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One long 日 前 the ppg were in pokey Oaks high school.

Blossom POV

I was in science class looking at the clock, the 日 was going on forever! I looked at buttercup who was fast asleep snoring loud. She's so immature. I turned and looked at bubbles who wast 書く on a post it note. I leaned フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to see what she was writing. She was 書く a note to me. She handed it to me and I read it. I handed it back to bubbles until...... "BLOSSOM!" Ms.forscewriter yelled. "ARE あなた PASSING NOT IN CLASS?!" I gulped. Um mean yes...I mean no! The ベル rang I was relieved.

As we were getting...
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posted by Buttercupgonzal
The rrb are the in
愛 with butch oh im buttercup.
Me and my sister's 愛 them.
Blossom and brick
Bubbles and boomer
Buttercup and butch.
I think あなた got the idea.
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posted by pinkblossom2
 ppg and rrb bad 年
ppg and rrb bad year
teacher: ok class today we have three new students boys come in
ppg * thinking its the rrb*
other girls: the blue one is cute and the red one i think the green one is cool
teacher: boys say your names plz
brick: my name is brick
boomer: im boomer
butch : yo the names butch
teacher ok boys take your seats
the boys: were?
teacher : how about 次 to the powerpuffgirls
boys : *sigh* yes teacher
the girls gasp but teacher these are the rowdyruff boys
teacher: be nice girls and sit down
girls: yes teacher
the girls was thinking
blossom: this is the gang green gang all over again
bubbles: oh no :(
buttercup : this is going to be a long year
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posted by ppgFireball
Brick: god, i'm gonna feel this in the morning.
SB: stupid teletubbies.
Butch: -wakes up- what happened?
Fireball: i just got acorned.
Brick: where the hell is Boomer?! i'll kick his 尻, お尻 for not helping me!
Boomer: right here.
Brick: F--K あなた BOOMER!
Boomer: :(
the 次 日 at school...
Ms. Keane: lunch time, children!
SB: Ms. Keane, we need to be excused
Ms. Keane: restroom?
SB: no, we need to go out and look for all the Boomer clones.
Ms. Keane: -laughs-
SB: Ms. Keane, this is serious
Ms. Keane: -laughs- あなた kids are so funny, and so cute.
SB: this is serious.
Ms. Keane: あなた can play defeat the...
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posted by ppgFireball
Somewhere in the woods...

SB: okay, my Boomer clone detector detects Boomer in these woods.
Brick: so what now?
SB: spread and search!
Brick: say what?
SB: あなた heard me.
Brick: ugh.
SB: here, take these walkie-talkies.
Brick: okk.....
Boomer: yay! :D
Somewhere in the woods...with Brick....
Brick: alright ya stupid clones, come out!
-rustling in the bushes-
Brick: huh?
-squirrel comes out-
Brick: oh, heh heh.
-Boomers come out from the trees with sticks and acorns-
Brick: hi guys! it's nice to see you!
Clones: .............
Brick: wanna hang out?....
Clone: .................GET THAT MOTHERF*CKER!
Brick: oh god....
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posted by ppgFireball
 Fireball: WTF IS GOING ON???!!!
Fireball: WTF IS GOING ON???!!!

(100 Boomers invading the place)
Boomer: well, if あなた guys need me, i'll be playing some games. -leaves-
Fireball: -squeezes through Boomer and falls on the ground- WTF IS GOING ON???!!!
SB: we can explain. :D
Butch: what're あなた doing here anyway?
Fireball: i was just playing games when suddenly... BOOM! these Boomers came outta nowhere! and so i hopped on a table. and then i 発言しました "no, i can make it" so i jumped into lake Boomer and swam, and now i'm here. :D
Brick, Butch, SB: ok.............................
Fireball: yeah, i know, weird huh?...
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posted by ppgFireball
1 月 later...
SB: let's go.
Boomer: we need help.
SB: let's ask those boys in that club over there.
Boys: -are making goo goo eyes at them-
SB: excuse us but have あなた any bug-eyed blond boys lately? that look like him? -points at Boomer-
Random Boy: haven't seen them cutie.
SB: wtf?
Boomer: did he just call us-
Random Boy: あなた two free tonight?
SB: seriously, あなた okay?
Boomer: i'm scared.
SB: wait a 分 this... THIS IS A CLUB FOR LESBIAN BOYS!!!
Boomer: O_O
SB: heh heh. RUN 雌犬 RUN!!!
SB and Boomer: -run out of there-
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posted by ppgFireball
Narrator: The City of Townsville! where it is a pleasant afternoon!

Boomer: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. what to do. cool! what's that?!
Random Guy: a clone maker.
Boomer: how many does it make?
Random Guy: as many as あなた want.
Boomer: how much does it cost? (whispers) please don't let it be OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: *laughs* i'm just messing with ya. it's free.
Boomer: あなた can't be serious.
Random Guy: i'm serious. today i'm gonna be generous. so you...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
Well then..... Let's continue :P

Blossom: Um...Brick,I was wondering if あなた could-
Brick: Ew! Absolutly no!!!!!!
Butch: -whispers to Boomer- His 芝居 better then I thought he would
Boomer: -whispers back- Does he realize it's art time and his blocking the crayons O_O

At recess...............

Blossom: -walks up to Brick-
Brick: Shut up Butch.............
Blossom: -taps on Bricks shoulder- Uhh...Brick,could we talk?
Brick: O.O I guess....
Butch: Me and Boomer will go,have fun あなた too -laughs and smirks-

To be continued..................
posted by XxPowerPuffxX
(Sorry I haven't done a lot of stories,I've been lazy)

The 次 day...

Brick:I'll never be the same D:
Butch:Dude calm down,you have to forget sooner または later
Boomer:Ya dude
Butch:But intill then...Blossom likes you,Blossom likes you!
Brick:Shut up! She does not!!

Just the Mojo walks in...

Mojo:Sorry to tell あなた boys at the last minute,but I have enrolled あなた in school
Bommer:What?!?! O.O
Mojo:So go run on boys,you better get going to school.

The boys go to school not knowing who they would meet...

Ms.Keane:Hello students,today we have 3 new students,come in boys and introduce yourselves
Brick:Um i'm Brick
Butch:Sup i'm Butch
Boomer:I'm Boomer!
Ms.Keane:Boys シート, 座席 によって the PPGs

The boys are shocked and walk to their seats...

Blossom:Hi Brick! :D
Brick:-mutters- Hi Blossom.....
Butch:-whispers to Boomer- Oh how cute,Brick and Blossom are talking
Boomer:Hehe ya! Let's see how this turns out!!

To be continued....................
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
The Powerpuff Girls & the Rowdyruff Boys have just finished fighting.

Bommer: I can't believe we ロスト again!
Butch;Since when do we ever win?
Brick:Im gonna go to the park...


Blossom is at the park on the bench 読書 a book.

Brcik:Dumb Powerpuff Girls always have to win,-kicks a soda can-
Blossom:-says surpised-Hi Brick
Brick:Oh great..
Blossom:Come sit with me :)
Brick sits down によって Blossom

Brick:What do あなた want. Blossom:To talk..... Brick:Uhhh
Blossom:So,what's up Brick? -Blossom smiles- Brick:Um nothing......
-Blossom is about to キッス Brick-
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posted by heeeeeeeeeeeey
professor:girls あなた have one もっと見る change to get the rrbs
blossom: what is it
professor: thease are anklets あなた put them on the boys ankels and they lose thier powers when they come off the powers come back ok?
blossom: ok lets go girls

*all fly off to find the rrbs*

blossom: hello boys ready 4 a fight
brick: woah ur not gonna キッス us again r u?
boomer: *pukes*
bubbles: no worries and someone get boomer a mint!
buttercup: c`mon girls

*snaps on the anklets and police car comes boomer crys butch trys to run away brick spazes*

2 years later...

professor: happy birthday girls! and for a preasent i have a suprise im getting あなた ... brothers how does that sound!
buttercup:where are u adopting them?
professor: juby im adopting the rrbs

to be continued