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 Stella Tiefix
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"What's that sound?" Musa asked. She had heard a flute playing somewhere in the distance. She could barely make it out. It didn't sound like any song she's ever heard. And she's heard a lot of songs.

"A Stellar Lullaby." Derek said.

"A what?" Musa asked.

"It's a kind of 音楽 here, though it doesn't sound much like one." Derek said.

"We should follow it, maybe there's help at the end." Bloom said.

"Alright, but we better be careful." Derek said. As they followed the music, they heard 歌う along with it. Soon they got to the 情報源 of the singing. The scene before...
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And like that Icy found herself bed-bound. Despite much protest the doctors insisted that she'd stay another week または so. Typically she would have been able to leave after three または four days, but with all the complications the doctors shot down any excuse for her to leave.

And so Icy stayed the extra few nights, her entertainment--more または less--came in the form of a visit または two from Darcy and Stormy, petty reality T.V shows (mostly 歌う competitions) that Icy actually quite hated, and most pleasurably the 時 または two in which Lucile was nestled in her arms. After which the doctors would...
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FLORA's pov

Guys do あなた know when the trip starts, Ms.F forgot to say, I ask. Actually no, maybe we should go ask, it would be good to know もっと見る information, Aisha says. And while, we're there we can ask if we can come and see if the boys can back everyone up, Stella suggested excited. That's a good idea Stell, what do あなた think Bloom, I turn to face Bloom. Yeah, that's fine, whatever, she mutters. Maybe she's having some complications, I thought. *knock knock* Come in WINX, Ms. Faragonda answers. How does she do that, Musa asks. Maybe she's psychic, Stella jumps up. It is logical...
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