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 The ロスト Hero Final Book Cover
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First I am going to say non of these characters belong to me. They are all copyrighted to Rick Riordan.

Chapter 1


First of all this spy thing was not my idea. When Carter suggested it I even laughed. We might just as well announce our existence because if we are caught spying we look like we have a hostile intent. I laugh quietly to myself as I stalk the three demigods through the streets. I heard them refer to themselves as demigods. I think it seems a touch ego-istical to me. Anyway they creep through the streets of Brooklyn warily. I follow them cautiously. Then they stop at a door....
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posted by theocean5566

As we went outside to the フォーラ the warship had landed. Gods it was beautiful. The ship glistened in the sunlight and there was a familiar looking dragon head. The roman soldier stand ready to attack if needed but I'm sure they won't. 

The first ones out were a boy about his age with blonde hair then he realized it could be the one and only Jason Grace. Following him was a girl with thin braids and a guy that looked like Sammy.

The Sammy guy quietly 発言しました "please don't hurt us with those pointy swords we come In peace  .  "

Hazel made a small whimpering noise after he 発言しました that. 

In a...
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posted by wildchild_rids1
 this is for the half-blood 恋愛中
this is for the half-blood lovers
Everyone get ready to know what happens when percy meats jason
(i'm going to post it within 2 days )

.........I'm もっと見る than sure , just wait and watch . Replys Percy.
Okay . I trust u so あなた better be right !
The way Reyna told it made percy shiver it was almost like she already had her ナイフ under his throat besides that Percy was kinda happy , he was finally going to meet ANNABETH .
Reyna on the other hand was going to meet J'ason .
And as あなた know now Jason was with Piper

(to be continued )

Annabeth's POV

after months of searching , i'm finally gonna meet Percy ! but will he remember me ?? and...
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Source: Barnes & noble
posted by Emily_is_COOl
I don't mean to be spamming but I just made a new club The Son of Neptune Book and wanted to know if あなた または anyone can check it out? It's good for フォーラム and such??



Please, if あなた 登録する contribute to it または premote it, barely anyone is doing anything! Thanks for reading!!!

If あなた have any questions, ideas, anything send me a PM and I will respond!! Thanks and biii for now!!!

Right now the club has 10 members, with your help we can double ut! Let's enjoy this club until the Son of Neptune comes out because I know we all can't wait for that!!!

PS If あなた want to make a フォーラ follow the rules that are on the link in the コメント section!!
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1) Be considerate. That means there will be NO POSTING of any inappropiate, violent, または hurtful things in comments, links, videos, images, forums, articles, picks, クイズ questions, and answers. If あなた truly feel the need to intentionally hurt someone's feelings または say something vulgar, do it through ファンポップ messaging または better yet, DON'T SAY ANYTHING MEAN AT ALL. That kind of rude behavior does not belong on a public ファン club. The golden rule of kindergarten DOES INDEED apply here:


2) No plagiarism. DO NOT steal anyone's links,...
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If あなた have any ideas または pictures for an アイコン または banner for this ファン club, please send them to me.

I would really appreciate any submissions!

All ideas sent in will be 投稿されました in a ファン pick, and the ファン of the club will decide which ones are the best!


Please make sure banners will be the right size for Fanpop, I would not want any of the artwork cut off because of sizing issues.

Also, if for some reason, あなた would like your submission to be entered in the contest, but あなた would like it to be anonymous, please let me know and I will accommodate.

Please send any and all appropiate submissions to me, PercyJackson11, through ファンポップ messaging.

Thanks and good luck!