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added by AerinDeer28
Hello I'm AerinDeer28 または "Aerin" for short I live in a pack of 6 オオカミ I'm the beta the black & aggressive one I have white eyes with no pupils. My alpha female "drappa" her name is Tenaga she is the leader of the pack she is a rusty black-ish red she is the strongest. Our "dragga" alpha male is excelsior he is a demon 狼, オオカミ with red eyes an black smoke. There is the juvenile of the pack her name is Silver the subordinate is Conalki he is white and the omega is Juko the weakest one in the pack.Oh and my bro cormen. Aerin!! says the drappa go tell your brother to stop biting Juko!!
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added by AerinDeer28