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posted by Princess-Flora
So this is like the 記事 I've made for Thanksgiving and Christmas,but this one is for 2/14. The reason I 投稿されました this so early is I will be competing at a dance competition later on tonight. In no particular order, here's my 一覧 and don't forget to check out the edits i made link

TaySFloraVEVO Julianna was my very first friend on here. She's absolutely an amazing writer and cannot wait to read もっと見る stories from her. She's a florist like me and it's cool to have a common interest in friendships.

LoveBaltor A is for awesome and Aurie. She is very lovely, funny, a great critic and amazing writer....
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The Scene
Tecna and Calypso left the underground hideout and went back to Alfea. They ran straight to Ms. Faragonda's office.
"Ms. Faragonda!" Tecna yelled while busting in the room.
Ms. Faragonda looked up at the two.
"Tecna, what's wrong?"
"The winx, the specialists, their...their gone. They've been kidnapped!" Tecna yelled.
Ms. Faragonda stood up.
"How did this happen?" She asked.
"Yesterday after Flora and Helia were kidnapped we all and Krystal decided to go find them. We thought that maybe Lydia and Darko took them. So Krystal took us all to their hideout so we could try and rescue them....
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Layla dashed out of the forest not looking back even once. She slipped into the house just as the sun slipped it's way behind the trees.

"Layla あなた okay!?" Stella asked. "You don't look to hot."

"I'm fine. I'm okay. I just saw..." Layla stammered.

"A ghost." Darcy filled in. "Yeah, Simon usually tries to find a playmate around this hour."

"Who is he? This Simone?" Layla asked.

"I have a もっと見る important question; are Musa Bloom okay?" Stella asked.

"Do あなた want to see them?" Darcy asked. "Stormy's been playing guard dog."

"Yeah, that would be great." They both answered.

"It was so weird." Bloom...
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Layla walked inside and quickly slammed the door behind her.

"It's gotten worse." Darcy said.

"What has?" Icy asked.

"The vessel." Darcy answered.

"I thought あなた 発言しました it wasn't as dark." Icy glanced up.

"I was wrong." Darcy practically whispered.

"How wrong?" Icy questioned.

"I can't get it out of her. I, I'm usually always able to get them to leave. But this one. This one latched on tight." Darcy led the other witch up the stairs.

Musa lie face up on the bed, her body covered in lashes, cuts, bruises, and punctures.

"She did most of it herself." Darcy pointed out. "I tried getting a real exorcist....
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Hey! This is a クイズ to see what Winx あなた are. Pleas tell who あなた are in the comments!

1) what would あなた like to be when あなた grow up?
a) a writer
b) a gardener
c) a fashion designer
d) a gymnast
e) a librarian ( if あなた know what I am talking about : :3 sorry, couldn't think of anything else
f) a pro singer

2) What is your favourite colour?
a) blue
b) pink
c) orenge
d) baby blue
e) purple
f) yellow

3) if あなた could have a pet, it would be a
a) a bunny または sheep
b) a cat
c) poodle
d) bunny
e) a chick
f) a bear

4) what style do あなた have
a) classy?
b) cute?
c) any!
d) sporty
e) nothing fancy
f) chick

What colour is your hair?...
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"Haunted house? Yeah, if that's the case, I know exactly what I'm digging up." Tecna answered and took the book from the librarian's hand.

"Be careful. And don't let them in." The librarian warned before turning away.

"Wait, what did あなた just say?" Tecna hollered.

The old woman twisted her head back slightly. "I said. Don't let them in."

Tecna glanced at her name tag; Muriel Waychester.
The name was familiar. によって the time she had placed it, the woman was gone.

"I found the book." Tecna announced, upon getting back to the table.

"Great, stop wasting my time and start reading." Icy muttered.

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posted by firebloom100
Wow, I can’t believe it was Bloom being described as narcissistic. Usually it’s Stella that bears such a title. I digress.
Attention whore: Yes, mainly in the first series. Why? Because she’s suddenly discovered she can do magic. If あなた were a human one 日 and a fairy another day, I doubt you’re going to go ‘eh, sure, life goes on.’ You’re going to wonder where these powers come from; especially when later on your parents confess they adopted you.
Narcissistic: How? Bloom’s not obsessed with her image, nor is she full of herself. In fact, she’s actually quite nervous about...
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Do We See Her Ever Again?

Chapter 4: In Linphea.

Yah, new chapter! I know, my grammal suck, but this chapter was hell to translate. D: So be happy, and enjoy!

* Flora POV *
I came here to Linphea a 年 ago. Also, a few months 前 I gave birth to Sophie . Sophie has brown hair like I do, but her hair is darker. Her eyes are dark blue, like Helia´s. (AN. I do not know Helia´s eye color, so I made Sophie's eyes blue.) I miss my フレンズ and school . My フレンズ are probably worried about me. I wish they are ok...

* POV ends *

* In Alfea , Faragonda´s office, Faragonda POV

I sat in my office reading...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I will be posting a lot of my fanfics this weekend because the 2/14-15/2014 is competition and then on 2/16 I'm going to see the ballet. So for not being active 次 weekend I'm going to post a lot this weekend. Side note this chapter was emotional to write because the song Turning Tables によって アデル was a lyrical piece at my studio last season where the summer camp prior to the season all 8 of us were told we would be one big company but when the season came around I wasn't a part of that group anymore because their was this one leap I still cannot get. In the end thins were fine but this song...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Flora’s p.o.v
I cannot believe that freak is back and she thinks just because she has the inextinguishable dragon 火災, 火 that she’s oh so great. I catch up to my フレンズ and have two on each side because I’m the IT girl on center stage now. Also I’m the クイーン bee now, not that red headed girl who ruled for too long. Knowing her she’ll try to get the group back together; however, I’ll tell her sweetie there is not enough time to undo what we’ve become which is our real selves. My best friend Diaspro who switched to this school when Bloom left asked what is she doing back here. I tell...
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posted by yasmin124
Bloom 4kids
i 愛 her voice in 4kids its not squeky like nick her nick voice is so whiny i prefer 4kids each winx voice maches there personlity like Flora voice in 4kids is sweet and Icys voice in 4kids sounds cold and evil and her rai voice is ok but on rai english version of the movie i admits Blooms voice is cute but no version can beat the 4kids voice acting

Stella 4kids ugh her nick voice annoys me so whiny her 4kids voice is much much much better i like nick but they had terrible voice 芝居 i like Icys voice in nick its sweet but i just dosent match her personlity nick voices are way...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So thanks to SummerThunder we have an image of Bloom's mythix. It's a better name then Bloomix but not much and I have to say based on the look I'm not excited, and I will explain why in this article.

 credits to SummerThunder and where she found it
credits to SummerThunder and where she found it

The Mythix power will allow the Winx to enter the Legendarium. Just like Sirenix, the transformation will be in both 2D and 3D. It will be 3D when the Winx are in the Legendarium. It just doesn't seem that well thought out to me almost like it was thrown together real fast.

Based on Bloom's hair I don't want to see the rest. It's flat...
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"A vessel?" Musa questioned.

"It's taken over your body. It's inside you." Darcy explained.

"You're possessed." Icy simplified. "That's why I told あなた not to touch anything."

"I didn't mean..." Musa started.

"Of course あなた didn't." Icy dismissed and headed down the hall.

"How do I get rid of it?" Musa asked, clutching her bleeding arm.

"Same way I'm trying to get it out of Bloom, I suppose." Darcy answered. "Yours should be easier to get rid of. Your demon isn't quite as dark." She motioned for Musa to follow her. "But it won't be any less painful.

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Author's Note: I'm so happy with how well received my first request was. I'm very glad that あなた all enjoyed it. So this one-shot will be about Icy/Valtor which was requested によって zanhar1. I hope あなた like it.

"Happiness lies in your own hand.
It took me much too long to understand,
How it could be,
Until あなた shared your secret with me." -Madonna


The snow billowed wildly around the group of four as they made their way through the dense forest. The wind was strong and furious, making the pines hiss and groan as their...
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posted by musa123s
this is based on season 4 when nabu died and what Layla is doing. its is a song and a story.

Its been 4 weeks since nabu died. Everyone is trying to 移動する even though it's hard even on Layla. one 日 she starts going threw some old 写真 of both of them.

-Sha la la ... sha la la
the first pic that she see is when nabu and her went on an actually first date.
-you used to call me your angle
the 秒 is when they went to a party with all their friends
-said i was send straight down from heaven.
later she saw a pic of all of them at prom.
-you hold me close in your arms, i 愛 the way あなた felt...
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"What did あなた three do?" Layla took a step back.

"We didn't do anything. They did." Icy muttered.

"What is all of this?" Musa muttered as she ran a hand over a candle.

"Don't touch that!" Icy snapped."This is exactly what あなた think it is; it's a sacrificial alter. Take a life, in this case the animal's, and raise the dead. That's what they all think anyhow. They aren't raising the dead, they are summoning something that never was." She paused. "An armature mistake of course. Made によって daring adolescents in over their heads...wanting a thrill. The last people who owned this house invited them in....
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posted by firebloom100
(Defense for Bloom (Winx Club). Note: Possible unmarked spoilers)
I watched Winx Club every Saturday morning when I was younger. I absolutely loved Bloom, so imagine my surprise when I see her on here.
Bloom truly cares about her friends, and she does 愛 her family (both adopted and biological). She’d do anything for them. And attention whore? Narcissist? Remember in the very beginning, she was very insecure, and didn’t even know where her power came from (She grew up just like a normal girl until she met Stella.), before discovering she had the Dragon Fire.
As for the whole ‘ruining Sky...
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« Caption Contest #22 WinnerTHURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is Aisha the Secondary Leader? »
How Do あなた Solve a Problem Like Diaspro?
Bloom, Rivals, Romance, Season 6, Sky によって The Oblivious Prattler
Last episode, Diaspro upgraded from 愛 potions to murder in her plot to win back Sky.
Two 質問 came to my mind while I was watching:
After everything she’s done, who’d let her anywhere near Sky and Bloom? I guess Eraklyon doesn’t care what happens to its future king and queen!
Does Diaspro really think Sky would take her back if she did succeed in killing Bloom?
The first answer’s easy: the...
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posted by firebloom100
« Three アニメ and K-Pop References in the Season Six TrailerAisha, Geoffrey, and The Magic Road Trip: Part III »
THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is Bloom the Most 人気 Winx?
Bloom, Thursday Your Say によって The Oblivious Prattler

Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about Bloom’s popularity.
Rainbow, Nick, and JAKKS Pacific seem to think she’s the ファン favorite. If 虹 puts one Winx in an ad, she’ll be Bloom. If Nick needs a Winx Club rep for a crossover game, they’ll pick Bloom. If JAKKS makes a limited edition doll, it’ll be Bloom.
Are we ファン as obsessed with her as they are?
It didn’t...
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posted by firebloom100
Many ファン believed season six would be the last season. I was gonna write an 記事 on why it’s probably not, but hearing it from Iginio Straffi would be much もっと見る convincing, right?
So here it is, translated from an interview 投稿されました Friday on Corriere Adriatico:
We’re in full swing: it’s in preparation for Winx season 7, Prezzy season 2, a third film about witches, and also planning new characters. Everything’s going well at 虹 Magicland, the amusement park near Rome. And in these first days of the year, we’re strengthening our offices in Asia, where we’ll soon be focusing our efforts.
There あなた go, fellow Winx fans. Now あなた can enjoy season six knowing this isn’t the Winx’s last adventure. (And those of あなた who hoped it would be, well…sorry.)
Credit to WinxClubRus for sharing this news first!
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