Who is it Ms. Faragonda?, Riven asks. It is... Krystal, Ms. F informs us. She is also after your other sister, Ms. faragonda says.

She is also after your other sister, I tell Riven and Tecna. 2 年 old Flora is sleeping on Riven's lap. What are あなた talking about, we don't have another sister, Tecna tells me confused. Yes, あなた do. She is your ロスト sister and twin to Flora. Her name is autumn, I tell the two siblings. Here take this with あなた and take the winx and specialists, I give them a piece of paper with everything the two needed to know about Autumn.
The paper consisted of:
1. Where to find her
2. A picture of what she looks like
3. Her お気に入り places
4. Where she goes to school at

Tecna and Flora have been gone for an awfully long time, I tell the winx. I hope nothing bad happened to them, Stella exclaims. Then, Tecna, Riven and a little girl walks in the room. こんにちは Tecna, what happened, what are あなた doing here Riven, where's Flora, and who is this little girl.

1. こんにちは guys
2. Ms. Faragonda needed to talk to us ill soon get there, in our story,
3. Riven is mine and Flora's brother
4. Flora is in Riven's arms
5. And Flora is the little girl, Tecna explains.

OMG, what happened, Stella yells when Tecna tells us that the little girl is Flora. Who did this, Aisha asks. Ok, so あなた know Krystal, Helia's childhood "friend". Yeah she did this to Flora. Oh and we have another sister, her name is Autumn. We didn't know about her till, Ms. Faragonda told us just a 分 ago, Riven says in one breath. Oh and we have a mission, Tecna adds. can we come on the mission we can help あなた guys, I ask all jumpy. Yes, the winx and the specialists have to come help us find our sister. Alright ill call the boys, I say calling sky.

( @ is bloom and # is sky )
@ こんにちは sky.
# こんにちは Bloom what's up.
@ Tecna, Riven, and Flora are siblings and they have another sister they didn't know about.
# hmm, why didn't they ever tell us about it.
@ I don't know, but Flora turned into a 2 年 old by...
# によって who.
@ I was getting there. によって Krystal.
I hear some talking I the backround, all I can make out is, Flora... 2... by... Krystal... KRYSTAL... yeah... Bloom... Phone... this... know... Protect... bad...
# Ok, sorry bloom had to talk with Helia. Anyway we are coming, see ya later, 愛 you.
@ 愛 あなた too.

I can't believe that Krystal turned Flora into a child. I am so angry right now I could break someone's BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- right now, I think in my head. Then, I hear a small yawn. I turn around to see Flora getting up from the couch. I walk towards her and pick her up. How are あなた doing little Flo, I ask. She giggles. Then both our stomachs growl, she laughs slightly and I laugh full on. Let's go get something to eat I say to her. O...k.. she says. Then there is a knock at the door, I go to answer it with Flora still in my arms. I open it to reveal The boys, Helia and Nabu are at the front. こんにちは boys, I was just gonna make me and Flora some food. Helia asks can I... I cut him off. Of course I say, as he takes Flora from my arms. At the sight of him makes Flora giggle.

When I take Flora she looks up at me. Then, she giggles. My lips curl into a smile. Is little Flora hungry I say. Yes, Fl... ora is, She says. I look at Aisha after what Flora just said. Yeah she does that, Aisha responds.