Episode 1

*HTTYD Word*

Hiccup: *Riding Toothless*

Wolfe Jetray: *Appears, and flies 次 to them*

Hiccup: *Sees Wolfe Jetray* What kind of dragon is that?

Wolfe Jetray: I ain't no Dragon!

Toothless: *Looks confused at Hiccup*

Hiccup: Can あなた talk?

Wolfe Jetray: What's it look like?

Hiccup: Can we stop at the village?

Wolfe Jetray: There's a village here?

Hiccup: Yes there is.

Wolfe Jetray: Take me there!

Hiccup: *Flies on Toothless and lands with Wolfe Jetray*

*Later, Hiccups house*

Wolfe Jetray: *Changes to Wolfe*

Hiccup: How did あなた do that?

Wolfe: Well...*Shows Hiccup his Omnitrix*

Hiccup: What is that?

Wolfe: It's called an Omnitrix. It allows me to change into a lot of different aliens.

Hiccup: What's an alien?

Wolfe: That's a long story...

*There is a knock on the door*

Wolfe: *Answers the door*

Astrid: *Jumps onto Wolfe* WHO ARE YOU?

Wolfe: *Kicks her off and is about to change into an alien*

Hiccup: *Gets between them* Astrid this is my friend Wolfe.

Astrid: That's good. *Puts dagger away*

Wolfe: And this is...

Hiccup: My friend Astrid.

Astrid: Wolfe, why are あなた here?

Wolfe: Well...I need warriors.

Hiccup: Warriors?

Wolfe: Well...a village in a different dimension needs our help...

Astrid: *Interrupts Wolfe* Is it under attack?

Wolfe: Yes. によって bandits.

Hiccup: We can help!

Astrid: I will 登録する you!

Toothless: *Giant tail wags*

Wolfe: Alright, then let's continue to the 次 dimension!

*Brave World*

Wolfe: *Walking in the glades with Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless*

Hiccup: What place is this? *Looks around*

Wolfe: It's a place called Scotland.

Merinda: *Riding on a horse, jumps at Hiccup*

Wolfe: *Changes into Crashhopper and intercepts her*

Merinda: *Draws bow and arrow* Stay back, demon!

Wolfe Crashhopper: I won't hurt you!

Hiccup: *Looks at Merinda* We need help.

Merinda: With?

Wolfe Crashhopper: *Explains the situation*

Merinda: Well count me in!

Wolfe Crashhopper: Now I just need two もっと見る warriors!

(To be continued)