Amber: I was, um, checking if あなた had today's homework.

Ashley: I didn't go to school today.

Amber: Right.

Ashley:*snatches Book of Isis from Amber* Stay out of my bag!*puts book in bag, goes back to sleep*

Amber:*sighs, gets in bed*

-The 次 Morning-
*all of Sibuna is in the dining room*
Nina: Now how are we going to get the book?

Jerome: Amber couldn't get it?

Amber: I almost had it, but then she woke up.

Fabian: Why don't we just make her tired, like we did to Victor?

Mara: I like it.

Nina: Good idea, Fabian.

Fabian: We'll do it tonight.

Ashley:*enters dining room, sits によって Joy, her book bag on her shoulder* I can't believe あなた Amber. Trying to steal from me. I thought I could trust my roommates, but it look like I can't.*grabs a plate and put some 食 on it, begins eating*

*everyone begins quietly eating*

-in School-
*Joy and Ashley in the drama studio discussing Ashley's missed homework, Nina, Fabian, and Amber are combining their notes for the test Ashley missed*

Ashley: Thanks so much, everyone.

Nina, Joy, Amber, and Fabian: You're welcome.

-Later That Night-
Ashley:*in the living room, reading*

Alfie:*enter living room and snatches her book, and runs away*

Ashley: Alfie!*chases after him* Get back here with my book!

Alfie:*runs through the kitchen, the dining room, then upstairs*

Ashley: Alfie!*follows him*

Alfie:*runs to Joy and Patricia's room*

Ashley:*follows him* Give. Me. My. Book!

Alfie: あなた have to catch me first!*runs out of the other door in Patrica and Joy's room*

Ashley:*follows him, yawning*

Alfie:*runs into Amber, Ashley, and Nina's room*

Ashley:*yawns* Give it back, Alfie!

Alfie:*tosses book on Ashley's bed, runs out the room*

Ashley:*climbs on her ベッド to get the book, falls instantly asleep*

Amber: Yes!*looks under Ashley's bed* Her book bag isn't under here! be continued...