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 Icy Animal Hybrid
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 記事 Logo..!!!
Article Logo..!!!
I am Currently Watching 5th season of Both Gossip Girl and One 木, ツリー Hill... I am loving both. Even though One 木, ツリー 丘, ヒル has Gotten a special place in my heart still Gossip Girl is no less on My お気に入り List.
So, A Few Days 前 When I was watching One 木, ツリー Hill, I found the Character Brooke Davis very much Similar to one of Winx Club Characters. After That, Many Characters Started to seem like Winx Club Characters, Not Entirely but Still a lot. I Analyzed some of Characteristics Similar to Winx Characters and made pairs. If You've watched GG または OTH, I am sure you're gonna like these Pairs.

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After returning to Alfea, Bloom researches the Ring of Solaria, hoping to find out what made the Trix go to such lengths to get it. Meanwhile, the Trix use a spell on the ring, hoping to access an extremely powerful magic known as the Dragon Flame, only to have their spell blow up in their faces as the ring proves negative! An infuriated Icy throws the ring away and plans to begin the 検索 all over again. Back at Alfea, Bloom learns もっと見る on the ring of Solaria, but also learns about the Dragon Flame. Bloom then turns to Faragonda for answers, who tells her that the Dragon Flame was the energy...
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 Aisha and Nex
Aisha and Nex
Again, thank you to FanNoOne111 for the inspiration of the Winx Next Generation Naming Poll. Credits to his awesome Winx Transformation Countdowns and resulting articles. I just love them and can't wait to see what else he would plan!

Welcome to fourth and the half edition of the conclusion of the Winx 次 Generation Naming. Thanks to the 36 ファン who participated in the poll! We have concluded the results of Aisha and Nex's baby girl's name. Shall we get start? Let's start... Now!

According to the poll, the child's name chosen によって the Winx Club Community of ファン is Nina.

A reason that Nina was...
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