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Finally! The interview, we have all been waiting for, enjoy! ;)

INTERVIEWER: At last year's Bologna Book Fair, everyone was buzzing about THE エメラルド ATLAS. Now it is licensed in over 35 countries, with もっと見る on the horizon. As a debut novelist, what has this experience been like for you?

JOHN STEPHENS: Totally bananas. Though honestly, the nice thing about the book selling in so many territories before it's published is that now expectations are so high that there is no way I can meet them. I'm bound to disappoint. It's very freeing knowing that.

Okay, but really honestly— where I've felt...
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posted by House_Of_Night_
Want to know もっと見る about your well loved charactors, then be prepared ;)


Once hailed as the greatest beauty in tsarist Russia, the Countess began her career によって murdering her husband, her lover, her lover's family, and finally, for good measure, throwing acid in the face of a rival. But it was not all fun and games. As she's quick to point out, poisoning one's husband, especially when he is a finicky eater, can be exceedingly difficult.
For two years now, she has held the people of Cambridge Falls captive, and she would, without hesitation, sacrifice every man, woman and child to achieve...
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The エメラルド Atlas
By John Stephens
P R O L(デスノート) O G U E

The girl was shaken awake. Her mother was leaning over her.
“Kate”—her voice was low and urgent—“listen very closely. I need あなた to do something for me. I need あなた to keep your brother and sister safe. Do あなた understand? I need あなた to keep Michael and Emma safe.”
“What . . .”
“There isn’t time to explain. Promise me you’ll look after them.”
“Oh, Kate, please! Just promise me!“
“I . . . I promise.”
It was クリスマス Eve. Snow had been falling all day. As the oldest, Kate had been allowed to stay up later than...
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