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posted by breebree446
Gotta 愛 IMDb!

So, seeing as how this spot doesn't have an article, I decided to write one. A few 名言・格言 from the movie!



1. Dave Stutler: I'm afraid of flying on planes!
Balthazar Blake: Well, today's your lucky 日 'cause I brought an eagle.

2. Balthazar Blake: Dave! あなた should run.

3. [creature smashes his car. Balthazar stares at it in disbelief]
Balthazar Blake: That's my car.

4. Dave Stutler:
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posted by breebree446
"Tank....Tank!" Dave called out in the darkness of the kitchen. He had been down in the lab, and Tank was usually right there to keep him company. But now, the Bulldog was nowhere in sight. Somethng that had Dave concerned.

"Tank, come out!" He called, squeezing Tank's squeaky toy. The sound usually made him come running.


Frowning, Dave put the toy down on the キッチン table. While doing so, he caught sight of the night sky through the window. The darkest time of night was right before the sun came up. It looked like solid, black velvet, encrusted with diamonds. And right outside on the...
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