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posted by Rainflowers
Sorry I haven't written in a while, I had to think of what should happen and I've been kinda busy! Sorry!

    Charlotte waited anxiously in the waiting room. It had been over an 時 since ジャスミン and Kristina had disappeared into a little room off the main hall way. She soon saw a young man in a white コート with light blonde hair and blue eyes walking towards her and the others. When he reached them he smiled warmly and pulled up a chair. He sat down in front of シャルロット, シャーロット and said, “Hi, my name is Dr. Gore, I fixed up your friend, Kristina Reeds, for you.”...
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posted by Rainflowers
こんにちは Readers,

I recently asked あなた to pick who あなた wanted to be the leader; I see now that that’s not going to work out as I planned. So here’s my new 質問 what do あなた think the following people should be?








You can assign the following part to the characters

Peace Maker

Quick Thinker (the one who usually comes up with the ideas)


Rational One

Confident One

Worry Wart

Friends with everyone

I would like one reason why あなた picked the following characters for the part あなた assigned them. To be clear, please assign a part to EVERY character. If...
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posted by Rainflowers
ジャスミン tried to stay calm, but the pool of blood forming around Kristina was frightening. “I think we should try to 移動する her.” ジャスミン stated, surprised at how calm her voice was. She looked back and forth between her roommates and the Red 噴水 boys. She saw シャルロット, シャーロット crying silently and clenching her brother’s shoulder from behind. バイオレット was kneeling 次 to her trying to stop the bleeding. “One of you,” She 発言しました pointing towards the Red 噴水 boys, “Tear off a piece of your cape and give it to me.” She finished and ジャスミン watched as the one with dark blue hair tore...
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posted by Rainflowers
    Previously on Personality . . .

Flora felt her self brake down whenever Sky finished. She sighed. Why me? she thought. The others quickly began to discuss battle options. She sighed again listening for a while before cutting in. "No," She 発言しました in listen to me tone. "I'm going to fight Kembal, and I'm going to fight him alone.”

When Layla finally recovered from hearing Flora say she was going to fight Kembal alone, she yelled out, “Flora, あなた can’t he’s too powerful!” After she 発言しました that everyone else finally seem to come through to reality. Flora shook her head,...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At alfea in the early morning.
Flora: *Yawns*
Musa: *Yawns*
Flora: Good morning musa
Musa: Good morning flora
Flora: Did あなた sleep well?
Musa: Kinda...I had a weird dream.
Bloom: *Yawns* こんにちは girls, good morning.
Both: Good morning Bloom
Flora: So what was your dream about musa?
Musa: Well... I dreamed that Riven was with another girl that I am pretty sure I had seem before, but I don't know who she was
Flora: Don't worry musa, I know that Riven likes あなた and isn't with other girl, he's tough in the outside as a solid rock but when it's about you, he is just so sweet with you.
Bloom: Yeah.. everytime he...
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posted by winkslover22
riven: when did あなた guys meet.
bloom: at alfea i was helping her find her dorm which happened to be the same one as mine.
roes:hey sky あなた know riven to.
sky:yea were in the same squad.
roes:cool, こんにちは can we go get coffee in 10 分 instead.
sky:sure babe what ever makes あなた happy.(he キッス her on the cheek)i got to go. bye.
bloom:wait that's the sky your dating.
roes:yes is their something wrong with that.
roes:whats the mater with me dating him .
riven:he is a spoiled prince who thinks he can get what ever he wants and can hurt anyone.
roes:sky not like that he is kind...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Riven: Can I talk with あなた Musa?
-Flora poke her with her elbow and smile to her-
Musa: Sure, Riven
-Musa and Riven walk out to a private place-

Helia: Hey...
Flora: Hey...
-Flora blushed like a トマト または worse-
Helia: About what happened later I... I...
Flora: I know あなた really didn't meant it
Helia: Flora I am madly in 愛 with you. Flora I can't stop thinking about you, and to tell あなた the truth I really got jealous of that guy in the beach
-Helia got a mad face 表示中 that he was jealous-
Flora: But... but all this time I felt like あなた were trying to avoid me all the time
Helia: Like I said, I'm...
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posted by FloraBoricua


Musa and Flora looked and saw the Trix

Musa: What do あなた want from us?
Icy: That's very simple
-Icy threw them a Big ice, and then they see that they were in danger and turn into there winx-

Stormy: Your not going anywhere

-Flora try to fly away but it was too late when Stormy hit her in the back, then she fell to the floor and Musa was all alone-

Musa: FLORAAA!!!
Darcy: Don't worry, soon she would be sleeping forever

-When trying to fight the three witches back, she didn't have もっと見る strength left and then Icy was going to finish her up when a laser string came to the rescue-...
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At Red Fountain
-They were already in ベッド thinking about the 日 with the girls-
Timmy: What's the matter Helia? Ever since we got here あなた have been quiet
Helia: It's about Flora,I saw her with other guy and I got jealous without being her boyfriend. I wanted like to protect her and that's why I call her and told to come, and that's why I tell あなた that we should get going
Timmy: wow... I don't even know what to say. Helia, あなた just have to tell her how あなた feel または あなた never gonna know how does she feels about you
Helia: But if she doesn't likes me?
Timmy: あなた have to take risks または else あなた would...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At the library

-Musa was crying for all the hard time she had in the day, when all of a sudden she heard someone wail. She realize it was coming from the としょうかん, ライブラリ too-

Musa: Flora.... what are あなた doing here and what happend to you?
Flora: I just don't wanna talk about it
Musa: Flora is better if あなた could tell me
Flora: I'm confused
Musa: But why?
Flora: I don't know what to do
Musa: Tell me, did something happend with あなた and Helia? または that guy?
Flora: Both
-Musa look her stunned-
Flora: Tom confesed to me that he likes me and I see him as a good person so I believe him. Then when we went back, I talk...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Tom and Riven started to fight each other, and then the boys came to the rescue. Sky try to push Riven apart,and Brad to Tom.

Sky: Riven stop!!
Riven: He's not gonna get away with this, あなた don't touch my girlfriend ever again または I will..
Brad: What? What あなた gonna do about?
-Musa stepped in-
Musa: Nobody is gonna do something. I'm tired of あなた Riven, I'm tired of あなた treating me like あなた want
-Musa 発言しました screaming and letting the tears came down-
Riven: That's not true Musa, I... I 愛 you
-Then the police arrived-
Police: What is happening here young boys?
Musa: Fighting for non-sense that's all
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posted by FloraBoricua
Back at the beach

All of a sudden they start to hear music...

Musa: Flora あなた have to come with me
-said smiling and jumping-
Flora: Well, if that makes あなた happy then I guess then we should go
-Musa pull her によって the arm and run as fast as she could, they enter to the place and everything was like a 80's disco. They didn't care they were in their swimsuits, they didn't just stop to the rhythm of the 音楽 and mostly Musa, is like the 音楽 took control over her. They laugh and dance all the time.

Random guys: こんにちは girls!!
-Musa and Flora turn their backs and saw perfection instantly, it was like two...
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posted by Rainflowers
    When Kristina finally cam to, she couldn’t see anything. It was pitch black. She sat up on her knees and reached her hand out to find a hard wall. Then everything came back to her. She remembered the man who attacked her and put her in this black prison. She sighed wondering what was going on outside that she couldn’t see. Suddenly she saw the black hole, the same black hole that had devoured her plane. Her eyes filled with tears, they fell down her face. She then realized that she was living her nightmare.

    Jasmine looked around the corner...
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posted by Rainflowers
After everyone had unpacked, they met in the living room. Kristina had her フード up and earphones in again.

    Jasmine had decided that she her roommate was a loner. From the way she acted, you’d think that she was forced to be here. ジャスミン shrugged it off. She just had to be roommates with her; she didn’t have to be friends. ジャスミン was snapped back to reality when the girl with bright purple eyes smiled and said, “Why don’t we go around and introduce ourselves, saying, our name again, our age, what we’re the fairy of, and where we come from.” ジャスミン sighed,...
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posted by Rainflowers
Note: I'm still looking for Speacilist and Witches (or Villians) but I think I have enough fairies. Although I might have room for one more. Of あなた want to 提出する a character answer the 質問 in my 前 artical. On with the Story :) Don't worry if あなた charater doesn't have a large part in this one. I will try to give all characters equal part in every story, but it's kind of hard when ever あなた first start.

    Kristina sighed as she put her purple headphones in her ears and pulled her フード over her wildly curly hair. She walked through the gates of the famous fairy...
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posted by Rainflowers
こんにちは guys! I want to write a fanfiction with other peoples characters because i've seen other people do it! If you're intersted please コメント the following!!! Please Join! It will be fun :)



Witch, fairy specialist:

ホーム world, describe:

Power :

Appearance (Eyes, skin, Hair, height Body type):

Age (between 16-18 seems to be the going age for the students here):

Personality: Fun loving, Peace maker, sensitive, Scared, shy, sweet




Fears, why?:

Everyday outfit:


Pajamas :

Transformation outfit:

Exercise outfit :



Strongest Attack:


Ball Gown:

Expolration Outfit/ Out doors Outfit/ Mission Outfit:

Weekend Outfit:

Lazy Outfit:

Any other different Occasion Outfit:

Yea, I know that's a lot of outfits!!! Add anything else あなた think I should know!! Thanks for submitting a character!!!!!!!! :)
posted by rania1234
 This is Kelly(sky's first date)
This is Kelly(sky's first date)
Stella:There must be a way to red fountain!
Musa:How about the cave that we use to go to 雲, クラウド tower!
Flora:Good idea Musa but don't let anyone see you!
Stella:Tecna!Can u guess what sky is doing right now?
Tecna:For my opinion he is out of his room he is in magix!see..the red サークル, 円 is him!
Flora:we are here!
Stella:Now we need to find sky's room!
Musa pointed on a sign says No bloom
Stella:good job..
Layla:come on girls we don't have enough time..
the girls 検索 a secret in sky's room.
Stella:This will take years!
Tecna:we gonna find it about 3 seconds..1..2...3....
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posted by Rainflowers
Sorry guys, for some reason フェイスブック wasn't working yesterday, and I use フェイスブック to log in! Thanks for reading!!! P.S see that little ファン box up top? あなた should click it and become a fan! :)

Riven couldn't believe what he had just agreed to. On one hand he couldn't let this Kembal guy hurt Musa, but at the same time, if he helps him get Flora, not only will he doom his friend but the entire Magic Dimension.
Outside Riven kicked a can side to side kicking it further each time. He sighed when he heard a russle in the bushes. He looked closer when Kembal jumped out.

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次 day...

Bloom:hey roxy can i tell あなた something

Roxy:sure what is it

Bloom:well...will あなた 登録する our 愛 and pet

Roxy:i dont no about it but let me think about it i will call あなた for the answer


Bloom come to 愛 and pet

Tecna:what did she say bloom yes または no?

Bloom:i dont now tecna she didint tell me

Musa:what do あなた mean bloom?

Bloom:well she say i will think about it and i will call あなた for the answer

Flora:this is going to be hard

Layla:your right

Roxy and her dad

Roxy:dad what should i do now

Roxy dad: about what?

Roxy:oh i forget to tell you

Roxy dad:what?

Roxy:well today bloom come and...
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tecna:hey guys i have a idea for making 愛 and pet もっと見る popular
stella:oh i have a idea well lets say make this place もっと見る fashion and style
bloom:no stella we should do a thing that all of us 愛 it

musa:bloom is right we should do a great thing that all of us 愛 it

flora:what kind of thing musa we should make the people 愛 it to

tena:flora is right

layla:hey guys what did i miss

tecna:we want a idea for making our 愛 and pet もっと見る popular

layla:cool i have idea for our 愛 and pet

bloom:cool what is it

flora:ya tell us

layla:well why dont we tell roxy to come help us

stella:hmm...thats a...
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