's still plenty of Norfolk Southern diesels looking for us.
Eric: *Arrives with Nick* We needed もっと見る supplies.
Nick: *Looking at the other heritage units* Leander, George, what are the eight of あなた doing?
Evan: A mission for Elias.
Mike: All twenty heritage units have been requested.
Jeremy: So far, there's eleven of us.

Song: link

Robert: The Magnificent Eleven.
Eric: I thought it was the Magnificent Seven.
Joel: That's a different story.
Victor: If あなた count me and Joe, then there's 13 in our group.
Robert: I know where we can find Ernest. Let's go make it 14.

They left St. Louis, and went into Kentucky. Their 次 destination was Louisville.

The song fades away as the group stops near a shed in an oil refinery.

Robert: We just wait a few seconds.
Jeremy: I think I know why.
Alex: Three, two, one.

Two steam engines popped out of the sheds, then slowly passed the eleven diesels, smiling at them as they blushed.

Alex: I knew that Southern 722 came to this area often, but I wasn't expecting Savannah & Atlanta 750.
Ernest: *Yawning, and he comes out of the shed* こんにちは boys. Good timing.
Robert: Elias has a mission for all twenty of us.
Ernest: What's the job?
Evan: We're fighting Ferromex. They attacked Florida East Coast, and we got to protect them.
Ernest: I'll contact the others. I got a laptop.
Victor: Finally, someone with technology. This'll make the rest of our task very simple.
Ernest: *Deploys his laptop, and sends a message* I contacted the rest of the Heritage Units. They'll meet us in Jacksonville.
Joel: Then let's go back, and tell Elias.

But when they began to leave, a human was nearby, following them.

2 B Continued