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Fan fiction by AgyJude posted 1年以上前
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Fairy adventures Part 7

Meanwhile in Alfea
"I don't know if it's true", says Marine, I heard that Mr.Wizgiz is going to teach us to change our hair color."

"Wow",says Celestine. "Now that's awesome!"

"You can say that again", says Marine. "What color would あなた like あなた hair to be?"

"Well, there are many colors, I would like pink", says Celestine.

"Pink?No offense but, I don't think it would look good on you", says Marine."Pink is not quite you. What about あなた Fayne."

"I don't know", says Fayne," I like my present color. I don't really wanna change it. "What should we say if Mr.Wizgis asks us about Fiona."

"Um..... let's say she's not feeling well", 返信 Marine. "So she decided to stay in her room."

"Do あなた think it would work", says Fayne. "I mean, what if Mr. Wizgiz finds out. We'll have to explain everything."

"I heard he could read minds", says Celestine.
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Lisa: *waking up* cool! finally Saturday!
Angelina: morning Lisa!
Lisa: morning Angelina! *looks around* where is Raven?
Angelina: I dont know...she went out last night but she never get back
Lisa: hhhmmm wonder where is she


Agnes: こんにちは girls! finally あなた are here!
Angelina: sorry we are late but Lisa get up late!
Lisa: hehe sorry
Artemis: its ok... we came just a 分 ago
Terra: yeah! we didnt have to wait so much!
Buuke: well lets eat something for breakfast
Gwen: sure! *they all take a plate of food*
Sara: why do we always have to eat eggs?
Katara: yeah... I am getting tired of it
Alexandra: I thought I was the only one! *giggles*

After they all eat they wash their teeth and went to the chill out room...

Gwen: Lisa! whats wrong? あなた look worried
Lisa: its nothing... I am just wondering where is Raven
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Terra: our first 日 of classes and they are pretty boring!
Gwen: I think they were interesting!
Artemis: yeah! it wasnt that bad
Angelina: I agree with Gwen and Artemis
Buuke: why dont we go to Magix and relax?
Katara: we have homework...we cant go to magix!
Agnes: of course we can!
Sara: we could make our homework in magix!
Lisa: yeah! we can go to that cake&coffee shop. it has a relaxing garden, we can make our homework there.
Alexandra: 愛 the idea!
Gwen: me too!
Terra: then, lets go!


Angelina: what is the answer to the 質問 #4?
Buuke: I think its the answer B
Artemis: buuke is right...its the B
Lisa: *eating a piece of cake* OMG! this cake is so good!
Katara: *nods* yeah! its the best cake in Magix
Sara: it should be the best in the entire magic dimension! *giggles*
Gwen: *hears some guys talking* ough great!
Alexandra: whats wrong Gwen?
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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A new 年 in Alfea! and あなた know what does it mean!
New fairies, new powers and new adventures!

Faragonda: is everyone here?
Grizelda: yes, all the 妖精 are at their rooms
Faragonda: good, We will give them the rest of the 日 free. Tell them that they start classes tomorrow morning.
Grizelda: ok, I will tell them


Sara: wow! we have the biggest room in Alfea!
Katara: yeah! its pretty big!
Terra: *sits in her bed* yay! we have the rest of the 日 free!
Angelina: I know right! I had a long way from ホーム to here and I am really tired!
Lisa: hey! we could use this free time to meet eachother more
Gwen: I think its a great idea!
Agnes: I like it too! lets sit in the floor and tell our story!
Artemis: sure! *they all sit in the floor*
Agnes: so who starts?
Terra: I will start! Im Terra, I am a princess and I can control rocks with my mind!
Gwen: my name is Gwen, I am from Orangelop and my powers are inspired によって all the kind of Energy. I call it Mana.
Fan fiction by lovebaltor posted 1年以上前
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The wind was howling fuiously as though it were an angry pack of オオカミ that were surrounding their prey,calling 4 reinforcements.

But this did not stop her.

She continued walking up the slippery slope,tightning the cloaks lock tighter around her neck.

She slipped,falling on the wet,snow covered ground.

She swore under her breath,picking herself up and wiping off the cold snow from her robes and soon continuing up the reached slope.

It was the middle of winter,and the weather had been colder than usual.

Snow covered every green bit of land in the small town,turning everything a ghostly white.The wind was no help either.It made already freezing temperatures seem in the negatives.Winds over 50 miles an 時 slashing fuiriously at any bare skin to tur into frost bite.

She looked around but everything was white,white as a blank sheet of paper,making it impossible to see where she was going.

Article by lovebaltor posted 1年以上前
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The Winx Club Logo
こんにちは every1! I just had this idea of creating a quiz/information 記事 on which Winx Club character あなた would b! 4 u Roxy fans,she will also b included.Enjoy! ; )

質問 1:Ur お気に入り Pass time hobby is;

B.I always enjoy gardening and going 4 a stroll!
C.Sing and dance and have fun!
D.Shopping!Shopping!Shopping!Did I mention shopping?
E.Surfing,swimming,dancing and anything sporty!
F.I enjoy studing,hanging out with friends,or chatting!
G.Taking care of my pets!

質問 2:Which 1 of these outfits SUITS/スーツ u the best?;

A.Anything with purple and that fits my style of unique high-tec quality!
B.Anything flowery,nature like and pink!
C.Jeans,t-shirt,my fav sneakers and my fav cap!
D.Anything that is the new style of the season!
E.Comfortable pants,shoes and t-s that I can do anything in!
F.Something blue,and comfortable.
G.Anything green,comfortable and with anything animal related imprinted!
Fan fiction by AgyJude posted 1年以上前
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Fairy Adventures Part 6
Ms.Faragonda and Ms.Griselda looked at the students who were talking to each other curiously.

"I bet it's a holiday", 発言しました a girl." I wish it was".

"Silence!" Ordered Ms.Griselda through the mic.

"Children, we have a very bad news", 発言しました Ms.Faragonda. "Yesterday, a girl was found in the woods, she was unconscious. We bought her here and..... but she..she was dead!"

The students all gasped in horror. Clestine, Fayne and Fiona looked at each other.

"There is something wrong", 発言しました Fiona. "Something's quite not right"

"Yeah", agreed Fayne. "Remember the purple smoke. It was kinda odd".

"You're right", 発言しました Fiona.

"Come one, forget it", 発言しました Celestine, irritated." Whether it's purple または pink, who cares?"

"Hey, Fiona don't あなた have the power to go to the past and the future", 発言しました Marine.

"Yeah, you're the fairy of time", reminded Fayne.
Fan fiction by AgyJude posted 1年以上前
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(Plz Read and コメント most importantly enjoy!)
"What the"- Fiona said, looking confused. "Why is everyone running? What's going on in in there?"

"We can't actually say anything about it, not yet", 発言しました Ms.Ofelia. "You stay here, and please keep your hands of the potions". Ms.Ofelia walked to the 秒 room. She had a worried look on her face.

The girls were puzzled. They were so puzzled that they forgot about Marine.

"There's something wrong", 発言しました Celestine finally.

"You're right", agreed Fayne.

"What could it be?" Wondered Fiona.

Meanwhile, in room number two everyone was worried.

"She's not breathing?" Cried Mr. Palladium.

"Yes, I did everything i could", sad Mr.Redhock. "We have a very serious problem here. I doubt whether the girl is alive.."

"But.... how could this happen", Cried Ms.Faragonda. "Where did あなた find her?" She asked Palladium.

"She was Lying unconscious...in the woods......near the poisonous bushes", he replied.
Guide by rabeetbf posted 1年以上前
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December 10th /January 27
Planet Domino /Planet Sparx
Alfea, Winx club
Powers and abilities

Alfea, Winx club
Powers and abilities
Solar energy, light

May 30 /May 10 (4Kids version)
Planet Melody
The Harmonic Nebula, Melody fairyland (4Kids Version)
Alfea, Winx club
Powers and abilities

March 1 (Original Italian)
March 16 (4Kids)
Planet Linphea (Original Italian)
Guide by rabeetbf posted 1年以上前
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Bloom is the main character from the animated series, the Winx Club She is the informal leader of the Winx Club group.    

Bloom has red hair and her daily outfit consists of a blue and yellow midriff シャツ and spangled jeans. She occasionally wears a blue and white striped シャツ and a jean miniskirt, but this outfit is generally only seen on special occasions.


Bloom truly cares for her friends. She's the glue that holds the group together, after the other girls bicker and argue, Bloom's the one that plays peacekeeper and smooths everything out between everyone.


Bloom was born on December 10th on the planet Domino (Sparks in the 4kids version). She was born into royalty. She has an older sister Daphne . Her real parents are クイーン Miriam and King Oritel. Shortly after birth, her planet was attacked によって a coven of witches who sought to retrieve the Dragon's Flame (Dragon 火災, 火 in the 4kids version) from Domino. During this battle, the lively culture and population was decimated. In final sacrificial act to ensure that the Dragon's Flame did...
Fan fiction by AgyJude posted 1年以上前
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Fayne, Fiona and professor Palladium ran towards the bushes. As they came closer, they realized that it was a fairy.
"Oh, no", cried Professor Palladium. "That girl is in great danger, she is" -
"We have to do something professor", interrupted Fiona.
"And fast", added Fiona.
"Okay", agreed Palladium. "Girls, あなた stay here, I know just what to do." He raised his hands as he chanted strange magical words. At once, the girl was lifted and then disappeared into purple smoke.
"Professor, did あなた just teleport her?" Asked Fiona, looking Perplexed.
"Yes", replied professor Palladium, confused. "I think".
"That's strange" 発言しました Fayne, frowning, "I've never seen purple smoke when someone is teleported."
"Me neither", agreed Fiona.
"Hm mm, I'm really sorry girls", 発言しました Palladium, "But we'll have to go back to alfea. I think something is wrong, with the girl または this place. We'll come back another day."
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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our 妖精 get the key of the years door and they also saved the magic dimension from the witches that were trying to change the history and make all the witches もっと見る powerful.
Now the 妖精 get back to Alfea!

Rosena: finally! we get here! welcome to Alfea kelsey!
Kelsey: (looking around) wow this place is amazing!
Ember: yeah! (looks at Faragonda) there is Ms. Faragonda!
Nova: lets give her the key back!
Kasumi: あなた have the key right Austeja?
Austeja: yep! (takes it out of her pocket) here it is!
Rani: cool! lets go!


Faragonda: girls! I am glad あなた are back!
Rosena: thanks Ms. Faragonda! we are glad to be back too!
Faragonda: (looks at Kelsey) あなた should be Kelsey!
Kelsey: yes ma´am... I came from Solaria
Faragonda: I know... I heard a lot about you
Guide by lovebaltor posted 1年以上前
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Poster of the Movie
Alfea celebrates the inauguration of the new school 年 when the party is interrupted によって Icy, Darcy and Stormy, the perfidious Trix. The Winx, without Bloom, are forced to remedy the confusion created によって the witches who, having ruined the party, steal a powerful and mysterious object. Meanwhile, Bloom is on Domino, experiencing the best moments of her new life as a princess. She finally found her parents, and Sky asks her to marry him. But not all that glitters is gold; the Three Ancestral Witches, in fact, come back to haunt Stella, Layla, Tecna, Musa, Flora and Bloom. Moreover, Erendor, Sky’s father, forbids his son to marry the princess of Domino. A dark secret lies in the realm of Eraklyon. Meanwhile, with the help of Trix, the Ancestresses are able to find the 木, ツリー of Life that holds the positive and negative balance of magic. With a powerful spell, they break this balance and suck all the good energy from Magix. Bloom and her フレンズ find themselves powerless and forced to again confront the witches, the symbol of all evil. Will our ヒーローズ find a way to restore balance in the Magical Dimension? And what is the secret that separates Sky and Bloom? Will their 愛 survive...
Fan fiction by lovebaltor posted 1年以上前
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*What if Roxy didnt have a family,she was adopted.But,these foster parents werent the parents あなた would usually suspect...*

BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!Goes the door as it shakes to life.Roxy tosses in her sleep,covering her shivering body with the flimsy piece of cloth her 'mother' called a blanket."Wake up girl!"hisses her 'mother'.Roxy sits up in her small bed,and looks around her so called room.

It was a filthy little room.The flooring was old,filthy wood.She had a small cracked mirror,a small desk,nightstand,and a old filthy closet.

She gets up from her bed,and quickly get dressed. BANG!BANG!BANG!Her doors erupts to life again.Roxy rolls her eyes."How is it?"she asks annoyed."Dont あなた dare take that tone with me missy!Or youll be thrown out into the street!"hisses her 'mother'."Sorry Mam"Roxy 返信 formaly."Thats better,now hurry up and get down!We're going to the Zoo for Ashlan's birthday"Roxy almost gagged,but held it back."Oh joy..."she mumbled under her breath.
Article by lovebaltor posted 1年以上前
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Royx in Believix
I am Roxy
Princess of Tir An Og
With the power to communicate with 動物

I have a dog named Artu,
I work at the Fruity 音楽 Bar,
My father own the Fruity 音楽 Bar,
And,Im the last fairy on Earth

Im was told that I was a fairy によって the "Winx"
I didnt believe them,but soon did,
when Artu was in danger,I recieved my believix

My father was baffled,
The Winx were delighted,
And so was I

We soon went on Quests to figure out where the other Earth 妖精 were,
We found them,saved them,and then they turned against us.

What will happen next?
Will they destroy the Earth?
Will they destroy my family?
または will they destroy me?

I am Roxy,
The last fairy on Earth.

Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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(sorry I couldnt post it before... I have been really busy! well hope あなた like it)

Tinnera: あなた loose the contest and あなた should leave this place right now!
Dayra: what?!? thats not fair!
Tinnera: I am the guardian of this place and I put the rules here... now LEAVE!
Alexandra: fine! but we will be back!
Tinnera: bye! (the witches disappear)


Solna: あなた will never get the key!
Kelsey: あなた wont win again!
Solna: (laughs) yeah right!
Austeja: give us the key or-
Solna: または what?
Rosena: または this! 愛 BOMB!
Solna: (skips the attack) あなた know what fairies? I dont have time for your games!
Izzy: then! dont play! MOOD STORM!
Solna: (the attack hits her and she falls) ough!
Ember: good Job Izzy!
Kasumi: its my turn! (transforms into a 狼, オオカミ and use the multi-bite attack)
Solna: wow a fairy that can transform into a wolf... nice really nice! (gets up) but あなた cant beat me! I am better than you!
Fan fiction by Ember89 posted 1年以上前
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Ok before i start this is the タイトル of my fic sorry i didn't have one for part one! Enjoy!

"Wow this place is incredible" I say as i walk up to a long line of students. Time passed as i looked at Alfea and thought i'd make tons of great friends. "So what is your name girl" snapped a woman who needed a serious attitude adjustment.
"I'm Ember of Eraklyon" I say. This must be Grizelda. "Ah, here we are, Ember of Eraklyon...carry on then" she snapped again. So i take my heavy bag to a dorm. "Oh hello あなた must be Ember!I'm Chloe i'm from Kelp island! The girl 読書 there is Tina shes from Telepax! The girl standing 次 to her is Veevee...there sisters.

And over there is Izzy, Alice and Musera."
"Hey forgetting someone?" Chloe looks at a girl who gives me the creeps. "Thats Zakkalise. She is Icy's daughter" Izzy says to me. "Great nice to meet everyone!" I say as i unpack my bags.
"Oh my gosh! Kiko what are あなた doing here?" i almost yell.
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Tinnera: first battle: Nova vs. Dayra
秒 battle: Rani vs. Amanda
Third battle: Kelsey vs. Solna
Fourth battle: Ember vs. Alexandra

Izzy: I have a question... what if the witches win 2 battles and we win 2 battles too? it will be a tie...
Tinnera: there will be a final battle and the one who wins keeps the key... any other question? good! lets start!

suddenly they all appear in a kind of forest...


Tinnera: time to fight! GO!
Nova: (transfoms into her fairy form)
Dayra: あなた are going down little fairy!
Nova: oh really? SUNRAY!
Dayra: Dark shadow! (it blocks the sunray) DARK NIGHT! (everything turns black)
Nova: (thinking: I cant see anything!)
Dayra: (thinking: time to attack! phsyco attack)
Nova: SUNLIGHT! (everything came back to normal and Nova notice that Dayra was about to attack) TECHNO BOMBS! (attacks Dayra and it hits her)
Dayra: ough! thats it! DARK DUST!
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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everyone get inside the door and it close... they cant go back, they just can continue and find the correct exit...

Austeja: ooww my head!
Kasumi: (with all the pixies in her arms) it was a long fall...
Talia: thanks for save our lifes Kasumi
Kasumi: welcome!
Ember: everyone alright?
Lindsay: yeah!
Kelsey: wait! were are those witches?
Rani: (with phoebe in her arms) I dont know...
Rosena: (looks around and suddenly lots of doors appear) where does that doors came from?
Carly: those are the "exits"
Pamela: every door is an exit to somewhere in the magical dimension...
Alyz: but あなた have to choose carefully
Diana: または あなた will get ロスト somewhere in the magical dimension
Nova: wow! they are 20 doors... what door should we choose?
Izzy: I dont know... but the witches chosed one because they are not here...
???: they are in one of those doors
Rani: who are you?
???: I am Tinnera... I am the guardian of this place!
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Dayra: where is Alex?!?
Amanda: I dont know she 発言しました she will be right back but it was like an 時 ago
Dayra: ough! does 妖精 will get at the door before us!
Alexandra: dont worry Dayra... they wont get before us
Dayra: finally あなた are here!
Amanda: what were あなた doing?
Alexandra: well... I saw that the 妖精 have someone new in their group... so I thought that we could have someone new in our group too!
Dayra: I like that idea...
Solna: I am glad あなた like the idea cause I am here to destroy those fairies!
Alexandra: she is Solna... the daugther of one of our inspirations to be evil!
Amanda: she is a daughter of a Trix?!?
Solna: yep! Darcy is my mother! and I have all her powers and better!
Dayra: cool!
Solna: I hears あなた have the key of the years door...
Amanda: thats right!
Alexandra: talking about that lets 移動する on! we have to get there before those fairies...

Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Faragonda: the got the key?!?
Kasumi: we are really sorry...
Faragonda: ok girls! its time for another mission! あなた need to get to the door before the witches get there!
Rosena: and how are we going to gte there?
Faragonda: the pixies will tell あなた the way
Ember: ok... so when we get there what are we going to do?
Faragonda: あなた have to stop the witches and get the key back!
Rani: and if we get there after them?
Faragonda: then あなた will ahve to stop them too!
Izzy: but wha about Austeja and me?
Austeja: yeah! we can get under the spell again!
Fragonda: dont worry! we already scan あなた and あなた are free of the spell...
Austeja: thanks God!
Faragonda: Izzy and Rosena! あなた still have the bag I gave あなた last time right?
Rosena: the one that will help us with our 愛 spell? yeah I have it...
Faragonda: good! take it with you! it will help you...
Nova: question... when are we leaving?
Faragonda: right now! get your stuff ready!
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Dayra: give us the key and nobody gets hurt!
Austeja: ough great those witches are here!
Pamela: who are those witches?
Amanda: we are your worst nightmare! (laughs)
Alexandra: now... WHERE IS THE KEY?!?
Lindsay: we dont know!
Alexandra: dont lie to us! where is it?
Lindsay: no really! we dont know!
Alexandra: I wont repeat it! where is it?!?
Ember: hey! leave Lindsay alone!!! (whispers to Lindsay: I know あなた know where is the key... go and hide it somewhere the witches cant find it)(lindsay leaves)
Rosena: ok girls! time to transform! (transforms)
Nova: ok! time to fight! (transforms)
Kasumi: yay! finally some action! (transforms intoa ピンク wolf)
Alyz: awesome!
Kasumi: Alyz! go with the other pixies!
Ember: yay! transformation time! (transforms)
Rani: (transforms) ok Phoebe stay here! and dont let the witches see あなた ok?
Phoebe: too! (smiles)
Rani: thanks! (goes with the others)
Opinion by AgyJude posted 1年以上前
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Okey Cassey, 発言しました cassy to herself, here goes. She went into her classroom expecting
a good day. But she understood what kind of 日 it's gonna be as soon as she got in her class. She was late! Well, that was not the reason actually.

You're late. Again, 発言しました Ms.Merlin as Cassey entered the class.
Cassie ran her eyes through the whole class,but she couldn't find her anywhere(now あなた know what the problem is)
Hello? Cassie? Did あなた sleepwalk to school? Asked Ms.merlin.
Um..... no i'm sorry Ms.Merlin. I won't do it again, 発言しました Cassie.
The whole class was laughing at her, but cassie didn't here anything. She was in her own world.
Oh no, were is clarex, is she on leave または something, she wondered as she sat on her chair.
Hey, miranda, didn't clarex come to class today?
No,she's on leave i think. Didn't see her, 発言しました Miranda. I thought あなた guys were best friends, didn't she tell you?
No, 発言しました Cassey.
Well, that's bad. Would あなた like to hang around with us?
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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(ok guys I sent あなた a message were あなた had to choose some colors... well almost everyone chosed the pink&black... so I make it totally random! except for Ember cause she was the only one who didnt choosed the pink&black oh well... oh and for chrie I had to choose the Colors(色) for あなた cause あなた didnt answer my message oh well hope あなた like this part...)

Rosena: (getting ready to leave to Pixie village) is everything ready?
Rani: everything! but not eveyrone!
Rosena: who is missing?
Rani: Austeja,Nova,Kasumi and Izzy
Rosena: wow! almost everyone! I cant belive they still tired! they slept all 日 yesterday!
Ember: well... we dont really know where were they and what they were doing... maybe they used all their energy
Rani: yeah maybe...
Izzy: (gets there still in pijamas) what time is it?
Rani: 11:30...
Austeja: (still in pijamas) what?!? really?!?
Ember: yep! we are 3 時 late!
Rosena: come on girls! we need to get to pixie village as fast as we can!
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted 1年以上前
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Rosena: where are they?!? they are not in their rooms! they are not in the library! they are not in the classroom!!! WHERE ARE THEY?!?
Ember: ok Rosey calm down!!! we will find them (looks around and thinks: WHERE ARE THEY?!?)
Rani: (inside Nova`s room) こんにちは girls! I found something...
Rosena: (gets inside the room running with ember) what?!?
Rani: look at this(points at some blue dust in the floor) what do あなた think is that?
Ember: (looks at it) I dont know... (takes a little bit in her fingers) it looks like a normal dust...
Rosena: but what is it doing here?
Rani: I have no idea... we better 表示する it to Ms. Faragonda!


Austeja: (wakes up) ooowww my head... (looks around) where am I? (looks at Nova and Kasumi) OMG girls!!!
Nova: (gets up) Austeja? Kasumi? what are we doing here?
Kasumi: (looks around) ok... I am sure I never had been in this part of Alfea before...
Nova: maybe because this is not Alfea!