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Okay, so I heard about the infamous DE vs. BD fight that took place but, mostly everyone seems sorry and wants peace.

I just wanted to point out my 愛 for all of the couples first and I hope most of あなた will 登録する in and do the same.

If あなた don't agree than it is perfectly okay. But please NO fighting. I would 愛 to hear opinions.

Stelena - They have touching scenes and are one of the most romantic couples on tv. They are sometimes described as boring, but I that's one of the many reasons I 愛 them. I'm a drama addict when it comes to tv, but once in a while its great to have a couple like...
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Before あなた read this please understand that this is purely opinion. I'm not saying that it's fact that SE aren't soul mates...but to ME they aren't. Feel free to コメント your own views. I'm very curious to see what everyone else thinks. I tried not to be too biased, but obviously it has come through. Also, I am not bashing SE! I am just saying how I view their relationship compared to what the writers say about them. So let's go:

From the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, all the writers have done has praised SE e.g:
"This 表示する is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They're...
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