The Powerpuff Girls Movie - First Day


Jazlin as Blossom
Mily as Bubbles
Tabby as Buttercup
S.B as Professor Utonium

Song: link

Jazlin, Mily & Tabby: *Staring at S.B*
Jazlin: Hi.
S.B: *Backs up* Ah!
Jazlin: What's your name?
S.B: Oh, uh my name, is, uh, Professor. Professor Utonium. Hello.
Jazlin, Mily, & Tabby: Hello Professor Utonium. It's very nice to meet you.
S.B: It's very nice to meet あなた too. Uh...uh, what are your names?
Jazlin: Well あなた made us, so shouldn't あなた also name us?
S.B: Uh, okay. Oh this is so cool! *Looking at Jazlin* Well now let's see. Because of your directness, and opening up to me, I think I'll call あなた Blossom.
Mily: *Giggling*
S.B: Well, aren't あなた all cute, and bubbly? That's it, you'll be my little Bubbles. So, we have Blossom, Bubbles, and uh... *Looks at Tabby* Buttercup, because, it also begins with a B.
Tabby: Hmph.
S.B: And together あなた are three perfect little gi-, uh. *Panicking* Gifts!!! Birthday, it's your birthday! I have to get gifts!! *Runs away* Wow. I can't believe it. I wanted to make some kids that I can teach good, and bad, right, and wrong and then maybe they'll do some good for this terrible town and now I can. *Climbs into his Chrysler 300, and drives away* All I gotta do is be a good parent.

5 分 later

S.B: *Returns* Note to self, good parents don't leave their kids ホーム alone. *Carrying presents as he walks back to the roundhouse* Sugar, spice, and everything nice? Who would've guessed that's what little girls are actually made of? I still can't believe it worked, that I actually made three perfect little girls. *Ends up on the roof of the roundhouse* Three perfect normal little gir- *Falling towards the ground* Wow!!!
Jazlin: *Moves forward, and has S.B land on 上, ページのトップへ of her cab* Professor, あなた should be もっと見る careful when coming down the steps. あなた could get hurt.
Tabby: *Spots the presents* Hey, are these for us?
S.B: *Nods as he climbs down from Jazlin's cab*
Tabby: Yeah!
Mily: Yippee!
Jazlin: Thanks professor!
S.B: *Sits down on the ground, watching the three steam engines open their presents*

During the process, S.B couldn't help, but smile. The engines looked like they were having fun.

Tabby: *Passing S.B with a bunch of action figures* Hey, thanks!
Jazlin: *Passing S.B with books, and a globe* Yes Professor, thank you.
Mily: *Stops 次 to S.B, with a purple octopus that has a 上, ページのトップへ hat* This is the best gift ever, dad. *Kisses S.B, then puffs away*
S.B: *Watching the three steam engines go onto the main line, and have fun* Yes, it is.

There's もっと見る to this scene, but this is where I'm ending it.
S.B has another 300. A 2014 model.