Episode 2

*ROTG World*

Jack Frost: *Looking around* I sense something...

Wolfe: *Walks to Jack Frost* I need あなた help.

Jack Frost: With?

Wolfe: *Explains the things about the Village and the bandit army*

Jack Frost: Hmmmm...

Hiccup: Jack, あなた remember me right?

Jack: Hiccup! How have あなた been?

Hiccup: Alright...please 登録する us in the fight.

Jack: *Whispers to Hiccup* But what if this guy is lying? He might lead us to a trap.

Hiccup: We can trust him.

Jack: *Sees Wolfe's Omnitrix* What is that thing? It looks like a strange watch.

Astrid: Well...show him Wolfe.

Wolfe: *Changes to Chromastone* How do I look?

Jack: Woah...you can turn into aliens...nice!

Astrid: What is an alien?

Chromastone Wolfe: Well...

Hiccup: So will あなた 登録する us?

Jack: No...just kidding!

*Tangled World*

Wolfe: *Climbing up the tower*

Mother Gothel: Now stay here Rapunzel.

Rapunzel: *Sighs* Yes.

Mother Gothel: *Walks out of the room*

Rapunzel: *Sees Wolfe* Who are you?

Wolfe: I need a favor...

Rapunzel: What is it?

Mother Gothel: *Walks in and sees Wolfe* Outsider!

Wolfe: *Changes to Rath*

Mother Gothel: A wizard!

Wolfe Rath: Let me tell ya somethin', Mother Gothel! あなた should let Rapunzel go because I'll kick あなた butt!

Mother Gothel: *Launches fireballs at Wolfe Rath*

Wolfe Rath: *Throws Mother Gothel out of the room* And stay out!

Rapunzel: Thanks for saving me...

Wolfe Rath: *Changes back to Wolfe* Anytime. But I have to ask a favor.

Rapunzel: What?

Wolfe: *Explains the situation*

Rapunzel: Of course I will help! And によって the way...*Kisses Wolfe on the cheek*

Wolfe: *Blushes deeply*

Rapunzel: So what is that thing on your wrist?

Wolfe: Well...that's a long story...

(To Be Continued)