flash back I heard moans and went to see what it was but what I saw would break my ハート, 心 it was helia and musa キス I broke in to tears and ran away and riven saw me he asked what was wrong I told him he was furious I told him I was leaving and I did .

It's been a 年 since then I had changed a lot I was now an air nomad with. My body tattoo and the markings of the demon summoning on my coler bone to my stomach with a mark on my neck sim loosing that I was a vampire oh did I mention I had grown big perky boobs and my hips curved out もっと見る needles to say I was hot and the perfect body but I was modest and still sweet to people I like but saladin had Hurd of my new skills and asked me to teach at red 噴水 I 発言しました yes so here I am about to go on stage god wish me luck

As I walk on stage I can see people gasping and boys whistling but I dont care I'm about to give them a run for their money. Some people weren't happy but I just gave my speech and kept walking as people looked at me I was not going to forgive any one here especially him. Helia.