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 Winx as W.I.T.C.H.
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Winx as W.I.T.C.H. (Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, 干し草, 乾草 Lin)
干し草, 乾草 lin
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The scene
The Winx and Specialists landed at Alfea. Flora had stopped crying but she was still clearly sad. The Winx left and went to the dorm and the guys went back to Red Fountain.
Flora went straight to her room and slightly closed the door.

"I'll try to talk to her." Bloom whispered. She walked in slowly. Flora was curled up in her ベッド with her face buried in her pillow.
"Flora, are あなた okay?" Bloom asked.
Flora shook her head.
"Do あなた need some shoulders to cry on?"
Flora nodded and sat up.
The rest of the winx came in to the room.
Musa was leaning on a wall, Stella sat on the edge of the...
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 The Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.
The Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.
こんにちは everyone,
This is my very first ファン fiction so don't expect from me to make it perfect. In this ファン fiction I'll include both shows Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H. In this ファン fiction the Winx will meet W.I.T.C.H. and together they will go through a lot of adventures. They will face many villains (I'll include villains from both shows but I might as well include other villains which are not from the shows) and many problems too. Both Winx and W.I.T.C.H will get new transformations. I also might include other things. But for now this. :) So, I hope あなた like it!

Chapter 1 - The Winx meet W.I.T.C.H....
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posted by florasedge31
こんにちは guys I know あなた 愛 this story alot and are awaiting the sequel to the sacred 鳩 and new people. Posting may be slow for a few days because on Friday I will be going to my dads house (has no computer) then my grandparents are coming to pick me and him up Saturday to go to North Carolina 'til the end of July. And my lazy self did not have the... common sense to start packing and washing clothes until today, and i have alot of clothes to wash. So the point is posting will be slow until 次 Monday. BUT DON'T FRET I WILL POST WHEN EVER I CAN!! AND LOOK OUT FOR A DOLLAR SIGN $ there's...
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posted by naturefairy777
こんにちは guys...... thanks for who like my story. ...... finaly i found ideas!!!!R&R
(at flora and bloom room)
Helia: Flora...... where are you?
helia: flora??? FLORA!!!
Helia: i have to tell the other
(and when he run down stair he bump into Riven )
Riven: HEY!!! , watch where あなた going!
Helia : no time to arguing riven.....Flora is missing!
all except helia: WHAT!!!!!!
helia: i can't find her anywhere
Bloom: now..... lets try to not panic....
layla: Bloom right...... let's go to ms.faroganda room....
Stella : then what...
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I see on a blog a post like this and i read it . I though some ファン would agree if i will post some trix stuff . it made によって an anonymous ファン . :

As for the Trix, firstly, the appearance of the Ancient Witches makes them look like older versions of the Trix. They’re as good as look alikes.

I remember Stormy saying, after they failed to get the Dragon’s Flame from Stella’s ring, “We shall be as we once were. There was no explosion” in the RaiEng dub of S1, and in the French and Italian dubs, it’s もっと見る like, “We will be like in the ancient times. In those times, there was no explosion.”...
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 Tecna's enchantix, my fav transformation for her
Tecna's enchantix, my fav transformation for her
I 愛 tecna because
1. She is the smartest of the winx, which comes in handy on the winx journey.
With out Tecna, the winx would not of saved Andrios because Tecna made the portal to Andrios and went in to the omega dimension portal and save all of the magic dimension.
2. Her power of technology are ace, I know there is もっと見る 妖精 on Zenith but Tecna might be a princess of zenith but i don't know
3. Her transformation clothes are nice
Most people would say " I hate Tecna's magic winx" but I totally disagree. It may have a weird ヘルメット but that does not make it stupid
Her enchantix is my favourite because... It is hard to explane
I like it mostly because she has long hair in it, not LONG hair but, medium.
4. Her hair
Tecna's hair is different from the rest of the winx's. Her hair is short unlike everybody else's. She had a different hair colour until SOME FAIRY had to come and ruin it, do あなた know who I am talking about, yes ROXY.

Please comment!
 Magic winx!
Magic winx!
 My least fav character
My least fav character