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posted by yasmin124
 my number 1 winx always has been and always will be
my number 1 winx always has been and always will be
flora is pretty but not just pretty shes got a amazing ハート, 心 and is the only winx who is never rude and she is no doubt the nicest and sweetest person in winx she is like a エンジェル
she is soooo pretty and always has best transformation esspily in enchantix her eyes are drop dead gorgeous i almost cried when she saved her sister in season 3 she has the 秒 best sacrafice aftar tecna tecnas was the first because i actually cried and it was the most bravest but floras was sacrafice was great to and i think she is the 秒 stongest i agree
with princess _ flora she is because she always get hurt not because shes weak she gets hurt because she cant stand seeing peole in pain and rather be in pain then other peole thats real bravery she is my number 1 winx and will always be shes is kind and sweet and smart and メリダとおそろしの森 and pretty there to much words to discribe her i also really like her relationship with helia there really sweet they never fight and she is always willing to help peole like she always comforts bloom when she upset and she comforted stella when she had a nightmare in season 1 ans she cried when tecna was trapped because she thought she was gone forever and she is very i like her best because of her personality but she has loads of good qualites but being kind is the best quality a girl could have hyow could anyone hate her shes awsome and kind she rocks hope あなた like it あなた dont have to 愛 flora あなた just have to respect my opinon from yasmin xxxxx
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posted by Rainflowers
I've heard a lot of ages of how old the Winx are and here's my opinion . . .

Season 1


Bloom - I think she's like 15 in season one because she's a freshman.

Stella - I know the Stellais older than the other girls because she failled her first 年 at Alfea so I would say she's 16

Tecna - I'm pretty sure that she's 15 like Bloom.

Musa - I think Musa's about 15.

Flora - Flora's is about 15 too because she's a freshman at Alfea.



Sky - Is about 16 because he was there last 年 *As 発言しました によって Stella*

Brandon - Is also 16 because...
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So last night I actually have a dream about the prettiest Winx, so I decided to write an 記事 about my dream but in a different way. Anyways, I hope あなた like this!

5. Musa
Musa is my 2nd favourite Winx, but she's not that pretty, well, at least she made it to my 上, ページのトップへ 10. I'll start off with her gorgeous season 5 and 3 hair, they look do awesome especially season 5! If あなた watch seasons 1 and 2 you'll know why she's on fifth place– her short hair. I like the combination of her style guide, half girly half tomboyish just like her personality. I really admire her blue eyes and her bright red...
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 Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Hi there! : ) Lol! I'm sorry for the long wait on this one! I was rather busy with other ファン fictions and such =D But finally, here is the 記事 of info on Bloom! Enjoy!



Bloom was born on December 10th on the planet of Domino. But unfortunatley, her parents had to give her up soon due to that the Ancestrial Witches had attacked their ホーム planet. Bloom's sister, Daphne, teleported her to Earth and to a new family. She grew up, not knowing that she was a fairy または who her real parents were. When she was 16, she finally realized that she was a fairy after...
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