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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn POV

We stood in the crowd after the stupid parade, when some guards came over to us.

"It is time for あなた to speak with the prince." We nodded and went into a huge building with golden walls and stone statues everywhere. Ike wrapped his arm around me as we entered a room with the prince sitting on one end of a table. Each chair had a name tag on it and I finally found mine on the end of the table, between Ike and the prince. across from me was Stella and Brandon. Stella looked really nervous for some reason.

"Hello." The prince's voice echoed through the room. "I see that we are missing one person." He said, motioning toward Flora's empty seat.

"She was kidnapped によって these 'dark forces' we're supposed to be talking about." I said.

"I see." Silence.

"Oh my god." I said, putting my head in my hands.

"You really must be an idiot. What are あなた doing, waiting for an invitation to start talking?" Musa said, sitting on the other side of Ike. A guard came and put his sword to Musa's neck.

"Do not talk to the prince like that."

I sighed and used a levitation spell to take the sword out of his hands and I tossed it to the other side of the room. "You know what we could do right now? Get this 'meeting' over with."

The prince locked eyes with me and looked me up and down, making me squirm a little. Ike grabbed my hand, and I immediately relaxed. I looked at Ike and gave him a reassuring smile, but I still felt the prince's eyes boring into my back. Ike smiled back.

"Are we going to start this または not?" Riven asked impatiently. A guard took a step toward him, but the prince motioned him to stop.

"You two." The prince pointed to Musa and Riven. "You make a good couple. You're both impatient, loud, obnoxious, and would never be loved によって anyone else. I researched all of your backgrounds. あなた both have problems with parents. Riven, both of your parents abandoned you, because you're worthless, and Musa, your mother passed away, and あなた can't get along with your dad, because your dad realized how much of a nuisance あなた are."

I swear I saw a tear come out of Riven's eye. I stood up and faced the prince.

"Don't あなた dare talk to them like that." I said, looking him dead-on. He stood up as well, standing close enough to me that I could see the specks of green in his brown eyes. He stood taller than me, about the same height, maybe taller, than Ike's brother.

"Autumn Nicole Knightly. あなた have two brothers in this room, but あなた were all separated after birth. Your parents hated you, almost the same case as Riven's, but they kept you, and used あなた as their little stress reliever. They took out everything on you. After あなた left- well, ran away, あなた grew up to be a beautiful girl. あなた met a man and got in a relationship, which later turned out to be an abusive relationship, and joined Alfea, reunited with your brothers, and met your フレンズ and-" He glanced at Ike, "-boyfriend. あなた also have a grandfather that is headmaster at Red 噴水 School for Specialists." He said.

I scoffed. "You're a pathetic creep." I turned to leave, but he grabbed my wrist. I winced in pain, and Ike and everyone else shot up out of their seats. The prince examined my wrist, then looked at Ike, who had his sword ready.

"Autumn, you're in an abusive relationship again, aren't you." He said, looking from my scratches to Ike and then back again. I saw the shocked look on Ike's face turn to terror at that thought and quickly turned to face this pathetic man again. I blasted him across the room, and he smashed into a nearby wall. Two guards grabbed my arms and slammed me into another wall, and I felt handcuffs go around my wrists. I looked over to see Ike standing with his sword raised over the prince, and the guards pushed me toward the door. Julien and Helia tackled the two guards that were holding me and someone broke the handcuffs, I'm not sure who. I ran over to where the prince and Ike were, and grabbed Ike before he could get himself arrested. He lowered his sword and guided me away from him. Stella ran over and told everyone to hold hands, and she teleported us out of there.


When we got back, I noticed Musa left the room quickly. "I'll be right back," I told Ike, and I followed her. I found her in her room, sitting on her ベッド sobbing. Sitting 次 to her, I wrapped my arms around her, and she rested her head on my shoulder and cried.

"Musa, just ignore him. Like I said, he is pathetic. I hope he-" Before I could finish that sentence, Tecna walked into the room and went straight for the computer.

"Tecna? What's the rush?"

"Stella's gone. I think she just got kidnapped."

My eyes widened along with Musa's, and we quickly rushed back into the other room to find Brandon freaking out.

"Come on guys," Bloom said. "We need to go help Tecna."

We walked into the other room to find the computer, but no Tecna. The computer chair was flipped over on the other side of the room.

"Tecna???? TECNA??" Timmy shouted, looking everywhere for her. I shook my head and ran out of Tecna's room and into mine, looking in the closets, hoping it was a joke または a prank. Nothing. I heard my door slam shut and whirled around to find Devon and that prince Ashton guy standing right behind me. I ran toward my door and twisted the knob, but nothing happened. The door wouldn't open. I pounded on the door and screamed for help as Devon grabbed me and quickly put a hand over my mouth, hissing at me to shut up. Someone pounded on the other side of the door, and I heard Ike screaming my name. I bit Devon's hand and ran back toward the door.

"Ike! Ike, there's two of them! It's Devon and-" Devon pushed me against the ウォール and tied something around my mouth and grabbed some handcuffs from Ashton, putting them on my wrists. The door finally opened with a bang.


I finally slammed the door open and saw Devon and Ashton, with Autumn handcuffed and thrown over Devon's shoulder, kicking and screaming, as they ran toward the balcony. I shouted Autumn's name again and ran toward them, but they were gone. I fell to my knees and held my head in my hands when someone came into the room.

"They're all gone." Helia said. "All of them."
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posted by florajames
Hi guys florajames here and here the chance to enter the completion all u have to do is コメント on here the 記事 for me to read ih and also awnsa these questions

name of user
お気に入り winx
and a short paragraph a bout ur story and why it should win
just to remained u the prize is ur story published into an actual book and an interview may the best people win i wish all the best to my ファン and good luck

I 愛 u all
plz don't change
lots of love
flora James xxxx oooo
Ps completion ends 22nd of November so good luck
posted by Princess-Flora
------------------------Aaron's p.o.v-----------------------
It was September and this 月 was not average. Since this was the 月 my sister go bullied, her ex came back and she started to grow into her full powers starting off with the creepy vision that all of us saw after the dance. Now the dance was probably the best night that 月 after all the guy who became my best friend will become my brother-in-law after him and my sister get married since he did propose. The rest of the 月 was uncalm since we were on edge knowing that enemies of the past would be back we just; but didn’t...
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[Part II, Scene I]

Do あなた feel what I do?

“It’s unnecessary” says Musa. “What is unnecessary Musa?” asks Flora. “It’s all waste of time thinking about those memories. It’s useless because I know she don’t value anything. But how could she be so mean? How can a person become so cruel? How can she be so unkind?” Flora turns and she gets a feeling that Musa’s gonna be sad. “Musa…Musa? Please tell me what あなた are thinking. Don’t be depressed. Especially at this time, when we need to be strong” Musa don’t reply and was just starring the mountains through a window....
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ファン video
posted by Princess-Flora
Since today is Flora's birthday, I decided to write a one shot in her p.o.v on her 22nd birthday. Hope あなた all enjoy it. Here's the link I based it off of.

I heard the alarm go off as I felt the sun shine on my face. I loved that feeling of warmth on my tanned skin. Spring was finally here, and that meant it was now March. If it was now March that meant it was my 22nd birthday. I was all alone after I decided to 移動する out to the country side on Magix. I didn’t mind I loved being surrounded によって nature, but I really did miss all of my friends. I missed them a lot, but I just have to accept I...
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posted by Princess-Flora
-------------------------------------------------------------Timmy’s p.o.v-----------------------------------------------------------
It was December so that meant Christmas, Bloom’s 18th and Tecna’s 18th birthday. I was clueless when it came to relationships and even もっと見る clueless when it came to getting a gift for Tecna’s birthday and Christmas; luckily Helia told me Flora was willing to help me out since Tecna was one of her closet friends. So I called her and she 発言しました she would meet in the mall in 20 to help me find the perfect gift for Tecna. She was always so nice and willing to...
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posted by Alifya
What does your sleeping position tell about your personality? It is 発言しました that our sleeping position reflects our inner traits. Chose your preferred sleeping position ans take a look at your profile!

People who sleep in the fetal position (the body at rest in which the spine is curved, the head is bowed forward, and the arms and legs are drawn in toward the chest):
-Long for security, intimacy and joy.
-Take relationships slowly.
-Tend to look at the world in rosy colors, and treat people kindly.
-Are sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world.
-May appear shy at times または when...
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posted by floraisthebest2
FLORA's pov

Guys do あなた know when the trip starts, Ms.F forgot to say, I ask. Actually no, maybe we should go ask, it would be good to know もっと見る information, Aisha says. And while, we're there we can ask if we can come and see if the boys can back everyone up, Stella suggested excited. That's a good idea Stell, what do あなた think Bloom, I turn to face Bloom. Yeah, that's fine, whatever, she mutters. Maybe she's having some complications, I thought. *knock knock* Come in WINX, Ms. Faragonda answers. How does she do that, Musa asks. Maybe she's psychic, Stella jumps up. It is logical...
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Flora POV

When I woke up, I physically didn't have the energy to open my eyes all the way. It was hard to breathe, and I felt like someone was strangling me. I heard that man's voice again, just as evil as it was the last time we talked.

"Finally. It's been two days since the last time あなた were awake. How's it going for you?" He smirked. I couldn't say anything, I just lay there. I could feel my energy draining によって the second.

"Nothing to say? How about...
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winx club
no voice
season 4
Icy honestly didn't know what had possessed her to take a pair of scissors to long silver hair--people seemed to 愛 her hair...she loved her hair. Yet she stood before a mirror watching as the last of the strands fell to the floor, where they then lie in clumps at her feet. Of course she didn't cut it all off...just enough of it...

It still hung just above her chin...

Her plan was rather odd. Unheard of. And as she gave what remained of her hair a quick rinse, she thought it through again. Her application was rather flawless (she did have experience of sorts with hand to hand combat and some...
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posted by Princess-Flora
-----------Sky's p.o.v-------
School was starting 次 week and I was spending the last week of summer with my best friend, his sisters, and his older brother at their family's ビーチ house. I was excited and it was nice to see Flora again, because the twins are like my own little sisters. So as the week went によって we each learned something new about each other. For example the twins finish each others sentences and they are amazing surfers; also Aaron is a pretty good chef unlike me who manages to make a bowl of cereal look unappealing. As each 日 went on we actually were excited about school...
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