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posted by fifirose

LAYLA: that two timing jerk
STELLA: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUSA: flora what do あなた want to do
(floras looking at the ground)
FLORA: lets go back to alfea
LAYLA: あなた want to just leave without screaming at him
FLORA: the only thing worse than this is letting them see me like this lets just go before i totally break
SKY: こんにちは do あなた hear something
BLOOM: shh
BRANDON:its coming from outside
FLORA: please i just cant let him see me like this
MUSA: fine than lets bolt
STELLA:oh flora


HELIA: guys i'm sorry but...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 I missed あなた
I missed you
Wizards of the black サークル, 円 versus the Specialists
Tecna: あなた did (relieved and everyone looks over in her direction)
Ms. Faragonda: yes, but あなた will have to do it fast because after midnight the spell will become permanent (hint at what the cure is)
Tecna: okay but what is the cure
Ms. Faragonda: (if あなた figured out the hint then あなた know the cure) true loves kiss
Tecna: Really? (Shocked that it is so simple)
Ms. Faragonda: I would hurry because there is only five 分 until midnight
Tecna: okay, but what if it doesn’t work?
Ms. Faragonda: (sighs) then あなた will have to say goodbye and it also...
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 bloom seeing stella and roxy fighting
bloom seeing stella and roxy fighting
roxy: ok stella i think you're going too far
stella: solar storm! *blasts*
roxy: you're not even listening to me!
stella: i don't need あなた to tell me anything! i saw everything with my own eyes
roxy: but it's not what あなた think
stella: then what is it?
roxy: well...
stella: what do あなた mean によって well? あなた and brandon have been 芝居 strangely so lately
bloom: *sees them arguing* guys why are あなた arguing?
roxy: stella thinks brandon is cheating on her with me
stella: because it's true
roxy: no it's not
stella: yes it is
bloom: i need to talk with stella alone come with me stella


bloom: oh i see but i'm sure that brandon will never cheat on you
stella: but i saw them with my own eyes
bloom: so are あなた mad at him?
stella: *cries* yes but i still 愛 him he's もっと見る important than anything in my life
bloom: don't cry
stella: can i have some time alone
bloom: all right
 stella crying
stella crying
posted by enchanting424
I got this idea from lovebaltor's 記事 about the Trix, so yes, this 記事 is defending Layla/Aisha...

Ok, so my point is to not make everyone loved crazed ファン of Layla, but come ON! Lets get serious, im so sick of seeing コメント regarding that girls on here dont like her for her skin color または her feautures that most resemble an african american woman. i really dont give a damn if あなた dont like layla, thats your choice,but dont post コメント saying shes ugly because shes DARK,or ugly because her hair looks nappy または whatever. Im sorry, but racism, even the littlest bit of it,is so offensive,...
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posted by lovebaltor
AN: I'm so sorry readers for making this come out later than I expected. Since ハロウィン came up and all, I was really busy those days before and after. And of course, school got in the way of 書く this, so again I'm sorry for making it come out so late. I was very happy to see how 人気 the first chapter was, I was very pleased with the amount of feedback I received. I also appreciated this feedback where I could improve, I also very much like those. And--if あなた don't like that way I have written something, feel free to imply this in your comments. I need all the reviews/feedback I can...
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posted by Rainflowers
こんにちは guys! I basically have all of Personality planned out in my head, the hard parts actully 書く it!! I am going to try to finish it soon but, I don't want it to come to a sudden end. I want to finish it right.
Thanks for Reading,

After about two weeks in the hospital, Flora had fully recovered, well almost fully, she was still on medicane and excused from any field work for about another week, however, the Winx could that her back to thier dorm.

Layla was so excited to be able to pick up Flora, she had been sick so long, Layla was really starting to miss her. They were inches...
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posted by Rainflowers
**At Alfea in Winx Room**

Stella: So Flora, あなた broke up with Helia huh? Thats wierd when あなた left あなた were crazy about him.

Fake Flora: yea?? Well people change あなた know and that flora's gone so deal with it.

Tecna: Flora the way that you're 芝居 is inlogical!!

Bloom: あなた just don't seem like あなた self.

Fake Flora:Yea well あなた guys better get use to it. Good night

stella: i swear thats not flora.

bloom:but it is . . . the teachers would be able to tell if it wasn't

layla: maybe we just have to except the fact that she's not Flora any more

Musa: Flora's just the last person I exepcted to act that...
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 The Winx!
The Winx!
AN: I was bored (As usual) and decided to write this quiz. Since my other クイズ was a complete success, (Earning the highest rating in this クラブ articles) I just thought: Why not write another?
So, here it is. My newest quiz! Enjoy! (Plus, just to let あなた know that Roxy shall be included in the quiz)


1.You find the ideal 日 to be:

A- Ending perfectly, with nothing at all to do but hang out with your besties!

B- Ending with no homework, so I can have plenty of time to figure our what to wear tomorrow, and get some shopping done!

C- Ending nice,...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(im sorry if i added characters, :) i know its mielle too :) people call her rose in the philippines thats why. and the brother was made up.. promise to make it better!)

*in the clinic...*
bloom: how is flora?
nurse:she'll be fine, just a faint
layla" *whispers to musa* thanks alot! thats great news, ms. smart nurse!
nurse:whats with the laughing!?!
layla:uhh nothing!
stella: umm,, anyways... umm miss nurse! just tell us that flora is alright? i need to comb my hair..
everyone: STELLA !! =)))
stella: uff... i was just kidding, geez girls! cant あなた take a joke?
*flora wakes up a bit*
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posted by Princess-Flora
this is like a flashback to what causes them to fall apart portrayed in each girl's view point, and why they act the way they do now.

----Just before Summer Vacation
The Winx all sat in their dorm talking. Everything seemed normal until one snapped. Flora had a few weeks off from set, and spent them with her フレンズ but regretted it every moment. The Winx all got into a huge fight right as they were leaving and it was never resolved.

----The 日 after the dance
Now here they are senior 年 and nothing has been fixed from what happened just two months ago. Maybe if they had resolved the fight,...
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posted by dragonflame23
Alfea and the neighboring boys school, Red Fountain, prepare for a ball to begin the school year. However, Headmistress Griffon of Cloudtower plans to spoil the ball as revenge for being excluded. She picks The Trix's suggestion of replacing the magic egg gifts with snake-rat eggs. While Bloom prepares her dress for the ball, she spots the Trix casting a spell on the eggs, so she tells her friends, and they reverse the spell in time for the ball. Later Bloom spots the Trix trying to steal Stella's ring, and tries to fight them off, transforming in a fairy for the first time. Although the Trix are able to escape, the other Winx girls inform Bloom that Stella's ring is 安全, 安全です and that they swapped the contents of the case with a baby アヒル, 鴨 (Pepe) that bonds with Icy.
They all made it to the restaurant and took their seats and started looking through the menus. No one was talking which created a really weird atmosphere. Brandon decided to try and break the ice によって telling some jokes. Flora laughed unusually loud which threw everyone off even more. The waitress came over and asked for everyone’s drinks.
In about 10 分 she came back with them and handed it to everyone. She accidentally dropped Flora’s glass and the お茶, 紅茶 spilled in her lap.
“Oh… I, I’m so sorry Princess it was and honest mistake please let me help clean it up.” The waitress said...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn POV

We stood in the crowd after the stupid parade, when some guards came over to us.

"It is time for あなた to speak with the prince." We nodded and went into a huge building with golden walls and stone statues everywhere. Ike wrapped his arm around me as we entered a room with the prince sitting on one end of a table. Each chair had a name tag on it and I finally found mine on the end of the table, between Ike and the prince. across from me was Stella and Brandon. Stella looked really nervous for some reason.

"Hello." The prince's voice echoed through the room. "I see that we are missing...
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posted by floraforeverr
im back i dont know why i left i made everyone worried i shoundent have left i should have just took a break but i diced too leave for some reason cause i felt like i neded a break but no i deleted my account that had eveything but im not really brothed about it that much cause i can male a new account plus my アイコン r all saved on my pictures but on other website it dint then i had restart now enogh with that

1 off reasons y i went または took a break
well my friend is leaving and i need plan a suprise for her it needed to be special it took a lot off work it wasent easy planning but all same it...
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Rosalina sighed impatiently tapping her pencil at the edge of her desk. Her Potions and Spells class seemed to drag on forever. As the teacher drowned on about how important something was, Rosalina couldn’t help but watch the clock. In about five 分 the ベル would ring for lunch. Suddenly the door creaked open and the six girls from a couple of days 前 stepped in. “Sorry we’re late, the nurse just now told us we could go to class.” The girl named シャルロット, シャーロット said. The teacher merely nodded and gestured for them to take their seats. The lunch ベル sang and Rosalina immediately jumped...
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posted by zanhar1
And finally as promised, Stormy's story. This one has content of a more...questionable nature. Mature themes and such. Just a warning, incase you're on もっと見る of the sensitive side.

Stormy’s brother meant everything to her. He was her role model; he was the one who inspired her most. She looked up to the boy and followed him every which way. At first glance this was just the most precious thing, but the people of the town knew better. The boy was an awful role model, horrendous in fact. He roamed the streets at night, slinging guns, and waving knives in people’s faces. And if the child wanted...
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Icy was quite so far from fine in fact that she found herself slumping to the floor. The weight of everything that happened, everything that was to come, finally setting in--taking its physical toll. Every little thing that Icy had suppressed spilled over; all the pressures, all the insecurities, all the questions. "How can I be a mother?" "Will this kid even like me?" "How will I tell the kid about its father?" "How will everyone else treat me?"


And Icy cried. Not just a few tears. Not just short and simple ten 分 fit. It was an all out bawl; choked sobs, shaking body, uneven breaths....
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posted by Princess-Flora
So it's been a while since Winx Club season 5 has been on TV and the 日付 kept switching for when the last three episodes would air and it finally did today. I think it's 安全, 安全です to say Saving Paradise ベイ, 湾 was a Flora centered episode since she was the one to find the Breath Of The Ocean, Save Paradise ベイ, 湾 with The Breath Of The Ocean, use her sirenix spell 花 of Sirenix, got to use her Sirenix Wish and she did overcome her self-conscience issue in the beginning when she spoke in front of the entire council; but, that's just my opinion.
First off remember this is my opinion and thoughts on...
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posted by i-am-draculaura
I remember when I was like 5, I used to watch 4kids on tv, and one 日 I saw winx club and fell in 愛 with it! That was, untill we cut the cable and it went off their website.... I was depressed because I loved winx club and I diddn't understand why they were leaving! Of course, then I found monster high, but it just wasn't the same, it was AWESOME! But it wasnt winx club. However, when my mom got cable again, one day, when I came back from church and turned on Nickelodian, I could not believe my eyes! IT WAS WINX CLUB!!!!!!!! I was so happy I was jumping on the ベッド because they were back and even クーラー than before! From then on, the winx have been my favorite, well, they never werent!

Thats my story on how I found out that the winx were back!
posted by summergreen
[Helia drives up to Flora after she sees the painting of him and her to apologize for キス Admeral]
Helia: I am so happy あなた texted. あなた look amazing today…. Did あなた like it? ….. Please say something.
Flora: あなた ruined everything.
Helia: I know.
Flora: No, あなた don’t know. あなた ruined us! あなた ruined every other relationship I will ever have. How am I supposed to fall for someone else when you, do things like that!
Helia: I don’t want あなた to fall for anyone else.
Flora: But I need to…. Because I can’t be with you.
Helia: We were bigger than my one mistake. We are bigger.
Flora: No, no you...
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