The Vampire Diaries Couples Out of my favourite Stelena moments in season 1 which is your favourite?

Pick one:
talk scene 1x20
ring scene 1x20
first stelena scene 1x20
i 愛 あなた scene 1x21
gift scene 1x03
walk on the bridge scene 1x01
キッス scene 1x03
dance scene 1x04
キッス scene 1x05
キッス scene 1x10
sex scene 1x10
after sex キッス scene 1x10
キッス scene 1x12
hug scene 1x12
hug scene 1x03
first stelena scene 1x22
キッス on the forehead scene 1x13
hug scene 1x20
wake up scene 1x13
キッチン scene 1x05
hug scene 1x17
i 愛 あなた scene 1x18
blood scene 1x17
hug scene 1x22
talk scene 1x22
hug scene 1x11
花 scene 1x16
hug scene 1x21
dance scene 1x12
キッス scene 1x19
dance scene 1x19
altercation scene 1x19
after the altercation scene 1x19
 Saku15 posted 1年以上前
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