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Winx Club Season 5 Episode 7
The Shimmering Shells
"The Winx obtain the gem of self-confidence; the Trix and the Tritannus' mutants attack Gardenia to spread もっと見る pollution."

Winx Club Season 5 Episode 8
Secret Of The Ruby Reef
"A musical riddle sends the Winx to Melody, Tritannus throws a wrench into the plan; the quest for the gems continues."

Winx Club Season 5 Episode 9
"At Alfea College, Stella organizes a fashion show, but it’s not as successful as she hoped. While looking for ideas for new clothes, she is transformed into a three-year-old girl によって an Age-Change item. In the depths of Zenith,...
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 Stella - Fairy of The Shining Sun
Stella - Fairy of The Shining Sun
So, The Countdown concludes now and Results are here. Some Ranks are same as mine . "4 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what あなた guys voted for....

 Lets Start!
Lets Start!

11. Bloomix


This is my 10th Favourite Transformation. I think Her Hairstyle is the thing which people hate the most about this Transformation. but I personally don't like even a single thing in this Transformation's look. and Especially her wings (I just hate them). being at 11 shows that this is Worst of Stella. but on Other Hand there are people who Actually like her Bloomix. but may be their number...
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posted by Princess-Flora
によって now everyone pretty much knows both Aurie and I do reviews, so if あなた haven't check out her review あなた can check it out link.So now here is my review, and sorry for the wait.

First off we had a 月 wait because Bloomix Power and the Golden Auditorium were shown on December 15th at least then we got two episodes, but no we have to wait until January 12th for the sixth episode and who knows how long we will have to wait for episode seven. So now let's get to the actual review.

So in the first few 分 we see Diaspro talking to the Trix with Selina. Now I honestly don't like the switch...
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posted by enchanting424
I got this idea from lovebaltor's 記事 about the Trix, so yes, this 記事 is defending Layla/Aisha...

Ok, so my point is to not make everyone loved crazed ファン of Layla, but come ON! Lets get serious, im so sick of seeing コメント regarding that girls on here dont like her for her skin color または her feautures that most resemble an african american woman. i really dont give a damn if あなた dont like layla, thats your choice,but dont post コメント saying shes ugly because shes DARK,or ugly because her hair looks nappy または whatever. Im sorry, but racism, even the littlest bit of it,is so offensive,...
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 Tecna - Fairy of Technology
Tecna - Fairy of Technology
So, The Countdown concludes now and Results are here. Ranking is pretty much different from my ranking. "2 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what あなた guys voted for....

 Lets Start!
Lets Start!

11. Sophix


This is my Least Favourite Transformation too. I dislike this one because of what she is wearing. its so much bad. It just doesn't suit her personality. otherwise I like her Transformation Colors(色) very much. 全体, 全体的です it is the only transformation of Tecna which I don't like.

Poll : link

10. Mythix


This is my 9th Favourite Transformation. I like this transformation...
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So I thought with being on ファンポップ and this spot for a 年 (12/27/2012 through 12/27/2013), I would do my 上, ページのトップへ ten お気に入り characters. This 一覧 includes the good, the bad, and the background characters. This is my opinion so if anything I say offends あなた please remember we all have various opinions and are allowed to have differences since this a spot for what または who we love, not what または who we hate.

10. Roxy
I really like Roxy. She seems like a sweet kid, and if I found out I was a fairy I probably would react the same way as she did. So what if she was the focus for Season 4, she is the...
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AN: Just because my account is gone, it doesn't mean I have to stop this ファン fiction, right? Enjoy. BTW, Nabu will be in chapter 5! :D

"So Regina Mills didn't admit she is she?" Timmy asked.
"No! It's annoying!" Tecna answered and looked at her phone.
"And we have to 表示する our powers to make her believe, but we got NO powers! All we have is Tecna's hologram, and Regina 発言しました she was an indeed nice technician!" Stella added.
"Did Emma believe?" Brandon asked.
"Emma believed. But, Regina has everything! Can't she have a flaw to make her lose?" Bloom asked herself. Everyone stared at her. "What?"
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posted by FloraBoricua
Previous Chapter:Helia and Karel had a discussion for Flora. After the guys leaved her alone as she wanted, she goes all sad for what happened. Flora goes to the Magical Garden where Layla, Chatta, Rose and Rosella are. Layla gets to know why the Magical Garden is so special for Linphea. After hours Layla and leaves Linphea. Flora has a talk to Rosella,her mother, about what happened with the guys. Flora now wants to concentrate on the werewolf that has being attacking the villagers.

Decisions, decisions.....

Flora knew she had to find a solution to her problems. The fairy of nature kept thinking...
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i know i already did my 上, ページのトップへ 5 but i need to do my 上, ページのトップへ 10 because i forget Aisha and Bloom and Tecna

10 Diaspro even though some people dislike her she is really pretty i 愛 her fairy outfit and her outfit in season 3 for skys party its was so pretty and i 愛 her power gemstones i 愛 gemstones

9 Aurora shes sooo pretty i 愛 her outfit and her wings shes really pretty and i 愛 her power ice i seem to 愛 snow/ice its sooo pretty i remember on a cold 日 it was so cold that it snowed and it was soooo pretty

8 Tecna i 愛 her ピンク hair and she is unique because she is the only winx...
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True, we're a little もっと見る than halfway into the season, but I just thought of this review now, so this is as close to the midpoint as we're gonna get. :) Anyways, I'm just going to give my opinion on the pros and cons of season 5. It's not the best season, but there are some good things about it. It's not perfect, though.

Con: Environmental Theme is Very Forced

Yeah, we all know it is. It would have been fine if it was subtle, but it seems like the writers are trying to shove it in our faces, with the band and the trash thing in "The Emperor's Throne." A little is great, but this is just too...
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Hello guys, it's me again, your friend LoveFlora. Here is new chapter for DWSHEA? I am sorry about late updating, but I just got back from my grandparents with my brother. Okay, this chapter was already ready before I left there, but I was too lazy to 公開する it. I hope that あなた guys aren't mad at me. I could have updated at them, but biggest parts of my time there we was at their summer cottage because I needed to collect plants for my school example, even though I didn't want to be in there... -.- But luckily my aunt collect some of plants for me. :D I just recognized and dried them. Unfortunately...
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posted by Princess-Flora
After a few weeks of no Winx Club, I was ecstatic for it being on today. But within the first few 分 my ハート, 心 broke for Flora when she cried and 発言しました "I think Helia wants to be with Krystal", her and Helia had the sweetest relationship on the 表示する and now both are starting to think it might be over for what has happened; but I 愛 Krystal for admitting that she might have messed things up. But Krystal in my eyes didn't, Helia did he cheered for Krystal in the tournament and not for his own girlfriend, dude it's your fault if your relationship is over. Also the 表示する says Flora's best friend...
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posted by florasedge31

~At Alfea~

"THEY WHAT!!!" Bloom yelled.
"I can't believe this." Tecna said.
"Well I can those witches are always causing chaos." Stella said.
"Okay what should we do?" Tecna asked.
"I think we should go tell Ms. Faragonda." Musa stated.
"Yea let's go tell ms.F." Bloom 発言しました while walking towards the door.

~While they went to go talk to Ms.F the trix were in a secret cave.~
"Should we unfreeze her?" Darcy asked.
Icy made the Ice go away and Flora dropped to the ground unconscious but shivering.
"Oh great now we have to wait for her to wake up." Stormy 発言しました sitting on a...
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So I've been meaning to write a one shot Bloom/Icy fic for a while but no ideas have come to me and also I simply haven't felt like typing it. :P But without any further it is.

Bloom didn't quite understand Icy...or witches in general. Little over a 月 ago, the woman had religiously tried to destroy her and take her powers. Currently the woman had made a habit of visiting the woman, mostly at night when they could be alone. At first these visits were something of a horror, riddled with insults and threats. And slowly the mood changed to something almost light hearted. The witch...
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It's freaking 2 in the morning! あなた know what that means!

Fair warning, this one has an image of Miley's VMA performance.

Perfect. Everything was going right in Icy’s life for once—she had the dragon fire, she was about to take over the universe, and there was free wi-fi. Everything is better with wi-fi.
Wi-fi is love. Wi-fi is life.

Icy promised Darcy and Stormy that she wouldn’t get distracted によって the wi-fi during the final battle. She knew she was lying. I mean come on? What was もっと見る important than checking her buttbook status または her notsoinstantgram and she had to make sure...
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posted by LoveBloom
Note: I made them very smart in this chapter as 赤ちゃん but when they are around the adults they act like little babies. And also the words in these [ ] is Bloom telling the story または Bloom's thoughts

[Hi there my name is Bloom Sparks and I'm one 年 today because It's my birthday today]

"Mommy mommy, Bloom is up!" Daphne 発言しました jumping up and down [Thats Daphne she is my big sister. she is umm... oh she is six years old]

"Thank あなた for telling me Daphne,we are late already ."Mariam said. [that's my mommy]

"Hello Bloom are あなた ready for your party?" Mariam said.

"Yes moma" Bloom replied
"I thought you...
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The fairy students come to college here to learn how to cast spells, create 魔法にかけられて auras and make magical potions!

Potionology, metamorphosimbiosis, magiphilosophy and good manners...are among the complex subjects taught in the college によって very skilled, strict and demanding teachers! Thanks to these lessons, the aspiring teenage 妖精 learn how to use and improve their powers in order to fight against evil in the name of equality, brotherhood and justice! The Alfea students live within the college itself, which has an enormous, well stocked library, classrooms, and a Magical Archive where the most important secrets of Magix are kept!
posted by lovebaltor
So as あなた can see によって the title, this 記事 is going to be on my opinions that would be deemed unpopular または least favored within this fandom. Hope あなた enjoy my ramblings.

1. My お気に入り dub of the 表示する is the 4kids dub.

Honestly, I don't see why so many people have such a problem with this dub. I have complaints saying that 4kids cut out scenes and changed the plot. I have seen episodes from Rai and the original and the only things they have changed are: Andros to Tides, Aisha to Layla, Domino to Sparks, Valtor to Baltor and Miele to Rose. These are only...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 I missed あなた
I missed you
Wizards of the black サークル, 円 versus the Specialists
Tecna: あなた did (relieved and everyone looks over in her direction)
Ms. Faragonda: yes, but あなた will have to do it fast because after midnight the spell will become permanent (hint at what the cure is)
Tecna: okay but what is the cure
Ms. Faragonda: (if あなた figured out the hint then あなた know the cure) true loves kiss
Tecna: Really? (Shocked that it is so simple)
Ms. Faragonda: I would hurry because there is only five 分 until midnight
Tecna: okay, but what if it doesn’t work?
Ms. Faragonda: (sighs) then あなた will have to say goodbye and it also...
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posted by FloraorStella
 Goody-goody girls
Goody-goody girls
Okay, here's what it is. I don't hate it, the seasons were great. Especially 5, since all the members had a chance of the spotlight. Please respect my opinion.

In 4, it seemed Bloom got the spotlight. And not only that, she even ordered the Winx around. The creators made up a girl named Roxy. Only Roxy wasn't an original character. She was copied and another Bloom... really? The Winx becomes all girly in this season. I couldn't stand it. Their styles became weird too. Like Believix. Was that even a transformation? It looked like some disco dance outfit. And where did the Trix go? the last straw...
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