sorry it's so sort guys.. I'll write もっと見る later!

I awoke on a plane. Kyle sitting beside me holding my hand "were are we going?" I asked "it's a surprise" he whispered in my ear. "were are the kids?" "with grandma" he 発言しました in a reassuring tone. "guess what?" I 発言しました "what" he answered "I 愛 you" "I 愛 あなた to my sweet angel, are あなた cold?" he asked me because I was shaking, I wasn't I was nervous but I wanted him to hold me so I 発言しました "yes" he rapped him arms around my shivering body only for me to fall asleep in his loving arms. "Prepare for a landing" was the words I woke to. My Kyles arms steel rapped so lovingly around me.