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Helia: *Running through the forest* Come on timmy, hurry up!

Timmy: *Over communicater* Helia, We're at Alfea where are you?

Helia: *Over communicater* I'm in the forest, they were gaining on us and I had to run!

Timmy: *Over communicater* Okay one 秒 I'll locate あなた with the coridance of your commmunticater!

Helia: *over communicater* Okay Hurry!

Flora: *Begins to wake up* Where, where am I?

Helia: *Stops Running and Puts Flora on the ground* Kembal and his men came back, Timmy and the others are coming.

Flora: Oh no! Are they close?

Helia: I think we've ロスト Kembal and Timmy should be here any...
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