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posted by Johnny0801
The school 年 of Alfea just got started,and Fira and Aria walked past the line where Griselda is making attendance lists.
"Where do あなた think you're going?"an angry Griselda grumbled.
"At the first line,because we are enrolled first at Alfea."Fira said.
Griselda 発言しました to them follow the bunch of girls walking to the first line.As they walked,Aria accidentally tossed her luggage that made Fira stumbled.That caused laughter,and since Fira is a sensitive girl,shouted back an angry groan that let out a shape of a bird made of 火災, 火 out from herself.
The laughter burned out,as they had seen a giant firebird flew across the sky,shrieking shrill sounds that attracted Ms. Faragonda's attention to calm it down with a thunderbolt magic.
The thunderbolt made the firebird shriek even もっと見る that it let out orbs of 火災, 火 which destroyed every building.But Fira,Aria,and 5 other girls transformed to fight the firebird Fira made.
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Hey, here is review on the winx colouring pages app!

Ok, this app is avalible on iPad. All あなた do is colour in some black and white pictures of the winx. It does cost which is quite annoying because its nothing exciting. I would say if your not good at colouring, don't get it! I am very bad at colouring so I shouldn't have got it
It has eight pictures to colour in, which include musa's enchantix, Stella in some clothes (I don't know what), blooms season 1 casual, Tecna's believix, Tecna's believix again, Stella season 1 casual, everyone's season 1 casual (not including Layla) and Musa, flora and tecna magic winx.

I don't think it's a. Good app, so don't get it, just get colour effects and go onto the Internet and save a colour picture. Colour it in and It looks amazing.

Hope あなた Enjoyed!
 colour effects app, one with yellow pencil.
colour effects app, one with yellow pencil.
Hey Guys! For whatever reason, ファンポップ is refusing to let me log in with facebook. So, I have created a new account FallenGrace.

こんにちは Guys! I’m going to this as a side story to ‘Secrets of the Past and Horrors’ of the Future. Would do it on that story but this is an entirely different idea and I really wanted to write about this! This story is based on ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ I do not own either of those two 本 (obviously) nor do I own the Winx Club. Just thought I’d say that. Another note,...
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posted by yourangelz
I do my own winx club anybody wanna be in? Only five girl and 5 boys can be in there, bad witches i do myself.
DO your プロフィール like this. And do'nt steal anybodyes drawing, power and things like this!

My Charakter 1
Name: Sasha Nuut
Power, race: Fairy, Animals
Age: 16
もっと見る important:...

Charakter 2
Name: Pathi Lynx
Power, race: Fairy, Water
Age: 15
もっと見る important:...

Because it's season one then but here only
Normally and Trasformed winx picture.

And i need a little help too...To do it... It will be like a cartoon... If somebody can draw in computer well then take me contact.
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