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次 day...

Bloom:hey roxy can i tell あなた something

Roxy:sure what is it

Bloom:well...will あなた 登録する our 愛 and pet

Roxy:i dont no about it but let me think about it i will call あなた for the answer


Bloom come to 愛 and pet

Tecna:what did she say bloom yes または no?

Bloom:i dont now tecna she didint tell me

Musa:what do あなた mean bloom?

Bloom:well she say i will think about it and i will call あなた for the answer

Flora:this is going to be hard

Layla:your right

Roxy and her dad

Roxy:dad what should i do now

Roxy dad: about what?

Roxy:oh i forget to tell you

Roxy dad:what?

Roxy:well today bloom come and...
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tecna:hey guys i have a idea for making 愛 and pet もっと見る popular
stella:oh i have a idea well lets say make this place もっと見る fashion and style
bloom:no stella we should do a thing that all of us 愛 it

musa:bloom is right we should do a great thing that all of us 愛 it

flora:what kind of thing musa we should make the people 愛 it to

tena:flora is right

layla:hey guys what did i miss

tecna:we want a idea for making our 愛 and pet もっと見る popular

layla:cool i have idea for our 愛 and pet

bloom:cool what is it

flora:ya tell us

layla:well why dont we tell roxy to come help us

stella:hmm...thats a...
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posted by rania1234
A great morning in alfea and stella is getting ready for her spa day.
Stella:Ok girls! Wake up! do u know what 日 this is?
Musa:Wake Up Early day?
Stella:No!it's Spa Day! each 年 i celebrate it in this 日 and now it's the time to spend with u guys!
bloom: Well I think i could use a relaxing day..
Flora:yes! and after yesterday we should do some relaxing
Musa:well i say let's go!
Stella:Oh Yes! What about tecna? Layla?
Tecna:Of course u better invite Roxy she is so stressed yesterday after the exam
Stella:Great idea tec! how about u layla?
Layla:I guess i'am in!
Then Stella called Roxy
Stella:Hi Roxy!it's...
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This is my first ファン fiction, i hope あなた like it.

One day, the winx club were chillin out in their dorm rooms when suddenly musa gets a call.

Musa: Hello
Person on the phone: Hey, Musa its Galatea
Musa: Oh こんにちは wats up
Galatea: I finally persuaded mum to let me come to Alfea
Musa: Wat really, that’s awesome news.
Galatea: I know right, I am all packed and I should arrive at 5:00, can あなた meet me outside Alfea?
Musa: Sure thing, catch ya later.

Musa tells the girls about Galatea and the exciting news.

Tecna: Cool, should me make her part of the Winx Club group?
Flora: Would she want to?
Musa: I think she...
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posted by CyD12

Terence: we did it!
Ariel: wow! all the powers of the 妖精 are here!
Musa: this place is amazing!
Nadia: guys... something is coming...
Riven: what is it?
Nadia: im not sure.... but is negative energy
Layla: the witches!
Darcy: ough, 妖精 and specialists!
Haze: stay away!
Heather: または what?
Haze: or.... uuummm....
Vallery: ough! i will take care of this! *attacks*
Layla: Morphix Protection! *her attack blocks Vallery's*
Aero: we have to protect the powers...
Rosella: yeah, but we have to make the witches leave!


Icy: こんにちは look! 妖精 and Specialists!
Stormy: hahaha! this will be fun!...
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Rosella: we were lucky no one notice we were late...
Bridgette: i told あなた everything will be fine..
Elizabeth: yeah sure...
Megan: we better go and eat something, is time for dinner...
Haze: yeah lets go...
Ariel: im going right behind u
Proffesor Griselda: where do u think あなた are going?
Rosella: oh, hi proffesor! how あなた doing?
Proffesor Griselda: i know あなた were out for a long time!
Haze: we will never do it again...
Proffesor Griselda: oh no! u are not cause u have detention!!!
Elizabeth: what?!? noooo!
Proffesor Griselda: 次 time u will think twice before あなた leave teh school *leaves*
Ariel: ough!...
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posted by yasmin124
Flora. is going on 日付 with Helia
Flora im going on a 日付 with Helia for valentines 日 this evening
Stella . あなた need to look nice let me give あなた a pretty dress magic give Flora a pretty dress
Flora .i 愛 it thanks Stella
Flora. i need to get Helia chocolates
the trix put dirty stuff in the chocolates so Helia dumps Flora but thanks to power of the winx they broke the spell
Flora. yay
Flora im ready
Flora and Helia got in to to luxry place to eat

Flora. lets eat
Helia. i 愛 the foood yummy
Flora . me to
Helia . this is perfect
Flora . i 愛 あなた Helia
Helia . i 愛 あなた to
Flora. aw...
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Musa’s p.o.v
I am so confused if last night was a dream または I really did meet Flora in Magix; but all I know is that Flora gave me Savannah’s locket and she is marrying the son of this guy who caused all this destruction. Riven and I ate are breakfast in silence, I all I know is I am going back to Magix today to 検索 for any clues about my フレンズ where abouts または if last night was actually real.
Musa: (clears her throat) I’m going to Magix to look for clues
Riven: I will come with you, since this place can’t be our hideout for much longer and あなた never did answer when I asked what was...
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posted by Princess-Flora
so this is an 記事 I've been wanting to write for a long time, and with the tournament theme being strongest I thought it would be the perfect time for it. IN a nutshell I will do how the 表示する portrays the power and rank them from weakest to strongest versus in reality weakest to strongest. Remember this my own opinion not the ranking listed on Wiki

Now I know the 表示する ranks them Bloom, Flora, Stella, Layla, Musa, Tecna. However based on what I've seen I have a different list, so here it is. Note I'm not hating on the characters at all this is my personal opinion

6. Flowers/Nature (Flora's)...
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posted by Princess-Flora

No p.o.v
It was almost winter because all of Magix had been covered in an unexpected layer of ice, and all of the realm’s nature was slowly wilting as the ice froze off any life source. It had been weeks since Helia saw her, and at this point he was starting to believe that she was a person created によって his own imagination; however, he thought this sounded crazy yet he learned to expect the unknown. For Stella she left her window upstairs open while she sat there waiting for a visit, but nothing happened at the days passed by. Now for the others the unknown became all they ever known because...
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This story is coming to a close, so that means Betrayal and Change will be back after just spending time brainstorming what I could do with them.

Chapter Twenty One

Flora’s p.o.v
At this point, I was weak but I would never surrender to them. I decided it was time to attack directly and not defensively anymore. I summoned all of the power I had left in me and sent it over to shadowy figure, and on contact a great beam of light burst before leaving the shadow in ashes and so did the minions including Eric. I felt relieved, but just so weak as I untransformed. I fell to my knees but I caught...
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"Go ahead." Icy prompted, allowing time for the girls to lie the bodies carefully on the ground.

Bloom was the first to take her shovel to the ground. She let the shovel slide into the soil and resurface. The ground was surprisingly soft and easy to maneuver.

"I could use a hand guys." Bloom requested.

The girls did nothing at all, they simply stared as she continued the laborious task.

"Alright, fine I'll do it myself." Bloom huffed between shovel fulls of dirt.

As the fairy shoveled away, Ibinu only seem to grow もっと見る and もっと見る restless. The air seemed to thicken with every time the shovel slipped...
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Dedicated to rlanaabuawad (don't know if this person is still active though), a Flora and Anagan ファン fiction based off of Carrie Underwood's Just A Dream and Bruno Mars' Just the Way あなた Are , link and link hope あなた like it

Flora ran into the forest to escape from the life she was leaving behind. She thought it had beenjust a dream but it was her life. Helia had left her all alone after his death. The Winx blamed her for being too soft and it was her fault they ロスト a battle. That had hit a soft spot because it was the same battle she ロスト her 愛 in. She didn’t know what to do except run...
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How to make Winx アイコン
Hello everyone, many people have asked me how do I make those types (which あなた can see in this article) of icons. And I try to tell them but couldn’t explain it at that time. And that’s why I thought that I should write an 記事 about it, I wish it’ll help あなた all to enhance your ability. This is not just a single article. I will アップロード the 秒 part too. In first part I will tell あなた basic and simple steps from which あなた can improve your アイコン (By using Photoshop and 秒 によって using any online editing website) . I decided to do this as when I was uploading...
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How to make Winx アイコン
Hello everyone, many people have asked me how do I make those types (which あなた can see in this article) of icons. And I try to tell them but couldn’t explain it at that time. And that’s why I thought that I should write an 記事 about it, I wish it’ll help あなた all to enhance your ability. This is not just a single article. I will アップロード the 秒 part too. In first part I will tell あなた basic and simple steps from which あなた can improve your アイコン (By using Photoshop and 秒 によって using any online editing website) . I decided to do this as when I was uploading...
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posted by Princess-Flora
For Meeka . A Bloom and Ogron ファン fiction based off Ellie Goulding's Burn and here's linkenjoy

Bloom sat in her room. It was a hot July 日 and all she could think of was hot the sun burned on her skin every time she step outside; however, she didn’t mind it since it remind her of that day.
It was last August, she and Sky had just broken up after a huge fight. She was mad and heated. She had gone into the forest to escape to a hidden lake in a cave like she did when she was younger before she left for Alfea. When she got there, she froze as she was greeted によって Ogron. She was ready to fight,...
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[Author's note] there will be swearing in this and a tint of blood and violence, just letting あなた all know now.

Icy, leader of the Trix led the way into a dark room. A male voice 発言しました "about time あなた showed up." Stormy was about to make a reply but Darcy stopped her. Darcy replied "sorry to keep あなた and Lust waiting, we had some things to do." Lust asked "did あなた find Fullmetal?" Icy shook her head and replied "no, but don't worry. We will find him." Envy 発言しました "but don't kill him he's an important sacrifice." Darcy rolled her eyes and 発言しました "we need to make a deal." Lust nodded and replied "we will help あなた destroy the Winx once and for all, but あなた can't let them help the brat find The Philosopher's Stone." The Trix nodded and Icy 発言しました "Don't worry we help you." Icy shook Lust's hand and the deal was made.

[Chapter one will be longer than this]
posted by Princess-Flora
here's the song: link
and what is is the lyrics または reference to the lyrics
We were all on the ship in the middle ocean then out of nowhere the ship スプリット, 分割 into pieces in an explosion. Once the water calmed down and I could see again. I saw wood scattered all over the surface and I couldn’t see any of my フレンズ I was panicking. After I calmed myself down I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye, it was one of my friends. I swam quickly to her aid because with such rough waves it was easy to tell she would drown soon in her own tears...
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 Kadaj 発言しました "and maybe not"
Kadaj said "and maybe not"
[Author's Note- Forgot to mention that there will be swearing in this, should have 発言しました that in the last chapter]

As 雲, クラウド drove on, he wasn't aware of the presences Bloom felt. Nearby three silver haired men arrived their names were Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. Each of them represented Sephiroth because they were remnants. The long haired one Yazoo 発言しました "Hey Kadaj, is that where Big Brother lives?" Kadaj replied "yeah" Yazoo asked "do あなた think he will be glad to see us?" Kadaj answered "not a chance" Loz smirked "don't cry Yazoo." Yazoo 発言しました "but Mothers with him." Kadaj 発言しました "and maybe not."
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To all those people who wanted me to continue :) So, here's Chapter Three!

Ms. Faragonda: Flora, are あなた allright?
Flora: Yeah... No...
Ms. Griselda: What's wrong with you? What's in that letter?
Flora: It... It says.... (sighs) My parents aren't my parents....
Ms. Faragonda: But... But that's terrible my dear! I think あなた might need your フレンズ now. Go ahead and go to them. They might be worrying right now.
Flora goes to the rooms, where Layla/Aisha already woke up the others because it took Flora so long to get some water.
Layla/Aisha: Flora, there あなた are!
Stella (yawns): See, she's back. Can...
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