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posted by Princess-Flora
I was out today and didn't have time to write a chapter of Haunted によって the Past but I wrote this chapter last night so just for this week I am switching the two and 次 week everything will return to it's normal days.


We worked on cleaning up the Autumn 城 since this was now her’s and Daniel’s ホーム because everyone was right where they belong. Within a few hours, the place was back to its former glory. I looked at my older sister who was talking to Jake. He looked over to me and looked slightly upset, but mouthed it’s okay. I smiled because he knew how I felt about Helia, but as...
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Sorry I forgot to post last week and also I leave for Nationals on Tuesday, so I'll try to get a chapter of Betrayal up earlier because I'm gonna have very little free time.

Chapter Six

In the morning the three of us woke up early to get ready to visit Miele. I had to admit I was scared because something in my gut was telling me someone else started this disaster. We hopped on the 馬 and left. I was cold and soon enough it seemed like my sisters were further ahead of me while I heard a horse behind me. After that I remember falling and everything turning to black. When I woke up, I was in...
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posted by Princess-Flora

I looked at my locket that each of us have. I took it off and opened up and what I saw is exactly what I thought. Summer was starting to freeze because the snow was sticking, so in fear I flipped my locket over. It read 84 days. I looked up to see Jake with an outreached hand. I took it as I 発言しました I need to talk to my sisters alone. Everyone nodded as the three of us walked down the hall while the others were shown to their rooms. In her room we each touch a シート, 座席 on the edge of her bed. Asher put her hands over mine and 発言しました please don’t tell me there is a number on the back of your locket....
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posted by Princess-Flora

I tied my horse to the post and quickly ran up to greet my older sister Ashlyn Eira; we all called her Asher for short. She 発言しました to her stable boys take the 馬 to the stables for my guest please. They nodded as all of us went inside. Once inside everyone asked who this was, I replied this is my older sister and also the guardian for the winter sector of Linphea her name is Ashlyn Eira but everyone calls her Asher. Everyone seemed shocked especially Krystal who 発言しました we have a sister mom and dad never told Miele または myself about? And what about this whole guardian thing? I looked to my...
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Musa: what should i do? i dont want to leave for ever!
Bloom: Musa! あなた have to go!
Layla: yeah! this is all あなた ever wanted!
Flora: あなた cant give up to your dreams!
Musa: yeah, but my dream was become a famouse singer and be with my friends!
Stella: stop talking and start to get ready!
Tecna: Stella!!! Musa needs help! she doesnt know what to do!
Stella: Musa look! a lot of people want this opportunity! and now that あなた can have it あなた are saying no?!? whats wrong with you?!?
Layla: STELLA! あなた are not helping!
Musa: i have to think about it...
Flora: and あなた have to tell Riven!
Musa: yeah... im going...
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This fanfic has the same characters as The Destroyers, but has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE STORY LINE OF THE DESTROYERS Thank you.
Stormy had tumbled into what looked like an underground base, there was nobody around, except for one man, standing in the corner, alone. "Well, it seems somebody has stumbled into my home."
He stepped out to reveal himself as a young man with red hair and bangs, a blue suit, and lighter blue pants, belt, backpack, and shoes. "Who are you?' Stormy asked, cautiously. "My name is Aran." He stated.
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posted by florasedge31
just to be clear this is my opinion so don't be starting any rage in the コメント k? And i'm not gonna bring up the rai version because no one really likes that version.

Now, honestly my お気に入り dub is the nick dub. Why あなた ask? Because they aren't nearly as disrepectful as the 4kids dub, (which btw is my least fave dub) Here are my reasons.

1. The voices
Now I know shit load of people are gonna disagree with this but i actually prefer the nick dub voices over the 4kids voices.

In 4kids Flora's voice was WAY too sweet. Yes she's a sweet person and should have a sweet voice but not so sweet...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
Welcome back winxies, It’s Meeka again and this week I do my take on the couples in winx club. Couples in general was requested によって Princess-Flora. So lets get started shall we?


I cannot and probably never will, stand this couple. People would say “Oh c’mon they’re the perfect couple.” Well that’s the problem they’re so perfect that it’s imperfect and at the same time unbearable. And I can’t stand going on YouTube and in episode 20 and whatever other episode Diaspro came in in season 5. They keep saying stuff like this.
“Shut up diaspro.”
“Stop trying to get in...
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Chapter Twenty Eight

I froze and couldn’t believe this. I glanced over to the clock and saw it was four in the afternoon which mean I had eight hours to break this curse. I looked right into her eyes and saw all the pain and fear that was taking over, and then I felt my stomach drop at the sight in front of me. Her white dress started to turn into black レース at the bottom and continue up the dress. She looked around before grabbing the bottom of her dress and running away from the place. Helia and I looked at each other before running to the stable to grab our 馬 and chase after her....
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If あなた 愛 me for me [One half of me want ya
And the other half wants to forget]
A Krystal, Flora and Helia one shot.

Snow was falling down, white snow! And it was looking heaven came down on earth. And something beautiful and rare thing I saw. Red バラ were lying down…dark red and they were looking so pretty and gorgeous they were attracting me and I couldn’t resist. I ran there like I just wanna take that rose. I picked it and ワカサギ, 錬金術 it, it was amazing and I fell in 愛 with that place, I am feeling cold now and I can’ stay outside more, I thought. I went inside and was waiting for Helia’s...
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posted by Princess-Flora
sorry I haven't 投稿されました any chapters in a while, but this one should be wrapping up soon and then I will reopen Will We Ever Get A Happily Ever After?and then go in another direction with We All Have Our Secrets than originally planned.

----Flora’s p.o.v
Everyone minus Krystal was downstairs trying to find a way to cheer me up. I don’t think anything would ever cheer me up after this. Part me wishes I was a kid again where I go run away from my problems and forget about everything, but as an adult I have responsibilities to fill. Some days...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I apologize for how long it's been since the last chapter. It's just I couldn't think of anything for this story so I wrote one- shots to help me and they eventually did. Also if the past chapters have made あなた cry あなた might need a box of tissues for this one,because it will rain because I had trouble holding back tears while i wrote this. Enjoy and I hope あなた like it.
------Flora’s P.O.V
I sat in my room によって myself because I just wasn’t feeling well today and didn’t want to get any of my フレンズ sick luckily I have a doctor’s appointment later today....
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So this is a song ファン fiction based off of the song 移動する によって Little Mix. Also this is a one-shot so here it goes and sorry if it's really bad I have been having writer's block late;y so that is why it has taken me so long to update the War. So hope after this I wrote it will stay away. ****this one shot is in Flora's p.o.v
It was the Winter 仮面舞踏会 Formal and Stella was making me go even though out of the six of us I was the only that didn’t have a date. I was upset I just wanted to be によって myself tonight while they went out to ディナー and then the dance,...
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Author's Note: So this is my first attempt at a song-fic. (With the lyrics included) This fan-fiction is going to be about the Trix, and the song I'm basing this off of is of the same タイトル によって the band Blackthorn. I hope あなた like it.

"Suddenly, one sultry night, the moon burst into fragments. Broken によって unrelenting sharp-clawed hand from nowhere…"

"When the screams of a thousand years are finally heard, and the terror of the night erases day. When the moons up above are consumed によって shadow, then the flames down below...
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"These are the darkest clouds to have surrounded me."

Riven had not a clue what he had gotten himself into, he didn't quite know if it was even he who had gotten himself into the mess. However he did know that somehow--by a strange force または his own sheer ignorance--he had 塔の上のラプンツェル himself in Darcy's brutal web. At first it was all good and somewhat loving. But the closer Darcy grew to completing her nefarious deed the もっと見る thorny the relationship became. The 雲, クラウド of dark and sensual bliss had lifted at last.

"Now I find my self alone caught in a cage there's no 花 to be found in here,not...
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----no one’s p.o.v
Everyone sat in the palace hospital. They had just found out there was no way to Eric would be bother them again he was dead for good; however, they all sat there waiting for a reply on Flora’s state. After three hours of sitting in the waiting room a nurse finally came out to speak to them, she 発言しました Flora was hit with a bullet coated in a poison very deadly if not removed quick enough. Everyone felt a pain burning in the back of their eyes before tears started to roll down their cheeks. The nurse added that they were able to just barely remove it in time, but there is...
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posted by Princess-Flora
For those of あなた who have read my other ファン fictions あなた have already met the villain of this story, but for those who haven't i have provided リンク to the full versions to the stories.
Flora's secrets: link
Words Can Hurt: the sequel to Words Can Hurt: link
The Last One: link
Woldwide: link
Thinking Back:
The song I listened to while 書く this chapter:
until あなた swim: link
Child's heart: link

------outside p.o.v
Krystal told Savannah, Daniel, and Helia why she had a nightmare and...
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posted by FloraorStella
Thanks so much for reading. If no one had read, I would have probably stopped writing, so thanks to my beloved readers; especially WinxClub_Stella who wanted me to continue <3


The Trix and Bloom looked up. Bloom's eyes flew open as she stared at the amount of 妖精 and specialists above them.

"Wha...?" Icy asked with her mouth hanging wide open.

Staring down at them were almost...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 the garden
the garden
Chapter 11: it’s been a while
---- the two went to the gardens where they could spend some time alone without interruptions, since the garden was a giant maze that took some time just to get to the 噴水 in the center which is where the two decide to catch up.
Helia: (brushes her bangs behind her ear) I really missed you
Flora: I missed あなた too (leaning her head on his shoulder)
Helia: so how have あなた been?
Flora: I guess scared, freaked out, frightened, panicked, sad; but, I feel a lot happier now that あなた are here with me (intertwines her fingers with his as a tear rolls down the side of...
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Here's リンク to the 前 chapters just in case あなた haven't read them.
prologue: link
chapter 1: link
chapter 2: link
chapter 3: link
chapter 4: link
chapter 5: link
chapter 6: link
Also here is the link to my first one shot called Left On The Dance Floor: link
-----Savannah’s p.o.v
I have to admit I was creeped out that my sister might actually be alive again. So I went back into my room I shared with Roxy and we both put on jeans and cable knit sweaters since it would probably be cold at the cemetery. So we all went downstairs as Stella...
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