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This Winx Club(ウィンクス・クラブ) 写真 might contain アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック.

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stella uses her septer to to take the winx to solaria the fashion 表示する begins
Stella . this is wonderful
Musa. let me make it even もっと見る wonderfu; bye putting some 音楽 on
Flora . we need to make the place look wonderful let me add some お花 to thew background
Stella. wow its perfect now lets do the fashion 表示する
Stella i am glad to be here my dream is to be a fashion desiner
the crowd . yay Stella go Stella clap clap clap
Brandon. comes and cheers
but unfortunlty for Stella her fashion 表示する is ruined and Stella is crying the bulding is broken all because of the trix so the winx transform and...
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------------------------------------------Helia’s p.o.v--------------------------------------------
I woke up to the sound of all of our alarms going off right after another. We all got up, got dressed and headed to where our bikes are kept. One によって one we realized, our group wouldn’t be the same because Flora was a like または was a little sister to us all; but to me she was the person I loved most. I know we broke up; but I will always 愛 her because the 日 we first met was when I first started to 愛 her. I sigh as I put my ヘルメット on and get on my bike as we all head over to Alfea to say...
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Helia’s p.o.v
Flora and her new group of フレンズ got off the bus quickly and I followed. I asked if I could talk to Flora privately. She agreed and the others 発言しました just they’ll go wait inside. I know she’s the leader of the group, so what she says goes. I can tell I hurt her, but I really wish I didn’t. Once we find a quiet spot, the two of us sit down on a bench together. It wasn’t any bench we had sat here when I asked her to be my girlfriend, after our first 日付 and when we broke up on numerous occasions then get back together. I miss having her in my life, and I understand if...
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