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posted by Princess-Flora
 the garden
the garden
Chapter 11: it’s been a while
---- the two went to the gardens where they could spend some time alone without interruptions, since the garden was a giant maze that took some time just to get to the 噴水 in the center which is where the two decide to catch up.
Helia: (brushes her bangs behind her ear) I really missed you
Flora: I missed あなた too (leaning her head on his shoulder)
Helia: so how have あなた been?
Flora: I guess scared, freaked out, frightened, panicked, sad; but, I feel a lot happier now that あなた are here with me (intertwines her fingers with his as a tear rolls down the side of...
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Here's リンク to the 前 chapters just in case あなた haven't read them.
prologue: link
chapter 1: link
chapter 2: link
chapter 3: link
chapter 4: link
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chapter 6: link
Also here is the link to my first one shot called Left On The Dance Floor: link
-----Savannah’s p.o.v
I have to admit I was creeped out that my sister might actually be alive again. So I went back into my room I shared with Roxy and we both put on jeans and cable knit sweaters since it would probably be cold at the cemetery. So we all went downstairs as Stella...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I will also be posting a few one shots which are basically a one chapter story. I have already 投稿されました one called Left on the Dance Floor. So I hope あなた will like them too.
-----Krystal’s p.o.v
I was happy the Winx invited me to come with them. It was easy to tell we all missed her and it would take a lot of time before we all moved on. I sat back and put Cher Lloyd’s song Beautiful people before I went to bed. I cried myself to sleep like I have been the past two weeks and I would continue because if my best friend was still alive she would have been...
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Outside p.o.v
Everyone gathered at the palace on Sunday afternoon. It was March first, it would have been her 23rd birthday, but she will remain 22 forever. Even though all the realms were about to go into war in a 月 after each realm had a training camp for their soldiers, they all came together to say goodbye to the late guardian fairy of Linphea. Her フレンズ and family all sat together in the front row as people from different realms, schools across the Magix dimension and anyone who knew Flora during her short 22 years. Each of her closest フレンズ brought an item that reminded them of...
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posted by FloraBoricua
So it has been a long time that I haven't made a fab fiction. I guess I don't have the inspiration, just in few rare cases and this is one of them. This story is mostly about Flora and Helia. And since now, I 広告 everyone of あなた who reads the story, it can have pretty bad grammar but since I 愛 to write I keep doing what I love. My last story wasn't pretty bad though, one of the parts is 上, ページのトップへ rated #3.

Well enough of me. Lets start with Flora :) Hope あなた enjoy it. For the record, they live in Alfea since they teach there , in my story

Resting over her ベッド she kept thinking about everything...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 Your the one!!
Your the one!!
(Author's note- Sorry guys, I've been super busy within the 月 I never got time to post chapter one. I thank LoveBaltor for helping me)

Bloom and Winx got on stage, Aisha started to play and so did the others. Bloom sang "Woke up this morning I'm so lazy! I'm late again"
The sun is shining I feel great
I rush down the street, my フレンズ are waiting for me"
One もっと見る adventure
It's going to be a tough 日 at school
There's so much to learn and we are giving all our best"
No time for foolin'
It may seem hard but it's my life." The girls kept going, none of them noticed that someone evil was watching. It was the Trix who were waiting for the right time to attack. After the 表示する was done the girls got off the stage and Bloom ran straight for he boyfriend, Sky. He told her "you did great" Bloom smiled and replied "thanks Sky" That's when the Trix made their move, with someone else with them.
sorry it's been so long since I have updated I've been really busy with my sophomore 年 and I barely have any free time between school and dance.
----------------Flora’s p.o.v
We sat around in my living room. I was scared because who knew Linphea would be the first to declare war. My whole life Linphea seemed so peaceful, but I guess I was wrong. I sighed and put my head on Helia’s chest I felt so secure when he is around. I was going to miss him being around and of course my brothers and their フレンズ too. Luckily I would have my フレンズ with me when...
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The living room was filled with the sound of quiet sobs from the Winx while their husbands tried to tell them that everything will be alright, but they all knew that was so far away from the truth. Who knew Linphea would be the first to declare war on Solaria and Domino. Would Flora, Stella and Bloom be able to stay フレンズ after this since their families would tear them apart and so would this war. After five 分 of the first announcement Andros and Melody joined alliances with Linphea while Zenith joined alliances with Solaria and Domino. Yet when the news broke out the group did not...
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posted by florasedge31
Guys I'm crazy sorry i haven't updated in forever! Alot of drama has been going on in my life. I don't have a computer with me so i'm using my tablet so it takes twice as long. Don't hate me. :)

Flora started sprinting to the winx who were all sitting at a 表, テーブル 読書 spell 本 and looked up at the startled fairy. (Musa is behind Flora.)
"Flora what's wrong?" Bloom asked.
"Tecna... there's something up with Tecna." Flora 発言しました while panting.
"We think that one of the witches are impersonating Tecna." Musa explained.
"She's in the library." Musa finished.
Just then a bolt of lightening hit Musa...
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posted by florasedge31
previously on spelled...
Flora's POV
I followed Lily to where ever it was she was going. It appeared she was going to the buffet table. I was about to ask her when someone grabbed my arm tightly. I knew that によって the pressure of the grip it wasn't Helia.
"Lily!" I yelled. She turned and saw me.
"Flora!" She yelled then started running after me. That's when I felt something hard hit the back of my head. Then the hand released me. I fell フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして I looked up and saw Lily's shoes moving toward me. They got blurred than they- and everything else in sight turned to black.
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posted by Princess-Flora
-------------------------------------------------------No one’s p.o.v----------------------------------------------------------
-----the girls woke up and Flora walked with them until they had to enter their classes. She 発言しました she would see them later and they nodded and hugged her because this was the last time for a while that she would look like this. She continued out into the courtyard where a limo was waiting to take her to the studio. She got in and as it drove away the school got smaller and smaller and she wondered to herself is this what it will feel like when I leave. She realized...
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Cast come in skating in time with the music)
Tecna: Today, your late again, what took あなた so long,
When will あなた ever grow up. Give me this diary, enough 書く childish rhymes.
Miss faragonda: good evening miss what can I do for あなた are あなた looking for something in particular ? Maybe an old, golden lamp for your dad? There must be one left in the back room. Wait here for me I’ll be right back with your present.
(miss faragonda leaves and Carolina take her diary and runs away with it)
Miss faragonda: everything is going as planned, sometime it hard to know when someone will become evil I often...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----The group found Helia and Savannah, the only member they were missing was Flora. The others searched and waited; but after some time they decide to continue on with their mission without her even though they thought the worst. They finally find Helia’s father’s office and the chair had the back facing them little did they know what was in store for them.
Helia: dad, I’m sick of what あなた have done (said very angrily)
Person in the chair: I’m sorry Helia, but he’s not here at the moment but he’ll be back soon
Tecna: who are you?
Person: sorrrry, Tec but I can’t answer that right...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----------------------The 次 morning, the group of five ate breakfast and headed on their way to Shadowhaunt. When they got there Flora volunteered to go to restore Downland によって herself, Riven and Musa would 検索 for the others and Helia and Savannah went to destroy the guards before attacking his father. Each group went in a different direction, Flora went down, Musa and Riven went east and Helia and Savannah went towards the west, a surprise was in for some and not for others.
--------Helia and Savannah headed down halls that they had been through during their sophomore year, Helia remembered...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 the lockets
the lockets
The journey there
---The 次 日 the girls each put on their お気に入り swimsuits, and use a サンドレス, サンデンス as a cover-up for the ride to the ビーチ house that will be their ホーム for the 次 two weeks. So the group of seven descends down the stairs with their suitcases, to see their boyfriends and Ms. F waiting in the courtyard for them in front of a decent size bus.
Flora: (placing her luggage down at her feet) no ship today? (Slightly laughing)
Ms. F: no, あなた will all be riding in this bus here
Stella: really? A bus!
Ms. F: don’t worry Stella, it is not your average bus, it has comfy leather seats,...
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posted by stellamusa101
Get your sky high hands up!
It's the Winx girls - what's up?
Wild, winged and wonderful
あなた turn our sparkle on - your power makes us strong
あなた keep us where we belong

We gonna celebra-a-a-te
And shout "heyyy he-e-e-e-y"
Because あなた believed it
We are the ma-a-a-gic
We.... are Believix!
We are Believix!!

We're the sound of wonder
Hear our 虹 thunder
Feeling fairy powerful
We'll turn your smile up loud - we're flying high and proud
Like we're a sunshine through the clouds

We gonna celebra-a-ate
And shout "heyyyy h-e-e-y
Because あなた believed it
We are the ma-a-gic
We.. are Believix!
We are Believix!

We're fast on the magic track!
Making shimmy, shimmy snap!
Yeah we got it back
And we never give in
Hands up!
And aw-a-ay we go!
This isn't Trix stuff, and illusion, no!!
Cause あなた believed us!
あなた believed us.

<repeat chorus>

We are Believix!
We are Believix!!
We are Believix!!!!!
posted by sweetkandi [i]angry[i/] mode! [i]angry[i/] mode!
"Hey! Brandon! Wait up! I need to tell あなた something" someone yelled, puffing and panting.
Brandon turns around, he scratched his head confused then realised it was only Stella screaming his name.
"Huh? Oh! こんにちは Stells, What are あなた doing at Red Fountain?" Brandon asked, walking up to her.
Just before she was just about to answer, Sky came into the scene with Helia and Riven, Timmy on his techno-touch with Nabu listening to Timmy's 'super techinal' talk, walking casually.
"This is SO not a calm, walking slow type of matter!" Stella screamed, mortified they didn't even know what had just happened....
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Back at the beach

All of a sudden they start to hear music...

Musa: Flora あなた have to come with me
-said smiling and jumping-
Flora: Well, if that makes あなた happy then I guess then we should go
-Musa pull her によって the arm and run as fast as she could, they enter to the place and everything was like a 80's disco. They didn't care they were in their swimsuits, they didn't just stop to the rhythm of the 音楽 and mostly Musa, is like the 音楽 took control over her. They laugh and dance all the time.

Random guys: こんにちは girls!!
-Musa and Flora turn their backs and saw perfection instantly, it was like two...
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posted by Rainflowers
NOTE: If あなた haven't read Personality part 1,2,3,and 4 then this will make NO sense!! Thanks for 読書 ^.^

Flora: Who's out there??

*A group of 妖精 and Specialist come out of the bushes (NOTE not the Winx または the right specialist) and walk up to Flora

Boy: Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you.

Girl: What group are あなた in? Did あなた get lost?

Flora: Group? What do あなた mean?

Girl: Aren't あなた here with Alfea on the Freshman Training session?

Flora: Oh no! I mean yes I'm from Alfea but I'm not here for that.

Boy: What are あなた here for then?

Flora: I'm here on a mission assigned によって Mrs. Faragonda and...
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posted by Rainflowers
**In Some Cave Far Far away**

Flora: Wait an 分 . . . I know who あなた are!!! you're the man who we studied in Magic History Class!! Kembal!!

Kembal: Hahaha, so あなた think you've figured it all out huh? Please あなた haven't even figured out half of it.

*He walks away*

Flora: Plants come quick through the door of the cave free your fairy and help her escape!

*plants come in and untie Flora*

Flora: Thank あなた plants no all we have to do is get out of here, and quick!

*Flora runs out of the cave and into the thick forest.*

Gaurd: *Walks in* Boss,boss! Come quick, she escaped!! She escaped!!

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