Professor Toothy: Tooth (WELL DUH !)
Watchers: Bunny, Eugene, Rapunzel, Astrid, Hiccup and Merida

(Starts in lounge room scene)
Jack: Ah man it's been a long 日 ! I think I'm just gonna curl up on the sofa, watch some Ned flicks and eat some Vanilla ファッジ アイスクリーム .
(Hi-pitched harp sound)
Tooth: Hey, I'm The Tooth Fairy !
Jack: Oh ma-
Tooth:Did あなた know that sugary foods are a leading cause of tooth decay ?
Jack: Yeah ...
Tooth: When あなた consume them the enamel that protects your teeth is exposed to harmful acids !
Jack: Where did あなた come from anyways ?
Tooth: Instead of that unhealthy Vanilla ファッジ アイスクリーム wouldn't あなた much rather have a delicious juicy lamb-chop ?
Jack: Uh, not really.
Tooth:Mmm, I bet あなた dying to take a big 'ol bite of this nice savory lamb-chop . Mmm-hmm ...
Jack: I'm not really in the mood for lamb-chops ...
Tooth: (puts lamb-chop in Jack's mouth) There ya go . Eat up that spicy lamb-chop !
Jack: (muffled groan)
Tooth: Now isn't that nice ?
(Goes to a commercial background)
Tooth: It's the Tooth fairy !
(Goes to a job place)
Jack: Ah, it's about time for my lunch-break ! Lunch-break !
(Hi-pitched harp sound)
Tooth:Hey, I'm The Tooth Fairy !
Jack: Oh Noooooo !
Tooth: I hope あなた weren't thinking about getting a soda with lunch ! Soda's just about the worst thing ever for your teeth !
Jack: I usually just drink water
Tooth: Speaking of lunch, how about a nice tender lamb-chop ... ?
Jack: OH COME ONE ! I don't even like lamb-chops !
Tooth: Sure あなた do, everyone likes lamb-chops ! They're tasty and delicious and a big part of proper tooth care !
Jack: I don't think that's right .
Tooth: (Puts lamb-chop in Jack's mouth again) Mmm-hmm, eat up that big 'ol lamb-chop !
Jack: Why are あなた doing this to me ?
(Goes to a commercial background)
Tooth: It's The Tooth Fairy !
(Goes to a bedroom scene)
Jack: Ugh, I'm so ready to go to ベッド !
(Hi-pitched harp sound)
Tooth:Hey, I'm The Tooth Fairy !
Jack: OH NO ! NO !
Tooth: Sure hope あなた remembered to brush and floss your teeth-
Jack: Yes, yes I did ! Which means it's too late to eat anything cause I've already brushed !
Tooth:Well, there's always time for another 子羊, ラム chooooop ! (gets out lamb-chop)
Jack: I don't wanna eat anymore lamb-chops !
Tooth: But these are so yummy and flavourval ! It would be such a shame to waste it ! (Puts 子羊, ラム chop in Jack's mouth)
Jack: (muffled) I just wanna go to ベッド !
Tooth:You can go to ベッド after あなた finish your lamb-chops ! (Puts another one in Jack's mouth)
Jack: Uhhh...
(Goes to a commercial background)
Tooth: It's The Tooth Fairy !
(Goes back to the lounge room scene)
Jack: (out-loud) Boy, I could sure go for some skittles または maybe a whole bucket of fro-yos または some stuff
(Hi-pitched harp sound)
Tooth:Hey, I'm The Tooth Fairy ! (Looks at what Jack has in his hands) What have あなた got there ?
Jack: A bag of sugar .
Tooth: あなた know whats better for あなた than all that sug-
Jack: (Throws sugar in her eyes)
Jack: Oh No !
Tooth: (Continues screaming)
Jack: Oh my God !
Tooth: (Keeps screaming while putting lamb-chop in his mouth)
(Goes to a commercial background)
Tooth: (Muffled) It's The Tooth Fairy !

Bunny: JACK ?! Why did あなた do that to Tooth ya Gumby ?
Merida: Lamb-chops ? I'm surprised this video got 1,420,131 閲覧数 !
Eugene: Pfft ! HAHAHAHA !
Rapunzel : Eugene !
Hiccup: Uh ... what was the whole point of that ?
Astrid: Jack ... why are あなた hiding in the corner ?
Tooth: I loved doing that ! Even though I told Jack to throw sugar in my eyes !
Bunny: あなた told him to ?

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