(Jerome's room at King Arthur house)
Victoria: yes! (takes out the book of Isis) the book of Isis!
Poppy: hello?
(Victoria jumps and spins around)
Poppy: who are you?
Victoria: ummm… I'm… aaaaa… I'm Victoria Dunlap.
Poppy: well, what are あなた doing in my brother's room?
Victoria: I'm… I'm… Im getting his book. He asked me to get it for him.
Poppy: shouldn't あなた be in class too?
Victoria: yes! Yes I should. (exits)
Poppy: weirdo.
(Mara and Joy enter)
Mara: I'm just saying. あなた shouldn't 表示する your 愛 to Eddie. It will change your's and Patricia's friendship.
Joy: and did that stop me with Fabian.
Mara: no… but あなた and Nina weren't friends.
Joy: I still 愛 him.
Mara: I'm just saying. While Patricia and Eddie are going out, I don't think it would be good to 表示する your emotions. I mean, あなた heard what Patricia 発言しました to you. あなた knows. And she's mad. (walks into living room)
Joy: so when Eddie and Patricia are no longer a couple I can go out with Eddie. Okay, I can do that. (smiles and walks into living room)
(Living room)
(Mara is sitting on ソファー, ソファ in front of Victoria and Trudy is doing dishes in the キッチン when Joy then Alfie enters)
Victoria: (jumps up) Alfie!
Alfie: did あなた get it?
Victoria: yeah.
Alfie: yes.
Victoria: come on. I'll 表示する you.
(Alfie and Victoria exits and Mick enters)
Mick: Mara. I am sorry for what I did.
Mara: that's not going to cut it.
Mick: (sighs and starts to walk out when Amber stops him)
Amber: あなた want to get back together with Mara. I can help.
Mick: no thanks. After last time with the cheer leading act. I'll pass.
Amber: no I got something better and Nina will help.
Nina: (enters) I will help with what?
Amber: Nina. Do あなた believe in love?
Nina: yeah…
Amber: I need your help to get Mick and Mara back together.
Nina: why me? Your the 愛 expert.
Amber: just so I want go overboard and get him humiliated.
Nina: (sigh) fine.
(Alfie's and Mick's room)
Alfie: let me see it.
Victoria: (takes the book of Isis out of bag)
Alfie: sweet.
Victoria: it was close though. I ran into his sister.
Alfie: yeah, right when あなた left I heard Jerome say she was sick.
Victoria: yeah I can tell.
Alfie: so why are あなた interested in all this stuff. When I met あなた あなた weren't like this. Liking all this Egyptian stuff.
Victoria: I met this woman. And she offered me loads of cash to find some things.
Alfie: the cup of ankh and the book of Isis?
Victoria: もっと見る than that. (takes out a pice of paper from pocket) ummmm… also something called the mask of Anubis.
Alfie: oh that's at a museum.
Victoria: oh. Well, tomorrow I'll go to the museum. While Im gone try to find the cup.
Alfie: okay.
Victoria: oh one もっと見る thing.
Alfie: yeah?
Victoria: what museum?
(walkway to school)
Eddie: weird day.
Jerome: hello Eddie.
Eddie: Jerome! あなた scared me! What are あなた doing?
Jerome: who was that man あなた were talking to before school?
Eddie: Rufus's brother- wait, how did あなた know I was talking to a man?
Jerome: I saw you. Now tell me, why does he want Rufus back.
Eddie: because he's a psychopath and his brother.
Jerome: I what あなた to do what he says.
Eddie: what? I thought あなた hate Rufus?
Jerome: I do. But I want to help his brother out. I mean he sounded worried right?
Eddie: he sounded psyco if あなた ask me.
Jerome: come on. There could be a lot of money for this. あなた with me?
Eddie: (sigh) あなた meet me によって the water fall in the woods, and let's hope he comes.
Jerome: now?
Eddie: tomorrow morning.
Jerome: why not now?
Eddie: because I want to live one もっと見る 日 on earth before I go to hell.
(Amber's, Nina's, and Victoria's room)
(Mick is sitting on Amber's ベッド with Amber and Nina while Victoria is backing her things)
Amber: so why are あなた leaving again?
Victoria: wow あなた are slow. I need to go to see my dad. His very sick. It will only be a few days. Okay? Don't miss me too much.
Victor: (from down stairs) It's ten o'clock ten o'clock. あなた have 5 分 precisely and then I want to hear a pen… drop.
Mick: well see あなた guys tomorrow. (exits)
Amber: bye Mick! Well goodnight everyone. (lies down in bed)
Nina and Victoria: good night.
(Mick is at the 上, ページのトップへ of the stairs)
Trudy: I'm telling あなた Victor, no one besides mr. Macer was in your office while あなた were gone
Victor: we'll I'm telling あなた Trudy, Mr. Macer would never do such a thing.
Trudy: It could have been an accident-
Victor: Accident my butt.
Trudy: oh hi Mick.
Mick: hi Trudy.
Victor: shouldn't あなた be down stairs によって now?
Mick: going going. (walks into his room)
(Living room)
Eddie: Hello?
Nina: Eddie!
Eddie: where are we?
Nina: I don't know.
King Tut: (appears) I'm here to see them. What do あなた have?
Nina: book of Isis, the ankh cross, and a green gem.
King Tut: oh あなた better have my green gem. Where are they
Eddie: Nina's room.
(Nina's room)
King Tut: get them.
Nina: Eddie get the gem I'll get the ankh cross.
(Eddie gets a box and Nina gets the ankh cross)
King Tut: what about the book?
Eddie: Frobisher library.
(Frobisher library)
King Tut: get it.
Nina: (goes over and lifts the wings and the drawer opens but the book is gone) its gone.
Eddie: what?
King Tut: あなた ロスト IT?!?!
Nina: we had it I swear.
King Tut: that's it. (grabs Eddie's and Nina's arm and they starts to scream) its time for the mark!!!
(In there own rooms, Eddie, Nina, Mara, Amber, Joy, Patricia, Fabian, and Mick wakes up screaming)