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Guide by peppergirl30 posted 1年以上前
fan of it?
James Sirius Potter II-First born of Harry & Ginny

Albus Severus Potter-Second born of Harry & Ginny

Lily Luna Potter-Third born of Harry & Ginny

Rose Weasley-First born of Ron & Hermione

Hugo Weasley-Second born of Ron & Hermione

Victoire Weasley-Daughter of Bill & Fleur

Dominique Weasley-Daughter of Bill & Fleur

Louis Weasley-Son of Bill & Fleur

Molly Weasley II-Daughter of Percy & Audrey

Lucy Weasley-Daughter of Percy & Audrey

Roxanne Weasley-Daughter of George & Angelina

フレッド Weasley II-Son of George & Angelina

Scorpius Malfoy-Son of Draco & Astoria

--All rights go to J.K.Rowling, the 作者 and creator of The Magical World Of Harry Potter. She owns all the rights and reserves to these characters.--