ONE 日 bloom is talking to sky suddenly Stella come and 発言しました bloom come fast mrs faragonda maam is in danger suddenly bloom run to the mrs. Faragonda's office all Winx girls were there.... Mrs. Faragonda's face turn blue, then tecna saw A glass full of poision tecna 発言しました look the glass have poision bloom 発言しました how do u know??? Tecna 発言しました look the glass it turned blue and mrs. Faragonda dont drink グレープ, ブドウ juice, they went to the キッチン of Alfea..... There were A girl She dropped a plate when they asked her who r u the cheifs told She is new her name is Aurora... Tecna asked who have 与えられた this ジュース to headmistress?? The chefs told the ジュース was 与えられた によって Aurora... Bloom 発言しました it have poision, she run away in high speed out of Alfea.. Bloom saw Princess genebeive is coming, they told her to stop her but she run away, the Winx transform them self and follow her she hide in a house they went in the house... Talking to somebody.. Tecna 発言しました who r u?? He told Obron.... They told who?? He told I want to kill faragonda because She is my old enemy.. あなた can never do that 発言しました Stella they battle with Obron and finally they won and gain There new transformation called sparklix they asked Aurora what is the solution of the poision She gave A blue 花 and told only one petel and She will be alright. Then genebeive 発言しました I know Obron want to steel the secrets of Alfea thatswhy he did it... Musa 発言しました u know everything about magix how and who r u we didn't get time to asked u... Genebeive 発言しました bloom know who im... Bloom 発言しました She is Princess of famous raila they shoked.. Bloom recognize everybody to genebeive and went Alfea... When they reached Alfea with Obron and Aurora.. They first recover mrs. Faragonda and then They keep Aurora and Obron in Alfea jail... Bloom was surprised how genebeive return her ホーム because She was on earth from 13 years without knowing who Is She... Then She have A headcrush with A girl with brown hairs.. Bloom 発言しました who r u?? She told im new im on earth from 11 years now im back....... ( rest story on 次 part) (I have lestern somewhere that Winx r real) no bad コメント plz