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 Floras fashion sense as あなた can see Flora loves お花 and 蝶 and ピンク and green
Floras fashion sense as you can see Flora loves flowers and butterflies and pink and green
Flora is having a interview about her life
Flora . こんにちは im Flora im in 愛 with Helia and stuff i 愛 all my フレンズ im the fairy of nature i also think plants desve 愛 and respect i want everyone to respect the world and its people

Ella. the person whos interviewing Flora well done Flora awseome inteview

Flora . thank あなた Ella but it needs もっと見る details like what kind of clothes i like about my フレンズ family Limfia Helia my boyfriend

Ella. ok

Flora. wait let me ask the winx if they like to be in my interview

winx . こんにちは Flora

Flora .hey i would like あなた guys to be in my interview Stella you...
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Bold means Nabu’s POV
Underline means Aisha’s POV
Underline and bold means both of their POV’s

I'm so tired of being here, suppressed によって all my childish fears
And if あなた have to leave, I wish that あなた would just leave
Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone

As I lay in my ベッド with the winx being gone at the mall where I didn’t want to go, I roll around thinking of what to do until I roll and see the picture of me and Nabu together. I sit up and pick it up. I look at it. A droplet...
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I am so happy!
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