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posted by florasedge31
"Icy!?" Everyone questioned.
"Shut it before あなた get us caught." She sapped while walking down the hallway.
"What on earth are あなた doing here?" Bloom asked.
"I saw her and Lily get kidnapped. I followed him here. I saw him freeze her and everything I went to go get this." Icy replied while holding up a oxygen mask and handing it to Stella.
"Why are あなた being so nice now?" Tecna asked.
"Because that man, is my, older brother Hunter." Icy mumbled.
"And I swear if あなた tell anybody, you'll regret it." Icy threatened.
"Okay we won't tell. But will あなた help us at least get rid of Hunter?" Musa asked. Stella...
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Interview with Ruxi23 who won our FOTM May She really deserves to be the FOTM. She was really active this 月 to our spot. Here's her interview:
Q1.How do あなた feel that you're the FOTM May?

I am very happy. I haven’t expected to be FOTM as I am not an old user. I haven’t expected to be voted によって fans. I am very pleased to participate to this ファン club .

Q2.Since when did あなた start liking Winx Club?

I have liked Winx since I was 10. I bought a winx club magazine then and I found them very interesting. I looked on the internet for some information about them and that’s how I became more...
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When Kristina awoke everyone else was already awake and walking around. Kristina stood up and stretched, scanning her environment. ジャスミン and one of the new guys were talking and laughing, starring deeply into each others eyes, Kristina guessed they knew each other. Lilly, Megan, and Julie were talking to three guys, two of which she knew and one she didn’t. The Winx were hanging put with each other and there boy friends. バイオレット and other guy Kristina didn’t know were talking and シャルロット, シャーロット and her brother and a couple of his フレンズ were laughing and joking around. That left Kristina and...
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Do We See Her Ever Again?

Chapter 4: In Linphea.

Yah, new chapter! I know, my grammal suck, but this chapter was hell to translate. D: So be happy, and enjoy!

* Flora POV *
I came here to Linphea a 年 ago. Also, a few months 前 I gave birth to Sophie . Sophie has brown hair like I do, but her hair is darker. Her eyes are dark blue, like Helia´s. (AN. I do not know Helia´s eye color, so I made Sophie's eyes blue.) I miss my フレンズ and school . My フレンズ are probably worried about me. I wish they are ok...

* POV ends *

* In Alfea , Faragonda´s office, Faragonda POV

I sat in my office reading...
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You can use all these words on this club または any other club related to Winx :D For those who wants to use bad words, I've replaced them with something もっと見る appropriate and related to Winx ;)

These verbs describe what you're doing. Example, if you're fangirling Winx, just say you're Winxing :D If you're madly insane with Enchantix, say you're and Enchantixing!

- Winxing
- Trixing
- Specialisting

- Charmixing
- Enchantixing
- Believixing
- Sophixing
- Lovixing
- Harmonixing
- Sirenixing
- Bloomixing

- Blooming
- Stelling
- Floring
- Musing
- Tecning
- Layling/Aishing
- Roxing
- Daphning


- Winxtastic...
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Okay this is my first 一覧 article.

I like Icy. She dislikes Bloom. Icy is wonderful but I don't like her that much. She boss her sisters around, that makes me like her and how she hates Bloom. I dislike her when she falls in 愛 with a new villain.

Brandon is NOT my favourite specialist, but he still is in my 上, ページのトップへ characters category. He is always funny, and the most strongest specialist. I don't like him when he fights, he acts like he is a wimp.

I really like Diaspro, she hates Bloom, she's beautiful and has radiant skin like...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(MY flight got cancelled. thats why im posting now. And I removed the brother of Flora, its weird, so yeah, I removed him. So if anyone asks, why didnt あなた put the part of the brother? I removed him now. super sorry about that ! )

*Flora ran to her house*
Flora: Mielle ! (or Rose, but for now its Mielle) where are あなた sweetie?
Mielle: FLora!
Flora: Mielle,!
*both hugged each other*
Mielle: Dad's in his room.
Flora: Lets check him out.
*they went to his room*
Flora: Dad, are あなた ok? I heard that あなた were badly wounded.
Dad: Im ok honey, but あなた mom... あなた should look for her.
Flora: Oh yeah.. she go kidnapped....
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posted by iwatchthestars
(part 4 ! i wont post in a few days, because ill be gone a few days...hope あなた like it)

Flora: what is it あなた want to say??
Karel: remember the time when I met あなた in the mountains and the time we talk to each other.
Flora: Ofcourse I remember !
Karel: ever since then... I started to like you... I 愛 あなた Flora
*flora was so shocked she cant even make eye contact on Karel*
Karel: So... will あなた go out with me?
*Flora couldnt think clearly... for some reason, she had a 秒 thought.. because Karel was her first crush, even before Helia.*
Flora: I...
Blooom: I hope flora is alright..
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It was a beautiful morning in Alfea when Bloom gave birth to little Adelinda, who's name means dragon. Bloom smiled and 発言しました to Stella " Thanks for helping me, getting clothes and all." Stella replied " No problem Bloom." Bloom put Adelinda in the ベビーベッド and looked at her, she looked her only with Sky's color of hair. Her eyes were a brighter blue than her's. Adelinda looked at the 妖精 wide-eyed, she knew who they where The Winx, powerful 妖精 and who never backed down from a fight. Adelinda hoped to be like her mother one day, proud and strong. Two years later, Adelinda was now 13 years...
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 Tecna and Timmy
Tecna and Timmy
Thank あなた to FanNoOne111 for inspiring the アンケート of Winx 次 Generation Naming. Credits to the fantastic creator of polls.

Welcome to the first conclusion of the Winx 次 Generation Naming. We have concluded that the results of Tecna and Timmy's baby girl's name.

According to the poll, the child's name chosen によって the Winx Club Community of ファン is Terra.

The name Terra is a Latin baby's name. In Latin, the meaning of Terra (in Science Fiction) is the planet Earth. The famous bearer of the name is the mythological Terra, the Roman Earth Goddess equivalent to the Greek Mother Gaia.

Terra was won...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
I’ve been thinking about doing this review for a while (like two weeks) but hadn’t gotten around to it. If あなた hadn’t seen the タイトル I shall be reviewing the Winx Fairy School app. I’m going to start off によって saying I really 愛 this app and have been playing this throughout the summer so without anything else, here is my review.

The fairy school app is available on both iOS and Android devices, however it isn’t free. あなた are able to purchase this app for £4.99 または $6.99, there is a lite version (free) on the iOS but あなた can only reach level 3.

The aim of the game is to become a Believix...
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Tättädättärättärää! Guess who is back, and with a chapter! Well, we are in halfway with this story, six chapters are still coming. I know that DWSHEA was in a break, but i came with a plot. YEAH! So sit down, take your popcorns and limonades, turn off the lights, open chapter 6 of the Do We See Her Ever Again, and have a good time! Enjoy!

Do We Ever See Her Again?

Chapter 6: I'll Keep My Promise Till The End.

* Flora POV , Linphea *

I stared out the living room window of my house, and watched the yard when my daughter Sophie played with Matilda.

Matilda is our new neighbor. She and her single...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
Welcome back to another Meeka’s Take あなた guys from your very own Meeka. Today’s subject: Diaspro as suggested によって Princess-Flora So let’s get into it.
I’m going to break this up into each season she’s been in.

Season 1

I thought she was great during season 1. She was perfectly fine, she and sky seemed perfectly fine until little miss get whatever the fuck she wants came along. This is where I saw I immediately hated Bloom. How the hell are あなた going to come and just take someones man like that, seriously? And then go to an event and sneak around, knowing あなた shouldn’t be, and then...
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 クリスマス time is about spending time with your family and the ones あなた 愛 most
Christmas time is about spending time with your family and the ones you love most

Plot, Title, Writer: Princess-Flora
Motto Finder, Picture Maker, Organizer: Zikkiforever
I was spending the holiday with Helia. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather spend it with. It was クリスマス Eve and the two of us were still preparing for when our families would be coming over tomorrow to his house on Magix. I looked out the window while Helia went into the kitchen. Once he came back, he wrapped his arms around me then gave me a キッス on my forehead before handing me a cup of Hot Chocolate. I blushed as his usual little romantic...
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 is just me または do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
is just me or do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
Note lately my nick has been doing one 時 episodes but it's really two episodes, so I will just be combing them into one review, until Nick officially distinguishes them as two different episodes.

First off I didn't think the rest of season 6 was going to start until 2014. So the overview for those who have not seen it and do not want to much detail is the Winx gain a new power called Bloomix. The Winx after training in Aisha's gym go back to Linphea College and save the school from the treants, and is free from the Trix's grasp. So that's the basic interview,so now let go into the full...
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"oh cool but h..."
before krystal could speak helia and the winx and specailst had arive
"let her go" demanded helia
"oh your just in time for flora death party her have a seat" dainmioned 発言しました casting a spell as he 発言しました a spell to tie them up to a ウォール and watch
"as あなた can see when i press this butten her power will absorben and she will be weak while she weak my vampire daughter will drink her blood and flora will become nothing then a pale dead boady hahahahahahaahh" he said
"no floraaaaaaaa"
"krystal would あなた do me the...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 unbroken pointe shoes
unbroken pointe shoes
----The 次 morning everyone wakes up to the sound of a phone ringing and the smell of waffles, pancakes, toast, eggs, sausage, and bacon.
Marissa: (on the phone) thank you, we will be there very soon (hangs up the phone)
Brandon: mom, who was that?
Marissa: we can pick up your sister
Aaron: can I go pick her up
Marissa: yes, sweetie. (Tosses him car keys) there あなた go
David: I’ll go with him also
Marissa: ok (David and Aaron head out the door and leave to go pick up Flora)
----Everyone heads down the stairs and sits down at the 表, テーブル little talk is exchange. Until the front door creeks open to...
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"4 monthes thanx for asking i was wondering would あなた like to have lunch with me" flora 発言しました hopeing he would say yes
"sure " he 発言しました sill staring at her
just then the ベル rang and helia and flora 発言しました good bye to each other and parted carnt waiting to see each other at luch.
---------------------------------------------------------------------"flora had drama before lunch with こんにちは best フレンズ the winx
this includes
stella of solarya
bloom of domino
musa of melody
tecna of zenith
aisha of androse
and flora of landfeya
they were told to make a familey sence with two parents arguing and at the end...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Chapter 10
-----------1 時 later, the rest of the group came inside and they were greeted によって the scent of チョコレート chip クッキー and cologne coming from Marissa and David
Savannah: hi mom, hi dad
Marissa: hi, sweetie but where is your sister?
Savannah: she should be upstairs she came in an 時 前 why do あなた ask? (Little concerned)
Marissa: okay, I will go check. She probably came inside while we ran a few errands while all of あなた were outside (heads up the stairs)
Marissa’s p.o.v
It was awfully quiet as I headed up the stairs. I hope everything is alright with her. I get to the 上, ページのトップへ of the steps...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Sorry that it is so short but I really wanted to try to make at least one cliff hanger
Flora’s p.o.v
I walked inside and decided I think I’ll get the smell of saltwater and 魚 off of me before I check out the messages on flutter. As I walked up the stairs, I looked at the pictures of my mom and my dad; it really feels good to finally know who my parents are. When I reached the 上, ページのトップへ of the stairs, something felt out of the ordinary so I quickly ran to my room and there was glass shatter from the mirrors behind the ballet barre shatter all over...
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