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Fan fiction by limited9906 posted 1年以上前
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A few days later after brandon and stellas break up......
Stella: girls i dont care about brandon dating that girl anymore..
Bloom:are あなた sure?cause あなた dont seem sure i know your upset but just try to forget about it (smiles)😊
Layla: bloom its hard to forget about something thts upseting u.
Bloom: i know but i care about stella i dont want her getting hurt!
Stella: its ok bloom i can handle him myself i have to talk to him.
2 days later.........
Brandon:(gets a call) oh just wait a sec...oh....ok....bye
Kaitlyn:who called あなた ur ex girlfriend または what?😁
Brandon: yeah.. she asked me to meet her tommorow alone...
Kaitlyn:why cant i come with you!?(almost cry)😢
Brandon:i dont know..she 発言しました to not bring anybody....
Kaitlyn: well ok then if あなた really have to but DONT N NEVER!
Brandon: well ill try not to fall in love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kaitlyn: ok then its settled....
Brandon welll ok
Opinion by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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6. Bloom: no surprise she was eliminated in round 1 because only one person voted for her and didn't say anything about why she is relate-able in the ファン eyes. The only reason I could see her being relate-able is she was adopted, went to a new school and believe in fairies, myths, legends, and fairy-tales as a kid which most of us did.

5. Layla: she was eliminated from the competition in round 2 because the reason she was considered relate-able is that she is sporty, athletic and stands out from the rest. Some ファン may be able to relate to her if the do some form of a sport from any range from dance to surfing. On the other hand not everyone is obsessed または dedicated to a sport because they may be dedicated to their talents.

4. Musa: was eliminated in round 3 because the reason she was seen as being relate-able was によって her talents, pursuing her dreams, and having only one parent because he mother died when she was fairly young. Now she might not be seen as the most relate-able 全体, 全体的です but everyone can relate to her since everyone has a talent whether it is common like drawing または 書く または unique like juggling while uni-cycling; but everyone has their own...
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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Chad: I thought it was あなた (bringing her arms into a hug) I missed あなた Char.
Flora: (backs out of the hug) actually I go によって Flora now and I have a fiancée
Chad: (slightly disappointed) oh; but beautiful name によって the way
Stella: ahem
Flora: okay I’ll introduce あなた all (pointing to her friends) this is Stella, Bloom, Layla, Musa, Tecna, and あなた should recognize my sister Savannah and together the seven of us form the Winx Club and girls this is Chad
Chad: (bowing) it is a pleasure to meet all of your, and nice to see あなた again Savannah.
Musa: not to interrupt but how do あなた two know each other?
Flora: (bites her lip) umm it’s a long story
Savannah: not it’s now
Flora: sis be quiet
Stella: I want to hear もっと見る of this
Savannah: I’ll explain
Flora: of course あなた will
Savannah: okay after we came here and we were on Alfea’s middle school program, a few weeks after when we had a break from cheerleading and were walking in the park; we ran into this guy who we both thought was insanely cute and he gave Flora his number. Flora was still a little skeptical about trusting a guy, but after a few weeks she...
Opinion by musa123s posted 1年以上前
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Sorry,I haven't made part2 yet

All the winx entire the dorm and they look scared
Musa- I am freaking out
Aisha- well stop mabe it not what it looks
Tenca- haven't あなた been paying attention Stella could be dead によって now and あなた are calm
All the girls start to fight expect for bloom
Bloom-guys stop fighting well figure this out
Roxy- bloom right as long as we don't fight the faster well find Stella
Flora- there only one problem who is going to tell Brandon
Bloom phone rings
Sky- こんにちは bloom
Sky- do あなた guys want to go to see a movie in magics tomorrow
Bloom- sure
Sky- great see あなた guys there
Sky hangs up
Flora- bloom why did あなた do that
Bloom- sorry I panic
Aisha- it's okay bloom
Roxy- let's go to ベッド maybe it will help
All the girls go to bed
Somewhere in a cave
Stella- oh my head where am I
a shadow appeared
Shadow- finally your awake
Review by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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After a few weeks of no Winx Club, I was ecstatic for it being on today. But within the first few 分 my ハート, 心 broke for Flora when she cried and 発言しました "I think Helia wants to be with Krystal", her and Helia had the sweetest relationship on the 表示する and now both are starting to think it might be over for what has happened; but I 愛 Krystal for admitting that she might have messed things up. But Krystal in my eyes didn't, Helia did he cheered for Krystal in the tournament and not for his own girlfriend, dude it's your fault if your relationship is over. Also the 表示する says Flora's best friend is Layla and Bloom's best friend is Stella; but I really think Bloom and Flora are always there for each other no matter what might happen and they help each other with giving them advice. Finally we get to see Zenith for reals this time, and their wintery clothes are quite cute and match their personalities. I have to say the clothes with 毛皮 remind me of their raincoats from season 3 that was made for each of them personally. Also when the Winx fought together to save Zenith it was nice to see them use another technique they had learned によって confusing the robots によって having Bloom and Flora...
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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Autumn and Helia both slowly woke up on the ship.

"Helia, where are we?" Autumn asked. あなた could hear the fear in her voice.

"I... I dont know..." Helia said, just before a guard walked in. He bowed.

"Prince Helia" He nodded. He walked past him to Autumn and grabbed her arm. He roughly pulled her up and began to shove her out of the room.

"What do あなた think you're doing? Put your PRINCESS down now." Helia said.

"But I have orders, and I have to follow them. I'm sorry, your highness, but the King and クイーン come first." He said, shoving her roughly out of the room.

He handcuffed Autumn and took her into the dungeon. She had never been down there, and she didnt like it one bit. She walked past cells with things like monsters and the deadliest of criminals she hadnt seen in ages. He walked her over to a cell with just one guy in it. He looked pretty normal, with brown hair that went just past his ears, and a figure similar to Helia's. he sat on the ground, looking miserable. He looked so familiar... The guard opened up the cell and threw Autumn in, she landed roughly on the floor, and a searing pain shot...
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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---the Winx went back to their dorm and got their purses and went out to the city of Magix to get ディナー and get some new attire for their two week ビーチ vacation. All of them are currently sitting down at a café laughing and giggling like nothing was ever wrong
Flora: (sitting on a chair with her les up and her arms and head resting on her knees) this might sound weird coming from me; but Stel great idea about shopping (everyone practically falls out of their chair laughing)
Musa: well that’s a first from our girl Flo (said after laughing)
Flora: I’m serious, it’s really helping clear mind about earlier
Stella: glad that I can help (putting her hand on Flora’s shoulder)
Savannah: I just noticed all of あなた have nicknames for each other and it’s a shorten version of your name but how did あなた come with it?
Flora: (in a playful banter) aww is my sister a little jealous she doesn’t have a cool nickname?
----everyone laughs
Savannah: well look whose back to her usual self
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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Autumn stood between the two boys, ready to fight. She kept her eyes on Ike, studying him like he looked familiar to her.

"So, are we gonna fight these losers?" Helia asked, stepping up.

"Helia! The real あなた would have never even thought of fighting your best friends!" Flora cried.

Helia just glared at her, before speaking up. "I think I wanna fight that one." He said, smirking. Flora gasped.

"Yeah, and I call that one." Autumn said, pointing to Ike. "You guys get the rest." She finished. They all walked up to their opponents and began to fight.

Flora didnt know how she was ever going to fight Helia, and Ike felt the same way. She just decided to not hurt him, but try and talk some sense into him. She tied him to a ウォール and walked up to him nervously.

"Helia, what is happening? Why are あなた 芝居 this way? We 愛 each other!" Flora said, but she stopped speaking once she noticed his eyes. "Helia, they did this to you, didnt they? Come on, fight it! Our 愛 is stronger than any spell!" She cried, just as she felt herself being slammed against the wall.
Fan fiction by naturefairy777 posted 1年以上前
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こんにちは guys...... thanks for who like my story. ...... finaly i found ideas!!!!R&R
(at flora and bloom room)
Helia: Flora...... where are you?
helia: flora??? FLORA!!!
Helia: i have to tell the other
(and when he run down stair he bump into Riven )
Riven: HEY!!! , watch where あなた going!
Helia : no time to arguing riven.....Flora is missing!
all except helia: WHAT!!!!!!
helia: i can't find her anywhere
Bloom: now..... lets try to not panic....
layla: Bloom right...... let's go to ms.faroganda room....
Stella : then what are we waiting for? let's go!
(at ms.faroganda room)
ms.faroganda: hello winx.....what can i do for you?
musa: we can't find flora anywhere......
tecna: can あなた see what was happening at school today?
ms.faroganda: yes, i can, i even can see where and what flora doing
News by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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I am not sure if this 100% correct because I did find it on the sirenix Winx Club Wiki page and I have only seen the episodes up to 21, but I do know Bloom's is correct since we have seen Daphne in human form.
Tecna: wished that all of the people of her ホーム world would become もっと見る open and connected to all of the thousands of people of the entire magical universe.

Stella wished that her parents-King Radius and クイーン Luna- would listen to their hearts more.

Flora: wished that all people respect nature.

Aisha: wished for Nereus to be returned to life.

Bloom: wished for her elder sister Daphne to be free of the Sirenix Curse and have her physical human body restored.

Musa: has not used her wish yet, though she stated that she wouldn't bring back her mother as she knew it would be wrong.
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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Just pretend she is reading her phone instead
Flora: (writing in her diary)
A last week was the fall formal and it was the perfect night after a week of seeing my ex-boyfriend/Killer, faking my disappearance to buy some time, dealing with our enemies of the past, revealing some of my secrets, and being dead for about ten minutes; but my knight in shining saved me from being dead for an eternity and then at the dance he proposed in the sweetest way, after that we won king and クイーン for the black and white 仮面舞踏会 ball. I just hope this week can be a whole lot better as a whole rather than just one 日 that will always be the best 日 of my life that has come. (Closes her white feather covered diary with the letters Flora in ピンク rhinestones and cursive)
-----A door opens and walks in her roommates/Best friends
Savannah: Hi sis
Flora: (turns around in her swivel chair) hi everyone
Bloom: hi flora
Musa: what’s up Flo?
Stella: will あなた come shopping with me?
Layla: hi
Tecna: Hi and what have あなた been up too?
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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Autumn woke up in some kind of room, she looked around and waited for her eyes to adjust. She found she was chained to a wall, and she had something tied around her mouth. This reminded her too much of what happened last year, with Dean. Once her eyes adjusted, she made out five figures.

"Ahh, you're awake." A voice spoke.

"Mmmmeeerrrrrrrr" Autumn attempted to say

"I have my reasons. Now, I never learned your name. Answer me this time または your little フレンズ will get it." He growled, ripping the cloth off of her mouth. She took a deep breath and answered.

"Don't hurt my friends!" Autumn 発言しました loudly. "I don't see why あなた need to know my name so badly, but its.. Autumn."

"Autumn, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. あなた should get some rest, we have a big 日 coming up." He snickered. He motioned for his friend to do something, and she saw a glow in front of her face before she drifted off into a deep sleep.

A few hours later, Autumn woke to the door creaking open loudly. Four guys walked in. Autumn wondered where the fifth was, but didnt dare ask.
Fan fiction by musa123s posted 1年以上前
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One afternoon at the winx dorm
Bloom- こんにちは あなた guys
Musa -hey bloom are u ok u look worried
Bloom- I am
Tenca -why
Bloom- I can't find Stella anywhere and I look everywhere
Layla- u try calling her
Bloom- I try maybe she left her phone here
Roxy comes in
Roxy- こんにちは u guys
Flora - こんにちは roxy did u see stella?
Roxy- yeah she went walking into the woods a while go
Bloom- let's look for her it's almost getting dark
Everyone - ok
Everyone went outside
Layla- how we going to find her in these woods
Roxy- let's スプリット, 分割 up me bloom and musa 検索 on one part and the rest of u 検索 I the other side
Everyone nods their head
Flora tenca Layla
Flora-lets trying calling her again
layla- we could but we cant we left our phones back at the dorm
Tenca- I didn't
Both flora and Layla -then call her
Tenca called Stella and then flora heard her phone in a bush
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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So I couldn't come up with any good ideas for other stories, so just decided to continue with The New Girl. I hope あなた like it!!!

The Winx and Autumn were in their dorm. They were bored, and couldn't figure out what to do. Even Stella had finished her homework. They were waiting until the boys got out of class to go to Magix with them.

"Hey, maybe we should leave now, I mean they get off in like five minutes." Flora suggested.


At Red Fountain, the girls texted the boys to get ready and meet them outside. While they were waiting, the awkwardly stood outside, trying to ignore all of the other RF kids. That is, until one came up to them.

"Hey!" He said, making direct eye contact with Autumn. She looked at the ground, pretending not to notice.

"Uhmmmm.... Hi..." She spoke quietly. He reached out and lifted her chin, but she just stepped away. "I'm in a relationship....." She said. She noticed him tense up. He glared at nothing in particular and turned and walked toward his group of friends. They started talking, and she saw him point to Autumn, causing all of the boys to look in her direction. She...
Fan fiction by RegisterAgain posted 1年以上前
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AN: lol I guess あなた find out my idea about Winx and OUAT crossover lol I just 愛 them! But of course I 愛 Winx more.

"But, I don't know. My life is ruined because of you!" Emma said.
"Emma, listen to us! Magic is—"
"Hey Emma, can あなた help me this– what the hell is that?!" Ruby asked as she arrive.
"Ruby, this world has magic. Now I'm the 'savior' but I exactly don't know how to save the world. And now those 妖精 need me right now!" Emma replied.
"Oh, right. Now would あなた please save them?" Ruby asked.
"I'll try," Emma tried to make a spell. Ruby watched.
"No need!" Bloom 発言しました as she freed herself and the Winx out of there. "We just need to stop that shadow thingy!"
"How, exactly?" Emma asked. "I don't believe in magic yet, I only believe that I can make magic,"
"Why, Emma?" Ruby asked.
"Because it's silly, now let's stop that thing before I change my mind!" Emma sighed.
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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Autumn POV

I was walking in an amazing field. There were お花 everywhere. I was wearing a pure white スパゲッティ strap knee length dress, the flowed around my legs when I walked. I walked around, and found a forest. There was something strange about this place... Something... Magical. I walked through the forest and came to a clearing. There was a beautiful waterfall, and a gentle lake. This was just too good to be true. Just when I thought it couldn't be any better, I heard footsteps. I turned to see Ike step out of the forest. He motioned for me to go over there. He grabbed my hand and led me to a cave behind the waterfall. Once we ducked under the water, we found the rest of the Winx and Specialists. We all talked and played in the water when Helia, Flora, and Ike pulled me aside.

"Autumn! Please wake up!" Ike's voice sounded urgent. I narrowed my eyes in confusion.

"Autumn!!! あなた have to wake up! Don't die on me!" Helia and Flora's voices spoke.
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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I didn't want to give the タイトル away so I put the タイトル in the last line; but just so あなた know for this one I took a topic that is a serious issue today and もっと見る people need to work to stop it, I hope あなた like it though.
After what has happened these past weeks, all I can say people may seem nice on the outside but on the inside they can be mean, cruel, insensitive, insecure and immature based on what they have 発言しました in person and online. First they pretend to be your friend, then they say mean things behind your back, to your face, online and then they truly stab あなた in the back. However your true フレンズ will be there for あなた no matter what happens; but if I had told them sooner instead of them finding out maybe I could have stopped this sooner. But when it all went down I felt all alone and that no one would understand; yet the pain was eating me and taking away my hunger. The result was my TRUE フレンズ were concerned about me because they thought I had an eating disorder but really it was caused によって pain. All I can say from this experience is Words Can Hurt.
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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I honestly cannot believe my first ファン fiction is now over but other will surely come but which one I do 次 is already under way but it most likely will not be written the same way as this one; but I hope あなた like this chapter and on my page is the 画像 for their outfits for the ball-------------------------------------------------------------------
--------------At Alfea the Winx are in their dorm doing their hair, make up, zipping up their dresses and sliding on their heels after luxurious relaxing baths & showers and cat naps
Stella: I 愛 that this year’s theme is a black and white 仮面舞踏会 ball (setting her curling iron down)
Flora: Me too (walking out of her room in her dress for the dance)
---The others all walk out in their dress with their hair done and heels on
Savannah: sis あなた look amazing in that dress
Flora: thanks, I would have hated to be buried in it since あなた know its black (everyone glares at her with eyes that fill the air with tension)
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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"All of あなた against me isn't fair, now is it?" Dean asked.

"Since when do あなた care?" Ike growled. He was focused on one thing, and that was killing Dean.

Deans hands began to glow and he summoned two huge beasts.

"There we go." He said. Everyone began to fight, but Dean was left for Helia,Ike, and Flora.

Autumn POV

I opened my eyes to see everyone fighting in front of me. I wanted to get up and help, but for some reason I couldn't move. I tried to push myself up, only to send a searing pain through my whole body. I put my hand to my head, and felt something. I brought it back down to find it covered in blood. That explains the pounding headache... The world is spinning. I begin to go unconscious, but I try to fight it... The last thing I see is some kind of creature lunging towards me before the world goes black and I feel even もっと見る pain.

Helia POV

Out of the corner of my eye I see one of those creatures racing towards Autumn. It was going so fast, the others couldn't do anything about it. It swung its claw at her and threw her against the wall. Before it got to her again, the others were...
Fan fiction by RegisterAgain posted 1年以上前
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AN: Just because my account is gone, it doesn't mean I have to stop this ファン fiction, right? Enjoy. BTW, Nabu will be in chapter 5! :D

"So Regina Mills didn't admit she is she?" Timmy asked.
"No! It's annoying!" Tecna answered and looked at her phone.
"And we have to 表示する our powers to make her believe, but we got NO powers! All we have is Tecna's hologram, and Regina 発言しました she was an indeed nice technician!" Stella added.
"Did Emma believe?" Brandon asked.
"Emma believed. But, Regina has everything! Can't she have a flaw to make her lose?" Bloom asked herself. Everyone stared at her. "What?"
"Everyone has a flaw, Bloom." Layla said.
"Then let's go back to the police station and make her give our powers back!" Bloom shouted.
"Relax, Bloom," Sky said, calmly.
"Yeah. What's the big problem?" Roxy asked.
"I can't live without my powers! Roxy, you're used to it. But I'm not!" Bloom said.
"You can't? あなた lived 16 years as a human! We're the ones who can't, but now we can!" Flora said.
Fan fiction by FinalAccount posted 1年以上前
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AN: lol can't stop 書く this. I will make LOTS of chapters until I get my medal back! And によって the way, if あなた ship Layla and Nabu, continue shipping it. I will make Nabu come back in the 次 (or 次 next) chapter. :)

"Regina Mills!" Stella shouted as they arrived at the police station.
"What?" A blond haired girl walked to the Winx. "Are あなた looking for Regina Mills? She's not here yet. Anyways, I'm Emma Swan,"
"You speak English?" Musa asked.
"I'm half American half Italian," Emma answered. "Lots of people here in Italy are from American. Some are Italian,"
"I see." Bloom said.
"Now why are あなた asking about Regina?" Emma asked.
"We are the Winx Club fairies! And Regina has take our powers!" Stella burst out.
"Stella, not all of it," Bloom whispered to Stella.
"Okay, I've been living for 28 years and now you're telling me to believe in magic?" Emma asked.
"Well, that's because it's real!" Roxy said.
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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I missed you
Wizards of the black サークル, 円 versus the Specialists
Tecna: あなた did (relieved and everyone looks over in her direction)
Ms. Faragonda: yes, but あなた will have to do it fast because after midnight the spell will become permanent (hint at what the cure is)
Tecna: okay but what is the cure
Ms. Faragonda: (if あなた figured out the hint then あなた know the cure) true loves kiss
Tecna: Really? (Shocked that it is so simple)
Ms. Faragonda: I would hurry because there is only five 分 until midnight
Tecna: okay, but what if it doesn’t work?
Ms. Faragonda: (sighs) then あなた will have to say goodbye and it also means she was in 愛 with someone else
Tecna: ooh, that would not be good, thank you
Ms. Faragonda: あなた are welcome and good luck
Tecna: we will need it
--both hang up their phones
Helia: what is the cure?
Bloom: and what do we need for?
Tecna: The cure is true loves キッス and all we need for it is Helia; but we have to do it in the 次 3 分 または the spell will be permanent.
Fan fiction by FinalAccount posted 1年以上前
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AN: I just made chapter 1 two days ago! lol I just feel like making this chapter. Feel so bored. Enjoy XD!

"Roxy, try to attack." Bloom said.
"I already did." Roxy tried to make a shield. "See?"
"Looks like we've got a terrible enemy!" Stella sighed.
"We have to investigate who did this. It might be someone in Alfea, it's possible. または Red Fountain, または 雲, クラウド Tower. Or…" Layla stopped.
"Looks like we will be checking up 't' for 'taking powers from a fairy'." Flora said.
"Yeah. We've got some competition!" Musa said.
"Who's the evil mastermind that did all this?" Stella asked.
"I don't know," Tecna said.
"Guys, my powers are gone, and I can't hear what 動物 say, I can't even feel their thoughts!" Roxy explained.
"It's okay. Whatever happens, we'll do it together." Bloom said.
"Yes. Winx, I'm afraid I know who did all this." Faragonda said.
"What?" Layla asked.


Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 1年以上前
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Thx to princess-flora for getting me out of my writers block :p check out her story floras secrets its really good ;p

The Winx and Specialists were laying out on the beach, watching the sun set over the calm waters in front of them. Autumn sat in between Flora, her best friend, and Ike. It was silent as they both listened to the birds and let the breeze carry their hair. Autumn giggled when she saw Helia begin to draw her and Flora.

" you're so in love!" She teased. Helia just chuckled in reply, but continued to draw. All of a sudden, they heard screams coming from the far end of the ビーチ and saw harsh waves rising from the water.

"Something's wrong!!" Aisha called over the noise. Then a voice rose above the screams.

"Miss me?" Everyone groaned. Dean.

"Hey, that's not very nice." Dean smirked.

"What do あなた want?" Autumn growled.

"Oh, I believe あなた know. I will find a way to get あなた to be mine, one way または another. I did some 'research' and found out あなた were really close to someone else in this group. I'll just grab them and...
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 1年以上前
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the pictures are of the memories that come to him
Part 5
Nabu versus Tritannus
-Before the 次 battle the Winx and Specialists are seeing if there is any way to bring one of their best フレンズ Flora back to life.
Tecna: I’m going to contact Ms. F to see if she has any clue on how to bring her back to life (dials Ms. F’s phone number on her cell phone)
Helia: (sitting 次 to Flora and putting his hand over hers and remembering the good times) good idea (Tecna sort of smiles but feels like this her fault) and Tecna, this isn’t your fault
Tecna: Thanks, that mean a lot coming from あなた (Ms. F picks up on the other line) Hello Ms. Faragonda, We have a 質問 to ask you
Ms. Faragonda: (on the other line) Ask away Tecna
Tecna: is there any way to bring someone back to life after they have been hit with a spell called Eternity of Darkness and Death?
Ms. Faragonda: (Gasps and looks at the other teachers in her office)possibly there is a cure but first who was hit によって the spell Eternity of Darkness and Death, even though I have a pretty good idea of who got it. (Griselda, Saladin, Cordatorta, Professor Palladium, Wizgiz and Ms. Griffin are in utter shock because of what that spell can...