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The information I got was that...

earlier one person 投稿されました a 記事 of what was said..

Chapter 28

This information was dragged from me, but was also mentioned one 日 前 in New York. Though I have collected thus and spread it to you, from Los Angeles....


A man Phineas is part of this...that is why I saw the guy Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. Vincent.


~Percy will not die
~Frank and Hazel are definitely the main three...
~six people of the prophecy are revealed
~Annabeth is may be part of the seven
~the seventh character will be shone in this book...
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posted by hisblueeyes
So guys.
I have these brilliant ideas on how to get seaweed brain to remember everything. Rick probably isn't going to do this in his book, but whatevs. A girl can dream, right?

Sing to him

Put this image in your head. Everyone finding Percy, and gathering in a chorus line to serenade him to remember. What do they sing? Well, sing these lyrics to the tune of Your Are My Sunshine:
You're name is Percy,
Your dads Poseidon
You have a girlfriend,
Named Annabeth...
Oh あなた don't know dear,
How much she loves you,
So please try to remember again..

Then Percy remembers, kisses Annabeth and they get married...
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posted by PJBRS14
As I said, just guesses. Also, this is my first 記事 so go easy on me.
My guesses for Hazels godly parent are as follows:
1. Pluto
2. Ceres
3. Neptune
Pluto because she can manipulate dirt, so she can probably learn to manipulate rock ( LIke Nico) Also, she would be related to Nico. Lastly, Arion, her horse, eats precious materials, something Hades/Pluto is also a god of. Con: She likes the sun.

Ceres because Arion is an off spring of Demeter and Poseidon. Also, Dirt=soil=plants. See the connection? Lastly, Hazel tree... I hope あなた catch my drift. Con: only relation would be Katie Gardner,...
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 Hazel + Frank
Hazel + Frank



it says here

in this link:


but we all thought she liked Percy... so now who likes Percy??? and who does Percy like in SoN???

does Percy start to like Hazel but Hazel doesn't like him so Percy sticks with Annabeth?
does Percy even get together with someone else other than Annabeth in SoN???
OMG!!! what if he starts 2 like Reyna?!? NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!! Percy would never do that!... would he?
...or what if Reyna likes Percy? hell no! that would be cheating on Jason... even though it wouldn't really matter cuz Jason likes Piper now.


but seriously, now who does Percy like? and who likes Percy?...
 What about Percy? :(
What about Percy? :(
posted by Persephone16
So as some of あなた may have seen, Rick Riordan has shown us that the girl who, in the character art, is wearing the purple dress/toga thing (not quite sure what it’s called) and ゴールド armour and has the two dogs, is indeed Reyna.

Let’s start with the dogs. They are automaton hounds によって the names of Aurum and Argentium. With a little thing called a translator, and some common sense, I have figured out that their names are of course Latin. Aurum means gold, so the ゴールド dog, and Argentium means silver, so the silver dog. Rick also says that the hounds are deadly.
So my 質問 is, what is their...
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posted by halfblood963
hi guys lets get to it

go to my link for frank and you'll see silhouettes of characters if あなた right click on each of the shadows in order its (thank あなた sabina18)

Reyna ( girl on throne
Octavian ( blondie)
ella (idk)
Thantos (ill explain)
Hazel (curly haired girl on horse)

ok so あなた see no we know who they are let me say my opinions
1. i knew octavian was blondie since i saw the chapter 2

2.Reyna is freakng important and important ppl ( in my opinion) wear purple

3.Octavian might be like a Clovis and also help Percy's memories and him and the Augiaries are kool with Percy

4.ella is a creature...
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posted by halfblood963
frank is asian and his bow can hit a target perfecto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and he has super flexibility and its his power and his weapons bow and spear here ill put down wat it says

Frank, a new ally of Percy, has the last name of Zhang - as in "Master of Bows". With this trusty weapon at his side, this chubby-cheeked boy is primed to become one powerful demigod.

What does it do? This handy piece of weaponry is Frank's go-to tool of choice in battle, with ピッチ・パーフェクト aim and easy mobility. He can carry it around, just like a backpack.

Noteworthy: A master of weaponry, Frank has a few other tools at his disposal, including a spear and certain flexibility in form that might come in very handy down the line
Before I start off, I'd like to add a little spice to this 記事 によって adding a theme song! Play it in another tab while 読書 this.

Okay, so I realize Pokemon is not related to any of this, but あなた gotta 愛 the original! It was the best によって far! I remember when I was a kid and the original Indigo and Johto Leagues were still new. Ah, the 90s were good to me.

Anyway, getting off-topic, sorry. So this 記事 is dedicated to all the stuff we know about the Son of Neptune besides the sample chapter and the excerpt.

First off, let's start with Frank and Hazel. I'm not going into who they're...
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This is my first review, so go easy one me.

So, most of あなた have read the first chapter, and have a few 質問 about it.And some things in there I don't quit get.

First off. Why was Percy alone? I find that a bit unfair. Look at Jason! He had friends(who he never knew)and was escorted safelly to camp(minus the falling in the lake). And what does Percy have? NOTHING! He woke up, and I repeat,in the courtyard of a burned out mansion in the middle of the woods. He was barefoot, freezing and confused, when Lupa decided to 表示する up. Yes, she told him where to go and what to do, but besides that?...
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Ever wondered if Jason and Percy would hold the same significance in the PJO & HOO series as the same as others, like Theseus, Heracles, Jason または Perseus did in mythological history?
Well, if history is set about repeating itself, and a lot of the times it does (sometimes fates just get boring and unimaginative, re-using the same stories again), then we're in for a repeat of lives.
Wait, repeat of lives? If you're thinking what I'm thinking, hang on, I'll get to that too.
So first of all, Jason Grace and Jason of the Argonauts. Obvious comparisons include the name, their patron and the ship...
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As Piper was walking up to the Big house,she saw some of the other head counselors standing around outside it,including Jason. She thought it was a little strange because usually they had counsel meetings in the rec. room. especially in the middle of winter. Well,the end of winter actually ,because lately the snow was starting to melt and it was getting warmer. As she walked up,Jason spotted her and came over.

"Any idea what this is about?'He asked.
"Nope"she replied looking around for Leo. Just then , Chiron came around the corner. He seemed troubled."What is this about, Chiron?"Jason...
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 Elly (and Helen technically)
Elly (and Helen technically)
It's taken me so long to write this I feel disgusted with myself. Not sure how many of あなた remember that this exists, but enjoy! And I promise a shorter wait before part 3 (the final- btw since I only have 3 parts I'm allowed によって the rules of the spot to post in 記事 form).

Part 1: link

Resume: Kalli, a mute daughter of Hermes, has been silent her whole life. When her friend Elly (daughter of Aphrodite) finds a way to save her father from a devastating drinking problem, Kalli goes right away. This would be the best time to help her best friend, and the first time anybody's let her go on a quest....
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posted by LeoValdez101
Leo wiped the sweat off his forehead,exhausted."The main frame is done ,and we have began the preparations for the outer sheeting to be transported to the harbor form the forge.& the hecate campers have embued it with the necessary requirements." Nyssa was telling him,reading of her reports. They were 2 weeks in on the Argo 11 project ,and leo had not slept since yesterday at breakfast when he had fallen a sleep and almost drowned in his cereal bowl.

He would not stop of course.He had to keep going.
this had to be finished によって the summer solstice .He could not think,eat,sleep,he just could...
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posted by GhostOfWhiteouT
This is my first article. I am a very 最近 ファン of the series, so I was lucky enough to read all 5 本 in the original series right away. Now, however, it sucks that I have to sit around and wait for these 本 to come out. Anywho...

I'm sure this 記事 has been made before, but I don't feel like looking right now.

1) Jason

2) Piper

3) Leo

These 3 are obvious b/c the book tells us that they are a part of it.

4) Percy

5) Annabeth

How could these 2 not be involved? I don't think they will have nearly the same role as before, but I just can't see them sitting this out.

I have a couple of theories...
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posted by HecateA
Perseus Jackson.

Son of Poseidon.

Bearer of the curse of Achilles.

Child of the prophecy.

He had trouble everywhere he went. Bullies, annoying redheads,blood-thirsty cannibals, the usual. The prophecy is over, but the boy's still a demigod, he's still training at camp Half-Blod and heck, he's still Percy.

Talk that Percy will pass behind the veil, kick the bucket, push up daisies, または whatever あなた want to call it is going around on this ファン pcik of this spot:

Do あなた think Percy Is going to die in one of the five 本 sense he isn't the main character anymore?

Most think that Rick wouldn't have...
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posted by goddessoflife
Okay,as あなた know, (or maybe not) Immortal リンク just finished. I'll post a link at the bottom so あなた can check it out.
Now, since there's a nice amount of time in between Immortal リンク and The ロスト Hero, I'm making three もっと見る Percy Jackson and the Olympians ファン fictions. My newest one, The Moon Prophecy, was going to be on fanfiction.net. Well, it's accually on wattpad. I was going to do it on fanfiction.net, but it was a lot もっと見る complicated than wattpad. But, I might do my 次 one on fanfiction.net.
Now, The Moon Prophecy stars a girl named Kelsee, who is thirteen and just discovered she's...
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We sat in the big house, telling Chiron everything. "After that, something happened," I said, then I looked at Percy. He had been the one to notice it in the first place.
"When we were just outside the camp, Eos's sighn appeared above Emma's head," Percy looked at Chiron, "It just doesn't make-"
"Percy, it perfectly well does. Aphrodite informed me that it was just a ploy. I'm not sure why, but it was."
We all stared at Chiron for what seemed like forever. Eventually, I said, "So I'm a daughter of Eos."
Chiron nodded, "Yes, Emma, あなた are."
Well, I had always thought that my godly...
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posted by wrc99

Today I was accepted into Half-Blood University. Now do not get me wrong, I am excited to go but I just hope all of my フレンズ were accepted also, especially my girlfriend, Piper Mclean. Saving the world many times should come up to something for us. Percy out of all people should get in because he could have been a god if he wanted to. Ok anyways I was in. I get off the bus that had just arrived at the 大学 in New York. Once I stepped off the bus I was shocked to see how big this place was. Half bloods all alike came out of now where. Some fauns and satyrs were there and even...
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HERE IS MY POINT-I THINK LEO IS GOING TO DIE! THERE! I 発言しました IT( I just killed my self doing so but) I 発言しました IT!

sorry for making this so short but this all i could think of so far..

here is my proof-


Gaia 発言しました that she would get her revenge-
i know this doesn't count as much as she 発言しました that to everyone but she thinks that he is the one to die first. She has been plotting his death for much longer. what if this is because she knows that he is also the one to stop HER?! That...
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posted by icuSTALKER
Hello one and all. Yes, this is icuSTALKER, here to address a few 質問 on the one character everyone hates: Jason.

Before あなた decide to press the ‘exit’ button and go back to your meebo conversation, I’ve got a few things to say. I ranted about this very same thing on Meef’s question: Does anyone like Jason?
Then when I was done with my rant and had 投稿されました it, I realized it was two pages long. So I settled for an 記事 instead.


Good. Sit tight.

I am hearing Jason being called these things: a Percy wanna-be, prideful, selfish, mean, arrogant, a jerk, a coward, and a cheap copy...
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