Ice Prison
Frostbite: Icy exhales an icy wind at her opponent.
Iceberg: Completely freezes a surface of area.
Crystal Cage: Traps enemy in an ice container.
Arctic Blast: Releases a fragment of ice energy, focusing it, which then explodes, leaving the enemy unconscious.
Ice Coffin
Ice Crusher: A huge chunk of ice builds up 次 to an object and grows until the thin piece of ice holding it up breaks, causing the chunk of ice to fall on the object and crush it.
Blizzard: Creates a blizzard.
Ice Attack: Shoots a disk of crystals.
Ice Hail: Attack that wipes out everything in her path.
Ice Tower: Freezes anything in a line in front of her.
Ice Storm Attack
Chill Strike: She creates an ice blade and impales it to her opponent.
Ice Portal: Creates a gap made of small bits of ice to go through solid objects (such as walls).
Icicle Barrage: Sends a barrage of harpoon-type icicles at her enemies.
Pierce Attack
Ice Wall: Creates a barrier of ice.
Ice Shard: Creates a barrier of ice around herself and the bursts the barrier around her into multiply flying ice shards.
Thunder Rose
Icicle Barrage
Ice Spiral: Create a series of ice pieces to attack an enemy.


Icicle Fury: Releases ice crystals at her enemies.
Frost Storm: Covers a surface with a layer of ice, weakening it.
Black Icicle: Single ice shard to pierce an enemy.
Super Witch Ice: Traps something in a super hard ice which no sun attacks can melt it so easily.
Glacial Gleep: Encases an enemy in ice.
Ice Wave: Sends a wave of frigid ice at her enemies.
Frost Blast: Releases a blast of ice energy that can freeze anything.
Gloomix Icy Polar Coast: Allows Icy to slip through a crack to chase her enemy.
Triple Trix Wind Blast: The Trix muster their powers together to release a devastating storm.



Dark Sirenix

Ice Prism