Chapter 1


Hiccup: *Riding on Toothless*

*Suddenly, many small bug-like organisms dart past Hiccup and Toothless*

Toothless: *Stops*

Hiccup: Woah! What the heck were those things?

Toothless: *Shrugs*

Hiccup: *Pulls out a WolfMobile* I should call the others.

*The Berk Great Hall*

Merida: *Looking around* I wonder what Hiccup called us here for?

Nick Wolfe: *Tail wags* I hope we can get some action!

Rapunzel: Hmm...I hope that it's not too violent.

Nick Wolfe: Speaking of which...where is Jack?

Jack Frost: *Runs in, bruised and injured* Guys...something big is going down! *Becomes unconscious*

All: Jack!

*Suddenly, powerful blasts are heard outside*

Nick Wolfe: *Ears perk up* What was that?!!


Kamen Rider Gaim (Lemon Jinba Arms): *Fires at buildings* In the name of Yggdrasil, I order this world to surrender!

Nick Wolfe: Henshin! *Becomes 火災, 火 Wolfe*

火災, 火 Wolfe: *Charges at Kamen Rider Gaim*

Kamen Rider Gaim (Jinba レモン Arms): *Fires at 火災, 火 Wolfe*

火災, 火 Wolfe: *Dodges* Who are you???!

Kamen Rider Gaim (Jinba レモン Arms): I am Kamen Rider Gaim, I work for the Yggdrasil Corporation.

火災, 火 Wolfe: I don't care if あなた are Bugs Bunny, あなた can't go around hurting people!

Kamen Rider Baron (Jinba チェリー Arms): *Slashes 火災, 火 Wolfe with his Sonic Arrow*

火災, 火 Wolfe: GAH! *Falls to his knees*

???: *A fluffy white dog with a dark blue beret, bites Kamen Rider Gaim*

Kamen Rider Gaim (Jinba レモン Arms): GAH!

Kamen Rider Baron (Jinba レモン Arms): Insolent mutt! *Prepares to strike the fluffy dog*

Merida: *Charges at Kamen Rider Baron, firing arrows at him*

Kamen Rider Baron (Jinba チェリー Arms): *Dodges* Gaim, we must retreat!

*Kamen Rider Gaim and Baron run off*

火災, 火 Wolfe: *De-henshins*

Nick Wolfe: Wow...who were they?

Hiccup: I might have an idea.


Rapunzel: *Petting the fluffy puppy* Your so cute!

Fluffy Puppy: *Blushes* Thanks!

Hiccup: *Turns around* Did that dog just talk...?

Fluffy Puppy: Yup! My name is Anastasia! But あなた can call me Anya!

Merida: Who is Anastasia?

Nick Wolfe: あなた mean Grand Duchess アナスタシア Nikolaevna of Russia?

Hiccup: What's Russia?

Merida: What's a Duchess?

Rapunzel: Where's Russia? It sounds like fun!

Anastasia: I was turned into a cute doggy によって the evil wizard Grigori Rasputin.

Merida: Why?

Anastasia: He helped a group of evil men take over Russia...*Looks sad and whimpers* the evil mean killed my family...

Nick Wolfe: That's unforgivable...

Hiccup: Can we change あなた back to normal?

Anastasia: *Nods* I don't know how, but we need to get it from Rasputin.

Nick Wolfe: Sounds like a plan!

*Meanwhile, the Yggdrasil Building*

Takatora Kureshima: *Looks at his Melon Energy Lockseed* Hmph.

Lock Dealer Sid: Takatora, do あなた think that those kids are meddling in our plans too much?

Takatora Kureshima: Maybe...but I think Kota, Mitsuzane, and Kaito can handle them.

Mitsuzane Kureshima: *Walks in* Do あなた want me to enter, older brother?

*Yggdrasil Labs*

Kota Kazuraba: Henshin! *Becomes Kamen Rider Gaim, オレンジ Arms*

(To Be continued)