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If あなた listen to your heart
You'll hear a tender voice
The sea is calling you
You know I hear it too
So sail away with me
It's a new journey

All the creatures of the sea
Once lived in harmony
Now it's just a memory
But one 日 they will be free
We gotta find a key
To bring back the magic

We are the magic Winx
You're one of us
Let's dive together
In the Infinite Ocean
We're gonna be as one
In this underwater mission

We are the magic Winx
You're one of us
We share the universe
We have a connection
Let's fight together
It's an underwater mission

All the creatures of the sea
Once lived in harmony
One 日 they will be free...
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posted by MissUnknown13
Till now: Stormy is gravely sick and the only cure to her fever is the a 花 called 'Pyro'. To get the 花 their mother must クロス the Red Bridge but it is guarded によって dragon warriors.
Icy and Darcy find out that their father was killed によって クイーン Marion herself which effects Icy the most. What plan does she have in her mind??


After weeping in her room for half an hour, Icy finally found the strength to lift herself up. She was the eldest of her sisters so it was her duty to protect them, she had to strong.

Icy comes out of her room as if nothing happened. She sits on the ディナー table...
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I am soooooooo sorry about late update! I was just too lazy to write this chapter, but now it is ready! So enjoy!

Do We Ever See Her Again?

Chapter 9: The 日 To Never Forget

* Riven POV *

A woman in front of us pulled her フード over her head, and revealed her face. At first I almost did not recognize her, but then my eyes hit her deep green eyes. I know only one woman who has a deep green eyes like that. But surely she can not be her... She can't be the woman we were looking for the six years...
But she is... It is Flora!

*Helia POV *

When a mysterious woman pulled her フード over her head and...
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 Meeka's Take on Tricy.
Meeka's Take on Tricy.
It’s Me again. Me with a new Meeka’s Take. Me with my take on Tricy (Tritannus+Icy) as suggested によって WinxClub_Stella.
Me saying: let’s do this.

NOTE: I will make some of the same コメント I made about Icy as I did from Meeka’s Take #8 on the Trix. If あなた haven’t read it link
Now let’s do this.

OMG this is like the bestest couple like OMG how could あなた guys not like this couple. xD
I couldn’t go on. Where do I even begin on how awful this idea was?
First of all. NO もっと見る ICY 愛 ATTEMPTS IGINIO. THANKS.
First it was Darkar, then it was Valtor and now...
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posted by zanhar1
 What's this?! It's a poorly done picture thing!
What's this?! It's a poorly done picture thing!
Elsa sucked in a deep breath. She did it. She worked up the guts to ask Icy to stay in the castle. That was all good and dandy, however they were now walking down the hallway in what had to be the most suffocatingly awkward silence Arendelle has known.

"So, uh, where exactly do あなた come from?" Elsa tried with a half smile...practically squeezing her eyes shut as she braced herself for an insult tossed によって the other woman.

Icy remained silent for a few moments; wondering if she found it absolutely hilarious または slightly upsetting that everyone was so walled up around her--always ready to be verbally...
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If I remember right, fireflies won the アンケート so here's the fic based on it, i hope あなた all like it. This one is going to take place a few years after season 6, もっと見る so AU. And also if anyone is wondering Darko is from the comics.

"You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep. Cause they'd fill the open air and leave tear drops everywhere. You'd think me rude but I would just stand and stare."

Their hands locked together as they walked down the pier, the Firelight Festival in full swing. Icy and Darko would be meeting up with Bloom and Sky shortly....
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posted by florajames
hi guyes florajames here and im going tell あなた the winners of my compation wich is a flora and helia compation あなた had to wrigh a flora and helia adventure fanfic and as あなた should know i had lose of entrys which is down below as あなた should know some of the entrys i picked and maybe forgot to ask あなた if あなた wanted to be in it. anyway her are the entries pluse the 上, ページのトップへ winners
1. princess flora
3. tayssfloravevo
5. floraorstella
6. lovebaltor
7. nmdis
8. xxxfloraxxx
10. winxclub_stella
(there not the order there who entered

so the moment あなた have all been...
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posted by zanhar1
The snow hit Bloom questionably hard in the face. Was that an ice cube in there? Bloom was beginning to think that the ice witch was starting to take this game way to seriously.

"Icy, you're not supposed to put ice cubes in the snow ball." Bloom informed her.

"Sure あなた are. That's how my brother did it." Icy insisted.

"You and your brother had snowball fights? あなた have a brother?" Bloom asked.

"We were the realm champion snowball fighters. Won six years in a row." Icy boasted as she whipped another snowball in Bloom's face.

"Hey, I wasn't ready!" The fairy shouted.

"You should always be ready...
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posted by florasedge31
Okay read this so it'll make some sense.
Bloom is in Aisha's body
Aisha is in Flora's body
Tecna is in in Musa's body
Flora is in Tecna's body
Musa is in Bloom's body
Keep this in mind. Good luck!
"WHAT DID あなた DO!?" The winx yelled at Stella.
"I honestly don't know, what did I do?" Stella asked confused.
"We switched bodies and none of us 発言しました any spells." Bloom said.(In Aisha's body)
"Oh that's what it did?"
"YEAH!" The winx yelled.
"Wheres the book あなた had?" Flora asked. *In Tecna's body)
Stella walked over and picked up the book.
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posted by Princess-Flora
--------As Flora cried throughout the day, Helia had moved her to the ソファー, ソファ and sat with her. She buried her head in his chest and he wrapped his arms around her not wanting to ever let her go, he didn’t mind that he would have tear stains on his シャツ all he cared about was her happiness; but no one knew if she would ever stop crying let alone smile again. Around a little after one, she stopped crying and feel asleep in his arms which made him smile; but he felt something was wrong since everyone was afraid of if this was a breaking pointe, how far would it go and last.
Helia’s p.o.v
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AN: I just made chapter 1 two days ago! lol I just feel like making this chapter. Feel so bored. Enjoy XD!

"Roxy, try to attack." Bloom said.
"I already did." Roxy tried to make a shield. "See?"
"Looks like we've got a terrible enemy!" Stella sighed.
"We have to investigate who did this. It might be someone in Alfea, it's possible. または Red Fountain, または 雲, クラウド Tower. Or…" Layla stopped.
"Looks like we will be checking up 't' for 'taking powers from a fairy'." Flora said.
"Yeah. We've got some competition!" Musa said.
"Who's the evil mastermind that did all this?" Stella asked.
"I don't know," Tecna...
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posted by nugget14
The girls were hangin out with the guys, except for Timmy in the mall, drinking smoothies.
Stella: OMG that is so funny.
Brandon: I know right.
Helia: So, are あなた guys coming to watch the annual race for the Romes tomorrow?
Flora: Of course.
Suddenly Bloom realises Stella staring at an outfit in the window.
Bloom: Hello, earth to Stella, haven’t あなた spent enough today?
Stella: What are あなた kidding? I have to have that outfit.
Musa: Oh, do あなた want some accessories and some boots to go with that?
They all laugh except for Stella.
Stella: Very funny.
Flora: So why couldn’t Timmy come, Tecna?
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posted by Alifya
Hi girls!
Always running off to the mall to stock up on もっと見る candles? Can't get enough of that candle ambiance for your slumber parties? または maybe you're just looking for a cool, unique gift to give to your buds? Well, I'm here to help you!

Candle Making Supplies:
Sheets of beeswax (approximately 16 x 8 inches)
Hair dryer
Cookie cutters

How to Make Rolled Candles:
1. If the beeswax あなた are working with is rolled, gently unroll it. If it's stiff, または cracks while unrolling, soften it によって warming it with the hair dryer set on low.
2. Lay a piece of wick along one of the short edges of the beeswax sheet...
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Flora swept though the sudden gale and outburst of rain, shattering with woe and disbelief. Why would Helia leave her like this? She hid her face with her hands like a mask, as she ran into 愛 ahnd pet not even noticing the winx または the stuffed 動物 toys she brought to life as she quickly clambered up the stairs and into to her ピンク shadowed bed-room and sank into her 枕 weeping so much her deep eyes stung. Almost instantly she felt the pitter patter of foot steps travelling up the stair case. Flora weeped even harder- she was the most optimistic of the group and was always happy and...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Chad: I thought it was あなた (bringing her arms into a hug) I missed あなた Char.
Flora: (backs out of the hug) actually I go によって Flora now and I have a fiancée
Chad: (slightly disappointed) oh; but beautiful name によって the way
Stella: ahem
Flora: okay I’ll introduce あなた all (pointing to her friends) this is Stella, Bloom, Layla, Musa, Tecna, and あなた should recognize my sister Savannah and together the seven of us form the Winx Club and girls this is Chad
Chad: (bowing) it is a pleasure to meet all of your, and nice to see あなた again Savannah.
Musa: not to interrupt but how do あなた two know each other?
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"We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain. We jumped never asking why."

There was just something so intriguing about Valtor. Something that all three of them found themselves drawn to. He was powerful, mysterious on some levels, and fairly good looking. Apparently good looking enough to nearly turn the three against each other. And apparently strong enough to have them jumping at his every order without so much as a 質問 または even a lift of an eyebrow. Why 質問 him, he was the one right? But for which one of them exactly, was he 'the one' for?

"We kissed,"

It was only a キッス but it had...
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"You can't really do it can you." The woman standing before her asked. "You couldn't take care of us...take care of me. How are あなた going to take care of that baby?"

Icy stood motionlessly beneath the flickering streetlight, lips pressed tightly together.

"You couldn't save me.You didn't even look back." The woman remarked.

"I did. I went back the 次 日 to find you. But あなた were gone. あなた abandoned me." Icy yelled.

"And you're going to do the same thing with...what's her name? Linda...Lucy? Right, Lucille." The woman stated very flatly.

"No." Icy replied simply.

"Yes. あなた will. I abandoned you,...
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posted by FloraorStella
Have あなた read zanhar1's(Zannie)opinion on Why I Hate Bloom? If あなた didn't, read that and the comments. When you're done read this. IloveSparx was a meanie(she's no longer on Fanpop), she wrote extrememly rude コメント about lovebaltor, zanhar1, and me.

She loves Bloom a lot. I used to 愛 her too. But one 日 I told her, "I changed my opinion; Bloom's a Mary-Sue, I don't like her." And she got mad and said, "WHAT?!? We became フレンズ through our 愛 for Bloom." I tried to calm her and told, "We can still be friends, though I don't like Bloom."

I ロスト a friend that 日 because she 発言しました no....
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The movie wasn't anything spectacular または anything, but it did serve it's purpose; it took Icy's mind away from the blonde wizard's face for a good 時 and a half--but she was certain he'd pay her a visit somewhere between sleep and awareness. Icy tried her best to suppress that thought but she found suppression was becoming increasingly difficult as the load piled up. But nonetheless she pushed that thought back too.
Instead Icy decided to ponder upon a different realization; it had been a good while since she had been to downtown Magix and to her surprise if felt somewhat nice to be there...
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posted by pinkbloom
ピンク Bloom is a girl with orange-red hair magenta eyes and almost alike Bloom , but differs in personalities and power

She is fairy of dragon flame and 虹 which is power of 星, つ星 light , sound wave , water drop , spirit nature , technology and 愛

She is suspected to be the 秒 princess of domino i.e. she is elder than bloom but smaller than Daphne . She is believed to appear in Winx club in season 3, but she was not shown as any of the season. in season 3 , the episode in which Stella was turned in monster , she came to know the wicked plan plotted and saved Stella from turning into...
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