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 I can't do this!
I can't do this!
I...I...I can't do this! 発言しました Roxy, I can't attack you, あなた are my friends, I'm sorry what happened earlier flora, I shouldn't have stormed off like that, I'm sorry winx will あなた forgive me? 発言しました Roxy
Of course, 発言しました the winx
I'm sorry Roxy, I shouldn't have asked, 発言しました flora
You don't have to be sorry flora, it was me, I was in a bad mood 発言しました Roxy
I would go back to Alfea, but will miss faragonda take me back? 発言しました Roxy
We will ask, see あなた later Roxy 発言しました bloom

Later at Alfea

Hello miss Faragonda, Roxy regrets what she said, she wants to come back to Alfea, please can she come back? 発言しました flora...
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 Stella: In her normal outfit for season 1
Stella: In her normal outfit for season 1
Hello again! :D Some people very much enjoyed my information on 記事 on Roxy and yes, I will be 書く another one on...Stella! ;D Hope あなた like this one! ; )



Stella is the princess of Solaria, planet of the sun. She is the fairy of the sun, stars and the moon and she is 16 at her first appearance and was born on the 18th of August.

Her parents are of course, the king and クイーン of Solaria and we see her father, Radius, a lot in the 3rd season. We don't see much of her mother, but see her in the first season while Stella was having a nightmare....
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