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 Bloom in Enchantix
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"FLORA!!" Stella yelled.
Flora walked into her room.
"Whoa!" Flora exclaimed.
"Your plants have, once again, ruined my room!" Stella yelled furiously.
"Sorry." Flora apologized while fixing the room with her magic and making her plants disappear.
"Sorry? SORRY is all あなた have to say after your plants ruined my BRAND NEW CLOTHES!!"
"Stella calm down just go get some new ones." Flora 発言しました while walking out the room. Bloom walked in.
"Sorry Stella but I'm gonna have to agree with Flora on this one." Bloom said.
"Along with the rest of us!" Musa yelled in the background....
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 Stella's face after hearding Musa's notification for the test to the Winx girls.
Stella's face after hearding Musa's notification for the test to the Winx girls.
I was playing with my little brother with Winx dolls,and I liked the idea we played,so,I wanted to 公開する it here.

The roles:
Bloom dolls:me
Stella dolls:me
Flora dolls:my little brother
Musa doll:my little brother
Tecna doll:my little brother
Layla dolls:me

Now let's get started!


*It was sunday*
Musa:Girls!I have news!Bad news!
Flora:Like what?
Musa:Ok,Mrs.Faragonda have decided to make us a test with all the things we learned.
Flora:Oh but we haven't studied for tomorrow!
Musa:I know!We have very much job.The test will have 20 questions.
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(After musa recovers a bit によって hearing Riven say I 愛 u she weakly says......

Musa:Wha...what did u..... just say?
Musa:I know i heard something......and it was u,right?
-Riven understands he can't keep hiding his feelings for ever.So he tries to say the truth...
-Just then everyone else come in.They couldnot find the medicine.Bloom hopelessly replied interrupting....
Bloom:Its hopeless.We will never find those medicine and we are never gonna awake....
-Bloom looks at Musa smiling and happy.She lets a cry of joy and is speechless.Flora weeplingly said..........
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Chapter 2

Sky’s Dilemma

While Bloom was sleeping on her ベッド a 線, レイ of sun falls on her face which disturbs her. And then a voice comes inside “Good Morning dear, have some お茶, 紅茶 Bloom.” Tecna 発言しました to Bloom. “What’s the time Tecna? And thanks for the tea.” Bloom replied with a sweet smile. Tecna thought that Bloom is in a better mood. She was worried if she was still sad but after seeing Bloom she was little relief. “Would あなた like to come for breakfast Bloom または Should I send the breakfast to your room?” Tecna asked. “I will like to have breakfast with あなた guys.” Bloom replied....
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Now a little back story :)
Well, in televisions shows we all have our favourite, don't lie I know あなた have one too. I just happened to be channel surfing when I came to Disney.
"Ugh, not a ディズニー show," I said, in utter boredom. "Seriously? Lifts don't 移動する that fast," I continued, criticising the 表示する at it progressed. "Right... A red head on the phone with a blond. Gosh the red head is so needy! And now she bashed into a randomly placed pole thing, yep this 表示する is crappy. Oh God, dude, right so あなた 表示する a lift moving abnormally fast but the ride seems to be taking forever. You're not on a...
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