(Beginning of the tunnels)
(The Light appears and starts going up their legs)
Eddie: What's that?
(the light reaches their eyes and blinds them)
Eddie and Joy: ow!
Fabian: Hurry Amber, push the button!
(Amber pushes the button and the 本棚 turns 180 degrees and Eddie and Joy enter)
Fabian: Joy! Eddie!
Robert Frobisher-Smiths: To whom may trespass to where they do not belong, the begin of light is your warning song. All shall not see, all shall be dark. Until Ra completes his blazing ark.
Eddie: What the heck dose that mean?
Fabian: あなた will be blind for one day.
Joy: What?!
Amber: and trust me, it's horrible.

(Trudy is in the キッチン cooking and Mick and Alfie are eating at the 表, テーブル when Mara and Patricia enter)
Mara: Better sleep last night Patricia?
Patricia: A little.
Mara: See, not staying up until 3 o'clock in the morning doing homework really dose help.
Mick: ready for the movie Mara?
Mara: Yeah, I can't wait.
Mick: Good, now what time is it again?
Mara: Really Mick? Your the one who bought the tickets.
Patricia: Blonds Mara. Need to make sure their smart before あなた pick them.
(Amber and Nina enter)
Patricia: Nina! Amber! So what happened last night? Did あなた find the magic book with the bird on it?
Amber: Nope. Instead we got 2 blind mice.
Patricia: Huh?
Nina: Joy and Eddie are blinded.
Patricia: Eddie! (runs out)
(Fabian enters)
Trudy: what's wrong with Patricia?
Fabian: Eddie is sick.
Amber: Yea, and Joy too.
Trudy: oh my. Should I call the doctor?
Amber, Nina, and Fabian: No, no, no!
Trudy: are あなた sure?
Nina: yeah I bet they'll be better によって tomorrow morning.
Trudy: okay, but if they're not, should I?
Fabian: sure.
(Eddie's and Fabian's room)
(Eddie is laying back in his ベッド when Patricia enters)
Eddie: Who's there?
Patricia: it's me.
Eddie: Yacker?
Patricia: okay, first off, if we're going to make this relationship work, I need あなた to stop calling me Yacker.
Eddie: okay. So why was there that bright light?
Patricia: booby trap. Robert Frobisher-Smith did that to protect the Mask of ANIBIS.
Eddie: Oh, then when あなた got the mask of Anubis, how did あなた get past that?
Patricia: amulets.
Eddie: Where are they.
Patricia: I don't know. But I think Nina dose.
Eddie: ask her because if pull that book again, I want to be safe.
Nina: (enters) Sibuna meeting Patricia.
Patricia: okay. See あなた later Eddie?
Eddie: yeah, sure.
(Patricia kisses Eddie and exits)
Eddie: Wo!
(Movie Theater)
(Mick and Mars enter)
Mick: Where do あなた want to sit Babes?
Mara: Over there.
Mick: okay.
(They go sit down)
(Jerome and ポピー enter)
Jerome: Where do あなた want to sit Poop
Poppy: Can あなた quite that Gerbil? Its very annoying.
Jerome: Oh and Gerbil isn't?
Poppy: It's fun to call you.
Jerome: Then it's fun to call あなた Poopy.
Poppy: fine. Where do あなた want to sit?
Jerome: (sees Mara) over there.
Poppy: (sigh) I guess.
(They walk over and sit behind Mara and Mick)
(Nina's and Amber's room)
(Joy is laying on her bed, Nina is sitting on her bed, and Alfie and Amber are sitting on the floor when Fabian and Patricia enter)
Fabian: So, let's start trying to find out the other hieroglyphics.
Nina: So we know this one is the cup of ankh right?
Fabian: yeah.
Nina: but we don't know that last one?
Fabian: yeah.
Nina: I think I know. This is the symbol for attic.
Patricia: so…
Nina: so, the cup is hidden in the attic. So maybe the last symbol on all the papers is where it is hidden.
Alfie: So where is the magic book hidden then.
Fabian: Well the symbol is a bird.
Amber: In side Corbiere?
Patricia: oh not again!
Joy: oh gross! Im not going to be apart of this gang if I have to go inside that stuff bird!
Amber: on 秒 thought, let's go inside it!
Nina: no guys, remember how Senkhara called Victor the "Raven"?
Alfie: yeah so?
Nina: What if this bird is a Raven?
Fabian: oh yeah. Good job Nina.
Amber: But what is Victor doing with a magic book?
Alfie: casting spells on 動物 to make them stuff! And soon he will do it to humans.
Amber: Alfie stop! Don't scare me like that!
Alfie: sorry.
(Eddie's and Fabian's room)
(Eddie is still laying back in his bed.)
King Tut: (appears) Osiren! Your here!
Eddie: Huh? Who is it? Where are you?
King Tut: Your blind?
Eddie: yeah. But who are あなた and how do あなた know about the Osiren?
King Tut: My name, as modern 日 people call me, is King Tut.
Eddie: King Tut?
King Tut: yes. And don't forget あなた have less than two months to find my treasure. Have あなた found any yet?
Eddie: we know 2 of your, but haven't got them yet.
King Tut: Well hurry. (Disappears)
(Movie theater)
Mara: Be right back Mick. (Gets up and exits)
Mick: See ya later Babes.
Jerome: Want some もっと見る Pop コーン, トウモロコシ Poopy?
Poppy: No Im good.
Jerome: (Takes ポップコーン away from Poppy) I'll get あなた some もっと見る Popcorn. (exits)
Poppy: So Mick-
Mick: Poppy? あなた scared me! What are あなた doing here?
Poppy: watching the movie with my brother.
Mick: Jerome's here.?
Poppy: yeah. He just went to get me もっと見る popcorn. Even though there's already enough.
Mick: あなた know what I need to get some もっと見る ポップコーン too. (gets up)
Poppy: あなた don't have any popcorn.
Mick: Then I'll get some popcorn. (exits)
(Mara enters from restroom to see Jerome at the door)
Mara: Jerome? What-
Jerome: I heard what あなた 発言しました to Mick. About telling me to leave so あなた can spend with Mick.
Mara: Jerome, it's not like that.
(Mick enters but hides so Mara and Jerome won't see him)
Jerome: Then what is it like then?
Mara: When I saw Mick he asked me if あなた and me were still dating. I 発言しました Yes but didn't mean to. I didn't want him to think that I lied so I wanted あなた to leave so he won't. I 愛 あなた Jerome.
(Mick Exits back in the movie theater)
(Movie theater)
Poppy: Where's the popcorn?
Mick: oh shut up. (sits back down)
(Amber's and Nina's room)
(Joy is laying on the ベッド looking up at the siling)
Nina: So tomorrow we'll sneak into Victor's office and try to find the book.
Fabian: wait. I think I remember seeing a bird painting on the 上, ページのトップへ of door on the Frobisher Library. What if that means it is in there. It has lots of books.
Alfie: Yeah, I remember seeing that too.
Nina: okay, all the boys will check the library. Us girls will check Victor's office. Let's hope it's in one of them.
(Mick and Mara enter)
Mara: That movie was not that good.
Mick: what ever.
Mara: Is something wrong Mick?
Mick: Yes, now that あなた mention it there is something wrong.
Mara: What is it then?
Mick: I heard あなた talking to Jerome Mara. About how あなた just didn't want to lie to me.
Mara: Mick-
Mick: No, that's it Mara. We're Done! (walks to his room)
Cab Driver: (enters with Mick's phone) I think あなた left your phone in the cab. (Hands Mara phone)
Mara: Thanks.
(Cab Driver exits)
Mara: I better give this to Mick to apologize. (Starts to walk to Mick's room but then his phone beeps and he gets a text from Meagan)
Mara: I 愛 and miss あなた with all my Heart..… Meagan?
(Fabian is waiting for Nina when she enters)
Fabian: There あなた are. I was worried that あなた weren't going to show.
Nina: I just hope this works. Let's do this. (Nina holds the locket near the eye engraving but then Victor comes in and Grabs Fabian によって the ear)
Victor: Give me the locket!
Nina: Victor!
Victor: give it to me または I stuff Fabian.
Nina: No don't!
Victor: (grabs Nina's locket and pushes Nina aside)
Nina: No Victor Don't!
Fabian: Stop Nina. Our plan failed. There's nothing we can do. His going to get the cup.
Victor: あなた are right son. Now I'm getting the cup to myself! (Holds it up against the eye engraving)